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Introducing JCo — The New SAP Java Connector

by Thomas G. Schuessler | SAPinsider

April 1, 2001

by Thomas G. Schuessler, ARASoft SAPinsider - 2001 (Volume 2), April (Issue 2)

SAP has just released the first version of its new Java product, the SAP Java Connector (JCo). The product is available as a free download from


JCo has the following features that make it the best choice for building SAP-enabled Java applications:

  • High-performance JNI-based RFC middleware.
  • Supports SAP R/3 3.1H and higher, along with other components that have BAPIs or RFMs.
  • Supports inbound (i.e., Java calls BAPI or RFM) and outbound (i.e., ABAP calls Java server) calls.
  • Supports synchronous and transactional RFC (important for IDocs).
  • Supports client pooling (good for Web/app servers).
  • Multi-platform: The first release is for Microsoft Windows 32 only. A Unix version will follow soon.
  • Complete and correct code page handling (multi-byte languages).
  • Easy to install and deploy.
  • Javadoc, tutorials, and sample programs are included in the download.
A Word of Caution!

In certain rare situations, JCo (as well as many other Java applications) does not work correctly with JDK 1.3 when HotSpot is enabled. So far this has only been observed for outbound calls. This is a bug in HotSpot and will have to be resolved by Sun.

Training Classes

SAP's CA926 training class has been updated to teach programming with JCo. As of press date, classes were scheduled in Germany and the United States. More locations may be available. Please contact the individual SAP country organization for registration information.

ARAsoft has just released the JCo version of its ARAsoft Java BAPI ObjectFactory that encapsulates many difficult and cumbersome BAPI programming tasks. For more information, contact Thomas G. Schuessler (;

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