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ASUG Group Realignment — Evolving to Meet Your Changing Needs

by Rick Lloyd | SAPinsider

October 1, 2002

by Rick Lloyd, America's SAP User's Group (ASUG) SAPinsider - 2002 (Volume 3), October (Issue 4)

Change is inevitable. Survival isn't. And in an ever-changing business world, we've all found that we must adapt our business processes and practices to succeed.

As an SAP customer, your business needs are always evolving, spanning product functionality, upgrades, and the need for new products. ASUG is changing right along with SAP and its customers. Since SAP America's customers make up 75 percent of our membership, we want to ensure that we are meeting their needs, and we are exploring some exciting new directions to better support ASUG Groups and our members.

One of these changes is already underway: the ASUG Group realignment will ensure that the structure ASUG provides for our members to educate, network, and influence is one that maps to the business environment of today.

Currently, ASUG Group meetings provide opportunities for influencing and networking around a single, specific SAP topic, issue, or product. Now, with the Group realignment, our nearly 70 ASUG Groups will be reconfigured to encompass multiple business processes or industry solutions, and therefore address our members' needs at a higher level.

With this realignment, each ASUG Group meeting will be designed around a business process (e.g., Supply Chain Management) and/or an industry solution (e.g., Discrete Manufacturing). As a result, participants will find more focused topics for discussion and more structured networking opportunities. The educational focus of each meeting will be tighter and fine-tuned to the Groups' needs, while networking and influencing opportunities will step up to a higher level of business solutions and industry issues. This realignment will bring together more SAP colleagues of like interests, furthering your participation and professional growth and your impact on SAP products and direction. Finally, the realignment will enable SAP to provide more consistent, targeted resources for ASUG Group meetings.

We invite and encourage you to participate in this year's ASUG Fall Group Meetings. ASUG Chapters also serve as a great resource for local networking and education, sometimes right in your own backyard. Visit the ASUG Calendar at to find out which ASUG Fall Group Meetings match your needs and which ASUG Chapter Meetings are in your area.

While the realignment means only slight changes in ASUG's structure, it will deliver great benefits to ASUG members and SAP customers alike. Amid these changes, we encourage our members to maintain a year-round network exchange with fellow ASUG and SAP colleagues through various venues:'s Discussion Forums; ASUG events, including the Annual Conference and Symposium; and ASUG programs such as webcasts, teleconferences, and Influence Councils.

Join in as these changes take place, and undoubtedly you will grow both professionally and personally. The first step is simply to take an active role in one, or any, of the Groups that interest you, and to accept our invitation to attend the ASUG Fall Group Meetings. Since the success of ASUG and SAP depends on our responsiveness to your needs as they change, we're evolving to better respond to what you've told us.

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