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ASUG Chapters Deliver Contacts, Education Conveniently and Effectively

by Julie Beehler | SAPinsider

July 1, 2001

by Julie Beehler, Immediate Past President, Americas' SAP Users SAPinsider - 2001 (Volume 2), July (Issue 3)

While many ASUG members utilize edu-cational resources such as the Annual Conference and group meetings, some overlook the convenience and value of geographically based ASUG Chapters. By connecting SAP users on a local level, Chapters have emerged as a growing source of information exchange in the US and Canada.

     Originally established to expand and improve ASUG's level of member service, the number of ASUG Chapters has nearly doubled since 1998. Most Chapters meet every 3-4 months at the nearest SAP regional office or at a member company facility. Meetings are run on an informal basis, led by volunteers from ASUG member companies. General presentations and specific areas of interest or general presentations are typically the focus of discussions.

     "To ensure that our attendees benefit from the meetings, we provide an informative general topic for discussion and include SAP in the planning process," said Director of Chapters and Wisconsin Chapter Chair Jim Maciolek of Briggs & Stratton Corporation. "The intent is to share experiences associated with the software, and to use this forum to initiate associations with area organizations for future interaction," he said.

     Between Chapter meetings, a variety of venues keep ASUG members connected. Chapter-specific discussion forums help establish best practices for existing and start-up groups and encourage ongoing dialog, including networking opportunities, between members. Chapter jump pages via allow prospective members to explore upcoming meetings, contact the Chapter leadership, and express interest in joining. This service helps connect interested parties with appropriate Chapter resources.

     As the popularity of Chapters grows, ASUG often fields questions on the benefits of starting or participating in a Chapter, including:

  • What are the requirements to form a Chapter?
    Ten or more ASUG company members (Installation or Associate) from a specific geographical area may, upon approval of the ASUG Director of Chapters, form a Chapter for the purpose of advancing ASUG through informational exchange. Chapters are formed based on sufficient customer willingness to serve as leaders/volunteers.
  • Who can attend Chapter meetings?
    To participate in an ASUG Chapter meeting, one must be a representative of a current Installation or Associate Member Company in good standing.
  • Who is eligible to serve in a leadership capacity?
    Installation Member Companies may hold any leadership position within the Chapter. Associate Member Companies may hold a leadership position, with the exception of Chair and Vice Chair.
  • What are the responsibilities of Chapter leadership?
    Most Chapters have a Chairperson, Vice Chair, and Secretary. Chairpersons are responsible for representing the needs specific to their group, while operating within the guidelines of ASUG's bylaws, policies, and procedures. The Vice Chairs assist the Chair, and Secretaries are responsible for minutes and communicating meeting information to ASUG Headquarters.
  • What support does a Chapter receive from ASUG Headquarters?
    ASUG Headquarters will assist in the initial startup of a Chapter, create and manage a Chapter page on, and distribute notices via e-mail regarding Chapter activities.
  • I know there is interest in a local ASUG Chapter, but how do I contact ASUG members in my area?
    Headquarters can assist in identifying interested companies and will work with leaders to establish a Chapter.

For more detailed information on ASUG Chapters, please visit In addition, to reach a Chapter coordinator, contact ASUG Headquarters at or by phone at 312-321-5142.

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