Integrating Paper, Email & EDI into Your SAP Workflows: Q&A on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for SAP Systems

Optimizing and integrating paper, email and EDI content into your business processes is the role of an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) strategy.  How can ECM meet document management requirements as well as data automation, compliance and disaster recovery needs? Chrystal Legan of OnBase by Hyland takes reader questions on ECM basics, technical integration and business scenarios, and how SAP customers apply ECM for cost savings and productivity gains. 


How Are HR Renewal and SAP Fiori Changing SAP HCM Employee & Manager Self-Services? Q&A with Jeremy Masters

How are SAP Fiori and HR Renewal changing the SAP ERP HCM user experience, and what does this mean for ESS, MSS and HR Professional self-services? HR expert and speaker Jeremy Masters takes reader questions on leveraging HR Renewal and SAP Fiori for self-services in this online Q&A.


Benchmarking SAP Systems: Top 10 Surprises

Watch this 15 minute webinar to uncover the 10 most common SAP customer misconceptions gathered from more than 4,000 benchmarking projects. You'll find out where to make changes to improve system performance, how to safely reduce costs, and the proper metrics required to build consensus on taking action.


BW is Dead – Long Live BW

by Dr. Berg and Brian Wood, Vice President and Product Strategist, SAP Labs

The introduction of BW 7.40 on HANA has resulted in something of a rebirth for BW, and this article summarizes the history, the current solution, and the potential future for this one of a kind solution.


What’s changing with SAP BusinessObjects BI Tools in 4.1?

by Dr. Berg

With their recent upgrade to SAP BusinessObject BI 4.1 SP1, Dr. Berg and the ComeritLabs team are now testing out the new features of SAP BusinessObjects tools. Join our online chat with them on November 7 to discuss new tools features, and get implementation and integration tips on tools like Webi, Dashboards, and Analysis in 4.1.