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Looking Ahead — DSAG Initiatives in 2002

by Dr. Mario Günter | SAPinsider

January 1, 2002

by Dr. Mario Günter, Headquarters Director, DSAG SAPinsider - 2002 (Volume 3), January (Issue 1)

For DSAG, 2001 was a banner year. Our membership swelled as several important new work groups joined our community, and our Berlin conference drew nearly 1,400 attendees. Our collective concerns were welcomed and acted upon within the halls of SAP, and we continued our role as the premier vehicle for German-speaking SAP users to exchange information.

And 2002 looks to be even better. The initiatives we are setting forth in the coming year are designed to broaden DSAG in both scope and scale. The Auditing Group has just joined our ranks, and we have an exciting set of workshops planned. We'll begin the year welcoming the voices of small-to-medium sized SAP users, with a January seminar that offers them an opportunity to discuss their critical SAP concerns. We've also forged a partnership with one of IT's leading research and advisory firms, Gartner, with plans for a joint workshop to help our members make fuller use of their SAP implementations (see details in the sidebar).

But perhaps most important of all, we're reorganizing DSAG to bring it in line with the goals of - a step that many of you have already taken. Tangible results are already visible, as we've had first sessions on CRM, SCM, and other initiatives like PLM. Look for us to further these efforts this year, and follow the progress on all our initiatives throughout the year at

As we forge ahead, we are building on a strong foundation: DSAG remains an important voice within SAP. Our initiatives have support and backing from SAP, which, in turn, means that the information we receive is of high quality. In 2002, DSAG will continue to drive greater efficiencies with SAP to deliver an improved ROI to our members. We've never been better positioned to capitalize on our mutually beneficial relationship.

DSAG and Gartner to Jointly Offer Workshop Series

DSAG and Gartner have joined together to present a series of workshops designed to take a concrete, enterprise-oriented approach to the success of SAP systems by first focusing the participants on questions such as these:

  • What kind of experiences have you had since implementing SAP?

  • Were your expectations fulfilled?

  • What do you have to do to increase your potential?

Based on the feedback from these discussions, the workshops will delineate a general approach to help participants increase the potential of their SAP systems and meet the challenges experienced by SAP customers.

"Gold star" take-aways to be developed as a result of the workshops will include:

  • A list of concrete, critical success factors for the SAP implementation

  • The formulation of key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • A checklist of the ways to improve workflow, measure improvement, and work faster with the latest SAP functionality

For more information on the outcome of these workshops, members can check our download area at

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