What's the Latest on Packaged Integrations & Deployment Models for SAP ERP HCM & SuccessFactors? Q&A with SAP’s Prashanth Padmanabhan

In this Q&A coinciding with the SuccessFactors August release, SAP’s Prashanth Padmanabhan takes readers’ questions on new packaged integrations,  support for “hybrid” vs. “side-by-side” deployment models for SAP ERP HCM and SuccessFactors integration, along with a look ahead to plans for the November release and the broader integration roadmap.


What SAP Lumira Means for BI Data: Q&A with Dr. Berg on SAP HANA, Mobility & Data Integration with Self-Service Visualization

SAP Lumira is designed for your power users, but what about all that data flowing in and out of any of these modern, self-service visualizations?  How does Lumira support shared data sets, integration with SAP BI tools and SAP HANA, mobile deployment and data collection? Dr. Bjarne Berg and colleagues take readers’ questions on the next steps and new tools for SAP Lumira.


SAP HANA Everywhere

SAPinsider's Special Report on SAP HANA by Steve Lucas

SAP HANA is the fastest-growing technology in SAP’s history. This article, which kicks off the Excelling with SAP HANA Special Report, looks at just how far SAP HANA has come since it became generally available, and why organizations are turning to SAP HANA to enable real-time and predictive analytics scenarios. Additionally, readers will understand more about SAP’s “SAP HANA Everywhere” strategy.


Protecting SAP Systems from Cyber Attack

With SAP® solutions deployed by 85 percent of Forbes 500 companies, they represent a coveted target for cyber attackers. They often lay at the heart of corporate networks, powering business-critical processes and managing large volumes of sensitive data. Download this paper to learn how to secure your SAP systems against cyber attack without licensing costly third-party software. The paper is developed by experienced SAP security architects and aligned with best practices and SAP recommendations.



Excelling with SAP HANA

SAPinsider's Special Report on SAP HANA SAPinsider

This special report from SAP and partners considers use cases for SAP HANA, covering topics such as storage, deployment, procurement, data organization, and decision support. Steve Lucas, President of SAP Platform Solutions, kicks off the report by detailing SAP’s “SAP HANA Everywhere” strategy and explains how companies are using in-memory computing today to accelerate business. Then a collection of SAP partners illustrate how the right solutions, strategies, and deployment models can maximize the return on investment for SAP HANA.