The Latest on Moving to SAP GRC 10.x: Q&A with James Roeske

How has SAP GRC offering changed with the 10.0 and 10.1 releases, and what are the biggest differentiators between the two?  GRC 2015 speaker and compliance expert James Roeske takes readers' questions in an online Q&A on  Access Control 10.x.


Introduction to SuccessFactors Position Management: Q&A on Optimizing Your Org Structure in Employee Central

Traditional employee-based org structures can face roadblocks when handling job sharing, vacancies, or budgeting and planning for roles that do not yet exist. How does the Position Management feature in SuccessFactors Employee Central help you sidestep these pitfalls, and how do you implement and design it to meet your specific business needs? Jyoti Sharma and Kevin Chan take readers' questions in this online Q&A on Position Management.


SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio – A Beginner’s Guide

by Dr. Berg

In this blog Dr. Berg takes a look at the features of Design Studio, exploring the basic functions and also look at the capabilities of this new interesting tool from SAP.



SAPinsider Lifecycle Management Matters column thumbnail by Karl Kessler

Learn in detail about the newest development additions to SAP NetWeaver 7.4. Topics covered include features for database-independent programming with Open SQL, unified data modeling and definition with core data services, and simplified control of stored procedures with ABAP-managed database procedures.


BW is Dead – Long Live BW

by Dr. Berg and Brian Wood, Vice President and Product Strategist, SAP Labs

The introduction of BW 7.40 on HANA has resulted in something of a rebirth for BW, and this article summarizes the history, the current solution, and the potential future for this one of a kind solution.