What's Slowing Down Your BI Reports? Q&A on End-to-End Analysis of SAP BusinessObjects BI Performance with Johann Kottas

What are the first steps to diagnosing slow response times in your BI reports and dashboards? Is the source  of the slowdown in the content design, server resources, or configuration? BI expert Johann Kottas takes questions on analyzing SAP BusinessObjects BI response times at each processing layer in this live Q&A.


Automating Fax & Email Orders into SAP Systems: How to Bring Speed, Visibility and Accuracy to Every Phase of Order Processing

In a perfect world, every sales order your company receives would go straight into your SAP system. But in reality, orders sent by fax and email end up as paper that gets pushed around the office. And those are the ones that cost the most to process.  Read this white paper to learn about how this technology works and what it has done for other businesses.


SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio – A Beginner’s Guide

by Dr. Berg

In this blog Dr. Berg takes a look at the features of Design Studio, exploring the basic functions and also look at the capabilities of this new interesting tool from SAP.


Moving to SuccessFactors Employee Central: Q&A with SAP Mentor Luke Marson

What are the biggest integration, data, functional, and implementation considerations when evaluating a move to Employee Central?  SAP Mentor and HR Expert author Luke Marson takes readers’ questions on SuccessFactors Employee Central in a live Q&A.


GRC Guidebook: Strategies and Tools to Mitigate Risk

SAPinsider GRC special report SAPinsider

Kevin McCollom, SAP Vice President and General Manager of GRC Solutions, kicks off this SAPinsider Special Report with an article that highlights the primary reason for becoming regulatory compliant: While the average cost of compliance for organizations is $3.5 million, the average cost of non-compliance-related problems is $9.4 million. By building a robust GRC platform and investing in the right resources, you can minimize these costs and comply with regulations. In additional articles, SAP partners provide you with specific tips on developing your GRC strategy, choosing solutions, or using the ones you have in place. Topics include the importance of data archiving, how to avoid cyber attacks, an exploration of risk management principles in banking, measures to achieve global access control, and security monitoring of SAP systems.