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Two New Ways That DSAG and SAP Are Staying "Tuned In"

by Mario Günter | SAPinsider

July 1, 2002

by Mario Günter, Director, DSAG Headquarters SAPinsider - 2002 (Volume 3), July (Issue 3)

Many DSAG members are preparing for changes in the SAP technology landscape. You may be exploring the impact of these changes on your organization, which makes gathering and sharing information all the more important. Two recent announcements reflect the strength of the DSAG-SAP relationship, and how SAP and our members stay “tuned in” to one another.

First, we are pleased to announce that SAP has officially named Claus Heinrich, SAP AG Executive Board member, as DSAG’s official sponsor at SAP AG. If you are looking to have someone invested in the concerns of DSAG and its constituencies, it doesn’t get any better than having the ear of one of SAP’s executive board members. With a direct contact on the SAP AG Executive Board, as well as our continued support from our sponsor at SAP Germany, CEO Michael Kleinemeier, our members are assured that the concerns of DSAG members are being heard.

Second, with changes in SAP’s technology, DSAG is restructuring its largest working group to better reflect those developments. As a result, the “Basis Working Group” is now the “Basis & Technology Working Group.”

Why the change? As you know, in the “R/3 world,” each R/3 release was developed upon R/3 Basis technology, and each upgrade involved the entire system, including each module. Now R/3 Enterprise, the successor to R/3 4.6C, introduces a new core structure based on the Web Application Server. When R/3 Enterprise is released in early 2003, it will include e-business functionality, much of it very familiar to SAP customers (including basic FI and HR functionality, for example). Many of our members will start with the built-in functionality of R/3 Enterprise, and extend it, as needed, with e-business solutions based on this common platform and Web Application Server technology. The Basis & Technology Working Group will address these changes and the impact on our members, provide resources, and open up opportunities for discussion.

Restructuring this group goes well beyond a simple name change. In fact, we’ve added four Focus Groups under Basis & Technology, to join our established Archiving and Security Focus Groups, among others. These four new groups include Infrastructure and Operations, Application Integration (which addresses the new SAP exchange infrastructure, for example), Portals Technology, and a group looking at the future of the Informix platform for SAP customers. Plans for the working groups include Focus Days scheduled throughout the year, as well as special sessions at our annual convention.

For more information on the Basis & Technology Working Group or any of its Focus Groups, visit

Look for more information on the DSAG Congress, to be held September 17-18 in Dusseldorf, Germany. CUSTOMizing is this year’s theme, highlighting technical information on R/3 Enterprise and, integration scenarios, and much more. Attendees have the chance to discuss their specific demands on R/3 and with other DSAG members and SAP. Details on the DSAG Congress program will be available at in the coming months.

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