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DSAG Annual Convention 2001: - All Answers!

by Alfons Wahlers | SAPinsider

July 1, 2001

by Alfons Wahlers, Chairman of the Board, DSAG SAPinsider - 2001 (Volume 2), July (Issue 3)

This year's DSAG convention will take place September 4-5 at the International Congress Centre in Berlin. We've got a tough act to follow: last year's convention in Düsseldorf was a watershed year in terms of the number of participants. It ushered in new, high-priority procedures for monitoring development requests issued by SAP users and partners. And it witnessed the appointment of Ernie Gunst, Managing Director Germany/Switzerland and member of SAP AG's extended management board, as DSAG's executive sponsor.

Our Focus in 2001:

This year, we turn our attention, full force, to Of course, is a significant departure from R/3, with much stronger support for interrelated business processes. But what effects will this new platform have on enterprise processes as a whole? Many customers have only the vaguest notion of what a transition from R/3 to looks like, what types of combinations are possible, and what kind of time frame it will take to make that transition. The focus for this year is on questions like these. In fact, our slogan for the 2001 convention is: - All Answers

     With, SAP has declared itself to be a full-fledged e-business solutions provider. DSAG views its role as helping our members better understand, and ultimately better implement, SAP's emerging e-business solutions.

     Toward this end, the 2001 convention in Berlin will provide information on R/3's future as an enterprise system, and will serve as a venue for sharing information and obtaining the latest ideas on combining your R/3 solutions with SAP experts will be on hand with detailed information on business processes and critical opportunities.

     And look for the establishment of a new DSAG working group - Transitions from SAP R/3 to - along with several new groups on other currently relevant subjects:

  • Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM)
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Environment Health & Safety (EHS)

     These will supplement our existing groups and keep users on top of new topics of increasing importance.

Join Us in Berlin

DSAG's annual convention is a must for all those who want to keep up with, as well as SAP's development and future product strategies. Members and all interested are cordially invited to attend our event. Join us in Germany's capital, take away valuable know-how, and stay ahead of the curve, armed with the latest information. See you in Berlin!

For information on DSAG's 2001 convention, see the DSAG web site at, or contact DSAG Headquarters at

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