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Make Your SAP S/4HANA Cloud Strategy As Unique As Your Business

by Julien Delvat | April 24, 2017

Every business is unique, and every business needs an SAP S/4HANA strategy – and a cloud strategy – that precisely fits its unique needs. When you migrate, how you migrate, and whether you should migrate to SAP S/4HANA and the... MORE »»

Navigating the Digital Journey with SAP and the Cloud

by Bas Kamphuis | April 24, 2017

The age of digital business is here to stay, and most organizations recognize the importance of digitizing their operations. For many businesses, a key step in a digital transformation is a move to the cloud, and a reliable, proven cloud... MORE »»

Want Now, Buy Now, Use Now

by Bill Rojas | April 24, 2017

Today’s business software market is crowded, and it can be difficult for customers to cut through the noise and determine which products are truly best for their needs. Software vendors also face challenges in this saturated market, struggling to stand... MORE »»

From Reactive to Proactive IT Management

by John Schitka | April 24, 2017

The demands that today’s businesses place on IT are intense — operations must be free of downtime, highly available, and performing optimally at all times. Providing these capabilities requires intensive monitoring and maintenance, which can be difficult in the complex... MORE »»

Optimizing Workflows for Your Digital Business

by Christian Loos and Thomas Volmering | April 24, 2017

Many organizations are still operating with workflows and processes that were developed around 20th century business models and technologies — models and technologies that are no longer adequate in a digital reality. To support the process and workflow needs of... MORE »»

The Face of Digital Innovation

by Gunther Rothermel | April 24, 2017

As digital trends spur companies toward technologies that enable greater efficiencies and ease of use, user interfaces (UIs) have become integral to this pursuit. An intuitive UI is a critical part of innovation, as simplicity in the user experience frees... MORE »»

Choose the Cloud Journey That’s Right for You

by Carl Dubler | April 24, 2017

The cloud has enabled companies to quickly and easily implement technologies that would otherwise require complex and time-consuming implementation projects. With SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, this opportunity extends beyond one-off application deployments to include core systems such as SAP S/4HANA.... MORE »»

Identity and Access Management in Cloud and Hybrid SAP Landscapes

by Gerlinde Zibulski and Christian Cohrs | April 24, 2017

While ensuring appropriate user access to your enterprise systems has always been a difficult task, it has become profoundly more challenging as IT landscapes have grown more complex with changing user roles and new technologies. To help you meet this... MORE »»

Streamline Budgeting and Planning with Accurate, Timely Data

by Bob Glitch | April 24, 2017

Successful planning and budgeting requires insights based on accurate data. Gaining this insight can be difficult, however — organizations often rely on outdated processes that do not deliver timely, accurate insights. Discover how a business planning approach that focuses on... MORE »»

Bring Design Thinking Concepts to App Development

by Nir M. Kol | April 24, 2017

With today’s rapid pace of change, custom application development has taken on a new importance. Organizations need cloud, mobile, and web apps that can be quickly developed, easily accessed, and intuitively used to push innovation in their businesses. All too... MORE »»