The Hows and Whys of Moving to SAP HANA: Q&A on Technical Tips for a Smooth Migration

As a follow up to their webinar "Stay Calm and Move to SAP HANA", HP’s Anita Paul and Amit Chakravarti take questions from readers in this online Q&A on the key technical issues – from deployment options to impact on current code – when planning an SAP HANA migration.


Moving to SAP Business Planning and Consolidation: Technical Tips and Advice on SAP BPC 10.0/10.1 Migration and Implementation

What changes in a move from legacy, Excel-based budgeting and planning to an integrated SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) platform? How does the 10.1 BPC release differ from 10.0? Puneet Gupta, Kranthi Kumar and Sanjeev Mehta take readers’ SAP BPC questions on preparing for implementation. 


What Has Changed in SAP Access Control? Q&A with Author Gary Prewett on Troubleshooting, Customizing, and Reporting in AC 10.x

How has SAP Access Control changed in the latest 10.x versions? What does this mean for your current access management and monitoring processes? SAP Professional Journal author Gary Prewett takes readers’ questions on AC 10.x in this online Q&A.


SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio – A Beginner’s Guide

by Dr. Berg

In this blog Dr. Berg takes a look at the features of Design Studio, exploring the basic functions and also look at the capabilities of this new interesting tool from SAP.



SAPinsider Lifecycle Management Matters column thumbnail by Karl Kessler

Learn in detail about the newest development additions to SAP NetWeaver 7.4. Topics covered include features for database-independent programming with Open SQL, unified data modeling and definition with core data services, and simplified control of stored procedures with ABAP-managed database procedures.