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ASUG Agenda: Editors Note

by Mike Keough | SAPinsider

June 1, 2000

by Mike Keough, President, Americas' SAP Users' Group SAPinsider - 2000 (Volume 1), June (Issue 1)
Editor's Note: We are pleased to include ASUG's column - "ASUG Agenda" - as a regular feature in the SAP Insider. Many of our readers are, of course, familiar with the Americas' SAP Users' Group, an independent user group for the SAP technical community with more than 950 corporate memberships and 12,000 participants. In this column, the group provides an update on ongoing ASUG activities.

For most organizations, the Year 2000 issue is a thing of the past. But as is always the case when it comes to information technology-based solutions, another issue is on the horizon. For a vast majority of SAP customers throughout the Americas, the issue du jour is preparing to migrate to Release 4.6 from 3.X.

     Indeed, updating your ERP solution brings with it tremendous opportunity and promise. Above all, it has the potential to save a business thousands - in some cases, millions - of dollars through enhanced productivity.

     Here at Americas' SAP Users' Group (ASUG), we realize that when the topic of migrating first comes about there tend to be more questions than answers among members of the customer community. That's why ASUG is going through an implementation of its own. Instead of installing R/3, ASUG is "going live" with a series of educational offerings aimed at bringing members of the SAP community up to speed on this latest development.

      For example, one of the many offerings at the ASUG Annual Conference & Vendor Fair, which took place May 7-10, in Atlanta, Georgia, was a day-long series of user-focused and user-driven educational events covering the topic of migration. As part of this event, which was known as the "4.6 Forum," customers who recently upgraded shared experiences and best practices through a variety of formats. These panel discussions and breakout sessions allowed for a unique learning environment for all who participated.

     Outside of the conference, ASUG is creating a 4.6 repository of questions and answers, customer experiences, and other presentations. In addition, the organization is holding regular ASUG & SAP 4.6 Upgrade Teleconferences and Webcasts, where members can call in and share information with one another and query representatives from SAP. The discussion forums also provide a network of fellow SAP customers who share their experiences to help create a learning environment.

     For more information on these programs or any others sponsored by ASUG, be sure to visit the ASUG Web site at


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