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DSAG Celebrates Growth — New Members, New Working Groups, and New Adventures for Influence

by Mario Guenter | SAPinsider

October 1, 2002

by Mario Guenter, DSAG SAPinsider - 2002 (Volume 3), October (Issue 4)
When you consider that DSAG was officially founded in 1997 and had just over 100 charter members, our latest milestone of over 1,000 members is a testament to DSAG's success, as well as to SAP's growth. This is not the only way we're expanding, either. Our selection of working groups is also growing, going hand-in-hand with our goal of furthering our influence in SAP software development.

The first of our newest working groups, Auditing and Risk Management, is focused on the risk and security of business and financial data, and addresses some timely issues: security and accuracy of financial data, development and enhancement of software for improved risk prevention, ways to ensure that SAP modules closely and accurately track the realities of business processes, and opportunities to share best practices. Four Auditing and Risk Management focus groups will pinpoint some critical issues for DSAG members:

  • Data Security
  • Process Auditing
  • IT Security
  • Legal Requirements

A second new working group, the Service Provider group, concentrates on three key areas:

  • Professional services, such as management, application, and IT consulting
  • Technical services, including maintenance, help desk, and repair
  • Personnel management, including staffing, recruiting, and placement

Designed for those who provide services in the SAP community, this working group focuses on networking, best practices, and product development, with special interest in the Service Provider solution from SAP. The emphasis is on SAP's services from the customer's point of view: How are SAP services perceived among its customers? This group is also concentrating on one of DSAG's key missions for the year: exerting greater influence on new product development - in this case, in the services arena.

And finally, in a very concrete way, DSAG members are already out in front when it comes to influencing the early stages of SAP software development, with their active role in SAP's Ramp-up Process, a new approach to rolling out and testing software. In fact, ten DSAG member companies are currently participating in the early evaluation of R/3 Enterprise, before it is publicly released in 2003.

As preferred customers, DSAG member companies now have the opportunity to be among the first to install and test software. SAP's Ramp-up Process sets the scene for a productive implementation, offers the possibility to exert direct influence on SAP development, and provides a direct communication channel to SAP. For companies that then want to introduce the new product into their landscape, SAP support and extensive evaluation makes for quicker implementation and reduces costs. This cooperation between DSAG and SAP is not only applicable to R/3 Enterprise, but for all coming SAP solutions involved in the Ramp-up Process.

Participation in the Ramp-up Process is just one of the many ways we are working closely with SAP, and one of the results of our growth as an organization. From our expanding membership rolls to our influence in product development, we are looking forward to a healthy future that will benefit DSAG member companies.

The DSAG Annual Congress, held September 17-19, was built around the theme CUSTOMizing, and was a tremendous opportunity for education and networking. Keynote speeches from the Congress are freely available at the DSAG home page at Additional information and the full set of presentations are available to DSAG members on DSAGNet.

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