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Why SAP Needs to Build a Bigger Buzz for SAP HANA Cloud Platform

by Joshua Greenbaum | November 17, 2016

When it comes to technology, SAP has more than delivered with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. But when it comes to excitement among the developer community, SAP HANA Cloud Platform is lacking. In this article, columnist Joshua Greenbaum explores why... MORE »»

Leverage Automation and Simplification for Better Journal Entry Transparency

by Brian Shannon and Vishal Awasthi | October 25, 2016

While digital transformation has been a revolutionizing force for many aspects of the organization, this isn’t always the case for the journal entry process. Routings and approvals are still often handled manually through emails, spreadsheets, and physical signatures, which can... MORE »»

Don’t Let SAP Data Collection Slow Down Your Overall Time to Market

by Heather Oebel | October 19, 2016

As the demand for the next cutting-edge product grows, so does the pressure on the supply chain. Suddenly, companies find themselves going to market more often and with shorter life cycles, putting supply chain processes to the test. Keeping up... MORE »»

Introducing ABAP 7.51

by Karl Kessler | October 12, 2016

With all of the innovation included in SAP NetWeaver 7.5, including advanced support for core data services (CDS), why is SAP already delivering version 7.51 for the ABAP stack, and why should you upgrade? ABAP 7.51 delivers an enhanced ABAP... MORE »»

4 Steps to Build a Business Case for Data Governance

by Jim Barker | October 10, 2016

Data touches every part of an organization, and drives all business operations and analytics. This means that properly managing, governing, and securing that data is mission-critical to the business. Even so, stakeholders need to hear a clear and persuasive case... MORE »»

Achieving a Real-Time Supply Chain Through Better Collaboration

by Tony Harris | October 10, 2016

Modern supply chains are more difficult to manage than ever. With production shifting to contract manufacturing and an expectation for “lot size of one” capabilities, sourcing and procurement require a new level of transparency, efficiency, and collaboration. While transitioning to... MORE »»

Analytics Is the Key to Efficient Application Delivery

by Darren Thorpe | October 10, 2016

New business intelligence (BI) technologies enable companies to harness and drive insights from vast amounts of customer data. But external data isn’t the only resource companies can draw on. Internal data, such as system performance data, is also a vital... MORE »»

Become a Live Business with Help from the Experts

by Dina Blasi, Senior Marketing Communication Professional, SAP | October 10, 2016

While the benefits of a digital transformation are clear, the variety of technologies available to help companies undergo this transformation can be overwhelming. SAP’s vast ecosystem of strategic partners is a treasure trove of proven resources that can help you... MORE »»

Beyond Data Center Monitoring

by John Schitka | October 10, 2016

Regardless of your company’s goals or focus, you need a reliable data center. The growing complexity of IT environments makes data center management an increasingly challenging task, however. Simple monitoring is no longer enough — you need real-time insight into... MORE »»

Bringing a Digital Experience to the Customer

by Gaurav Jaiswal | October 10, 2016

Quite simply, customers now expect a digital experience, regardless of the industry, platform, or provider. These expectations are driving organizations — including SAP — to evolve on a large scale. The SAP Digital team helps SAP and partner product teams... MORE »»