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SAP Internet Adviser: Your Guide to Implementing Business Scenarios with

by Peter Ludwig | SAPinsider

October 1, 2000

by Peter Ludwig, SAP SAPinsider - 2000 (Volume 1), October (Issue 2)
The SAP Internet Adviser is a centralized resource compiled specifically for decision-makers, consultants, and developers who need information about integrating components with the Internet. It includes examples of components, describes various Internet scenarios (such as Internet Sales, Easy Web Transactions, and Employee Self-Service), and offers help for those implementing Internet scenarios with business partners (B2B) or within their own companies (intranets).

The SAP Internet Adviser is a central-ized resource compiled specifically for decision-makers, consultants, and developers who need answers to questions about how to integrate components with the Internet - questions such as:

  • I want to implement an Internet business scenario for a new purchasing site. What components do I need?

  • What Internet technology does my current Marketplace support?

  • How can I customize the components that I have now to create an Internet business scenario?

  • What kind of Internet language skills am I looking for when I hire an administrator for our B2B Procurement site?

  • How can I ensure that our new supplier portal is secure?

     The SAP Internet Adviser displays the entire structure and resources available for As part of the Internet-Business Framework, it offers a wide variety of information, from how is integrated with basic Internet technology, to its architecture, to examples of various e-business scenarios - and SAP Collaborative Business, or c-Business, Scenarios - in a format that is easy to access and navigate.

Internet Integration Information at Your Fingertips

The information in the Internet Adviser can help you make decisions and plan for building an organization's Internet presence. It explains the Internet technology upon which the architecture is based, includes examples of components, and describes various Internet scenarios such as Internet sales, collaborative planning, CRM scenarios, Easy Web Transactions, and Employee Self-Service. The tool offers help for decision-makers as well as for consultants and developers when implementing Internet scenarios with business partners (B2B) or within their own companies (intranets).

     As you can see in Figure 1, the interface of the Internet Adviser gives you a library of topics to choose from in three major areas: Internet Technology, Architecture, and Internet Scenarios (see discussion below). The Internet Adviser is HTML-based and can be displayed in any standard Internet browser.

Figure 1 The Navigation Tool and Opening Screen for the SAP Internet Adviser

The SAP Internet Adviser: What It Can Do for You

Developers and decision-makers can benefit from the SAP Internet Adviser, at, in these ways:

  • Overview: The Internet Adviser provides a broad overview of the architecture and the technology behind it. If you are looking for a better understanding of the different components that are integrated into the Marketplace and Workplace architecture, that information is available here.

  • Planning: You can reduce time and cost by using the information in the Internet Adviser to accurately define your business processes in an Internet environment.

  • Implementation: The SAP Internet Adviser is an invaluable resource for those trying to make decisions regarding Internet scenarios that require integration with SAP products.

Navigating Your Way Through the Internet Adviser

Using the table of contents on the left-hand side of the browser, you can easily navigate through the Internet Adviser. The information available is divided into three main sections.

The Internet Technology section lists and explains the Internet standards that the SAP architecture employs. It provides an overview and a lot of background information on the underlying technology, including:

  • Internet Technology Standards, including:
    • Scripting languages
    • XML, DTD, XSL

  • Internet Security Standards, such as:
    • Secure Store and Forward (SSF)
    • Secure Network Communication (SNC)
    • Secure Electronic Transactions (SET)
    • Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

  • Standard Organizations, including:
    • BizTalk
    • RosettaNet

     The Architecture section describes the architecture of the entire landscape: the Workplace, the Marketplace, the components - such as SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM), SAP B2B Procurement, and SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW) - and the underlying middleware (e.g., ITS, CRM middleware, and SAP Business Connector). Here, the Internet Adviser provides lists of which components are available to support the scenarios that you choose, and it describes how to set up and customize the different components.

     Finally, the Internet Scenarios section demonstrates the different types of Internet scenarios supported by the solution (see example in Figure 2). Intra-company scenarios allow you to use Internet technology to perform business processes within your company. Self-service scenarios empower employees to view, create, and maintain their data anytime, anywhere, via easy-to-use Web-based technology.

     SAP's c-Business Scenarios are scenarios where two companies work together on a common business goal that can involve multiple IT environments and systems over the Internet - e.g., vendor-managed inventory, buying/selling via marketplaces, distributor reseller management, and exchange of quality certificates.

     Both browser-based integration and integration via messaging are described, as well as the necessary steps for customizing and integrating the appropriate components. Other topics include WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) scenarios, which enable users to access Web-based interactive information services and applications from the screens of their mobile phones.

Figure 2 The Catalog Retailing c-Business Scenario

How to Get Started

You can access the Internet Adviser directly via the SAP Service Marketplace at Visit the site, provide your SAP user ID and password, and follow the link to the online version of the Internet Adviser. Or you can order the CD version of the tool from the same site.

     You'll then have the basic information you need to plan and implement your Internet applications and Internet scenarios.

Peter Ludwig's consulting experience with SAP goes back to 1988. His focus is on interfacing and system integration. At the moment, he is heading the Internet-Business Integration team of SAP's Internet-Business Framework group as a Development Manager. Figure 1 The Navigation Tool and Opening Screen for the SAP Internet Adviser Figure 2 The Catalog Retailing c-Business Scenario

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