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Ensure the Security of Your SAP HANA Log Data with Remote Data Center Encryption

by Hannes Kühnemund | August 17, 2017

Every single data area processed in SAP HANA is highly sensitive. To safeguard against security threats, SAP HANA includes a built-in feature that encrypts the vast majority of accrued data, known as data volumes, on the SAP HANA server’s hard... MORE »»

An Inside Look at SAP in Silicon Valley

by John McGee | August 16, 2017

In a world of constant transformation and reinvention, SAP continues to be a market leader in digital technologies. This holds true in Silicon Valley, where the west coast offices of SAP North America face unique challenges and opportunities from operating... MORE »»

The insideEdge

by Hans Thalbauer | August 16, 2017

Companies are increasingly realizing the enormous value that can be extracted from connecting people, products, and assets in a collaborative network that provides a real-time, operational view of the business. The mission and purpose of the SAP Leonardo portfolio is... MORE »»

Presenting SAP Leonardo as a System of Innovation

by Thomas Ohnemus and Richard Howells | August 16, 2017

SAP Leonardo burst on the scene as an Internet of Things (IoT) platform — but it has become much more. In this exclusive interview with SAPinsider, SAP’s Thomas Ohnemus, Vice President of Solution Marketing, IoT and Digital Supply Chain, and... MORE »»

Harness IoT and Big Data to Break Down Silos in Manufacturing

by Mike Lackey and John McNiff and Dr. Achim Krüger | August 16, 2017

In a digital supply chain, design, manufacturing, asset management, and finished products all come together in an uninterrupted, real-time loop to meet customer expectations for immediacy and customization. To achieve this, formerly siloed domains and processes must come closer together... MORE »»

A Real-Time Supply Chain for Digital Business

by Martin Barkman and Patrick Crampton-Thomas and Markus Rosemann | August 16, 2017

Delivering the products customers want, when and where they want them, requires a delicate balance between demand planning, response, and execution — a balance that is complicated in modern supply chains by evolving customer expectations for speed and personalization. The... MORE »»

Developing with Advanced In-Memory Data Analytics — Using a Laptop?

by Dr. Zhibin (Jordan) Cao | August 16, 2017

SAP HANA is more than just an in-memory database — it integrates data access, advanced analytical processing and application development in a single platform — and is a compelling option for companies seeking to gain an edge in a highly... MORE »»

When Great Minds Collaborate, Anything Can Happen

by Mario Günter | August 16, 2017

As new technologies continue to emerge, organizations must consider how best to harness these innovations to meet their most pressing needs and drive their business forward. Connecting with peers to share successes, deployment strategies, and technology recommendations is invaluable to... MORE »»

Real-Time Insights for Real-Time Decision Making

by Susan Galer | August 16, 2017

Machine learning is a compelling opportunity for businesses to make intelligent business decisions based on instant, data-driven insights, and retailers are finding this technology to be a natural fit. Machine learning enables retailers to connect fashion trends to actual sales... MORE »»

SAP HANA and the Modern Data Platform

by Greg McStravick | August 16, 2017

Businesses are experiencing a period of data hyper-growth, and are under increasing pressure to find a way to store and leverage unstructured data from disparate sources with their enterprise transactional data. With SAP HANA as its foundational core, SAP’s modern... MORE »»