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The ASUG and SAP Collaboration — Achieving Results Together

by Kurt Basler | SAPinsider

April 1, 2002

by Kurt Basler, President, Americas' SAP Users' Group SAPinsider - 2002 (Volume 3), April (Issue 2)

Collaboration is about working jointly in an endeavor with a common goal. But it is all the more effective when the collaborators work together in the right place, at the right time, and with the right mission. So after exponential growth and a strong relationship that has evolved over the years, ASUG and SAP are furthering our collaboration, with a focus on improving the value of our influence on the future direction of SAP products and services.

A prime example of this is the introduction of the Influence Model, which provides ASUG members with guidelines for influencing SAP in a formal way. The model outlines the three areas of influence:

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Product Change
  • Strategic Direction

A key component of the Influence Model is its Influence Councils. Influence Councils are part of the process in which either SAP or ASUG proposes a topic to be discussed with a target audience of ASUG members, with the aim of changing, modifying, or even creating an SAP product or service. The goal of the Councils is to share insights and business needs in order to improve SAP products/services and our respective organizations. This is the most effective way for SAP to receive targeted audience feedback on a specific product or service component.

To date, there have been several successful Influence Councils, including two on SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) and one on SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Watch for more information and opportunities to participate in Influence Councils at

Also critical to the strong partnership between SAP and ASUG is collaboration among ASUG members. Discussion forums, accessible through, help make collaboration between ASUG members and SAP customers a daily activity. The new, which made its debut in January, contains new features, new formats, and an overall, new structure that makes it even easier to collaborate within the ASUG organization.

Registering on, volunteering for Influence Councils, and participating in discussion forums are just a few of the simple ways to take part in the ASUG-SAP collaboration. Participation in ASUG and SAP activities is an entitlement readily available at your fingertips, along with an inter-member network that is vital to you and your organization’s challenges, issues, and best practices.

Achieving results together — it’s the bottom line in the ASUG and SAP collaboration.

Watch for more information on Influence Councils, including opportunities to participate, in the coming months.

To register for online discussion forums and to get the latest ASUG updates, visit

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