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SAP TechEd 2001 Set to Deliver Solid Tech Yields

by SAP Insider | SAPinsider

July 1, 2001

by SAP Insider SAPinsider - 2001 (Volume 2), July (Issue 3)

SAP TechEd 2001 is a one-of-a-kind event focusing on the latest, practical innovations in SAP technology. This article offers a preview of SAP TechEd 2001 – from registration to session topics – for SAP’s largest technical education conference.

Once SAP announces its latest, most promising technologies at SAPPHIRE in Lisbon and Orlando, lots of people start itching to see them in action. If you're one of them, make sure you attend SAP TechEd 2001 this November 6-9 in Los Angeles. SAP TechEd delivers on SAPPHIRE's promise by delivering real-life actualizations of some of SAP's hottest applications.

     It's no accident that the SAPPHIRE and SAP TechEd events are spaced roughly six months apart. The former is primarily a marketing event, and functions as a platform for announcing the premier technologies in the SAP pipeline. Then SAP TechEd 2001 comes along, representing the first real look at initiatives that were announced six months earlier at SAPPHIRE. At SAP TechEd, the SAP developers themselves present and explain the architecture - and they drill down into the details: how to use the technology, how to program the interfaces, and much more.

     SAP TechEd is properly considered an educational conference, rather than a marketing event. With over 80 R/3 servers, 1,000 laptops, and 30+ terabytes of disk space, SAP TechEd is SAP's largest technical education conference by far! What's more, over 300 sessions are slated for this year, including lectures, meet-the-experts forums, and hands-on training workshops, which are presented in classrooms with PCs, allowing attendees to perform tasks while following the lecture.

     As mentioned above, the content providers at SAP TechEd are top members of SAP development teams (one reason why the event is just as popular inside the company as it is among SAP's customers and partners). Even so, SAP TechEd is rightfully considered an event for the entire SAP technical community - not just for programmers and developers, but also for those who install, manage, and sup-port those systems at a technical level. (For example, a large component of the conference deals with performance tuning and systems management.) Frankly, anyone involved in the IT organizations of their companies - MIS managers, system administrators, IT professionals - will find a lot to learn here.

Wide-Ranging Content

SAP TechEd 2001 will most certainly focus on SAP's latest marketing initiatives, especially in the areas of customer relationship management, business intelligence, and e-business supply chain management. Attendees can expect to learn:

  • How to map SAP applications to business processes, and how to connect both standard and custom applications to the World Wide Web.
  • How to size hardware, tune SAP systems, and configure user interfaces to get the most from your SAP investment.
  • How to integrate mySAP Customer Relationship Management, mySAP Supply Chain Management, mySAP Business Intelligence, and the mySAP Workplace into your system landscape.
  • How to upgrade your SAP system with new hardware, software releases, and third-party applications.

     Last year's attendees may notice very few really significant differences in the structure of the content - but with 95 percent of attendees willing to recommend SAP TechEd to a colleague,1 SAP rightly feels it has that aspect nailed down pretty well. Rest assured, however, that all of SAP's major initiatives this year will be covered, with special emphasis on building e-commerce applications, including public and private marketplaces and enterprise portals.

Other Takeaways

Of course, there are plenty of other attractions for conference attendees. For one thing, it clearly represents an educational opportunity that they simply cannot get anywhere else. It's also an excellent chance to network with peers. And there will be plenty of hardware and solutions vendors available as well, including third-party software companies specializing in solutions for the Internet and for extending the supply chain.

     Most of all, attendees will return home with new insights about the right-here right-now technologies they need to be familiar with, especially regarding the use of the Internet to purchase goods and materials for manufacturing operations, and to connect with suppliers, vendors, and customers.

Satisfaction Assured

We mentioned last year's exceptionally high attendee approval rating. In fact, SAP has received positive comments on every aspect of the conference (see sidebar), and not surprisingly, the event has sold out every year since its inception. In addition, it's important to note that SAP intentionally limits the number of attendees to maintain the quality of the event.

     "We decided not to grow the event in 2001 in terms of attendee numbers or the total number of sessions," says Keith Elliott, SAP TechEd Content Director. "We basically run about 320 sessions over a four-day period, and we use all the space available at the conference centers. So there's a built-in limit to the number of attendees that we can accommodate - and believe me, that number will be filled! People need to be aware of that, and they need to register early. If they try to sign up at the last minute they're going to be shut out."

     Where can you go for more infor-mation and timely registration for SAP TechEd 2001? The web - at There you'll find:

  • Continually updated conference information
  • Content-specific details about our educational sessions
  • Exhibit and sponsorship opportunities
  • Your chance to register online

Attendees Comment on Past SAP TechEd Conferences

There has been no shortage of praise for past SAP TechEd conferences, as evidenced by some of the many positive comments SAP has received:

"One of the best uses of training dollars possible."

"Another great conference. I take away a great deal of knowledge that will be used in planning upgrades and projects for the coming year."

"As a first-timer, and as an analyst, I am a guest of SAP. I was quite impressed, learned a lot, and am very thankful to SAP to have this opportunity."

"Very useful for technical professionals using the tools on a day-to-day basis."

"It's the only opportunity for Basis people to share and grow knowledge (SAPPHIRE means marketing)."

"Excellent opportunity to network with other users and get hands-on training."

"A great chance to collect a large amount of information in a short period of time. I would recommend it to coworkers."

"I like the technical focus of the conference, with insight into what is coming in the next year or will influence what we are doing. I have attended a few in the past and have always learned valuable information."

"I was impressed with the content of the majority of the sessions (lectures and hands-on) I attended. Very informative."

"It's the first time for me and I hope it's not my last. Keep up the good work - it was good info."

"I did not meet a single SAP employee who was not willing to help in any way they could. They had great patience and personality and the ability to convey information. I was amazed."

"Very professionally run event (top notch). Excellent beverage and food service and quality. What's new in keynote speakers was super ... Time of session and between sessions good (not rushed)."

     Any way you look at it, SAP TechEd 2001 is a one-of-a-kind event focusing on the latest, practical innovations in SAP technology. It is for anyone in the worldwide SAP community who has an interest or need to know about the underpinnings of SAP technology.

     And even beyond SAP technology, it's about e-business technology. "SAP is a company that's setting global standards in e-business," Elliott concludes. "If people want to learn about the latest tools for business-to-business transactions and supply chain transactions, this is it. This is where the state of the industry is."

1 At the close of last year's conference, SAP researchers polled attendees, asking, "Would you recommend this to a colleague?" and 95% of those asked replied "Yes" they would.

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