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New and Noteworthy (SAPinsider Vol. 3, Iss. 4)

by SAP and Partners | SAPinsider

October 1, 2002

by SAP and Partners SAPinsider - 2002 (Volume 3), October (Issue 4)

Documentum Announces New Release for Collaborative Enterprise Content Management


Documentum, a provider of enterprise content management (ECM), announced the Documentum Collaboration Edition, designed to meet the mainstream collaborative needs of global enterprises while delivering full ECM functionality. The Documentum Collaboration Edition is designed to capture and securely store all collaborative content, to unite it with other enterprise content or reference it as needed. It includes the new Documentum Team Manager, an out-of-box solution that builds on Documentum's iTeam solution, and includes real-time collaboration features (e.g., chat, email, and integration with WebEx) and team collaboration capabilities (shared workspace, task management, role support, and integration with Microsoft Project). The Collaboration Edition also includes Documentum's Content Exchange Services, including aggregation, distribution, and cross-enterprise workflow services.


OSM Releases New Version of the COSbatch Job Scheduler


OSM released version 2.3 of its COSbatch job scheduler, OSM's network-aware production management and job scheduling package for networks of UNIX, Linux, and Windows systems. Version 2.3 includes new built-in support for scheduling in response to external events (e.g, the existence of a file, the presence of a process in execution, or the availability of disk space). COSbatch is designed to recognize particular system events, allowing it to schedule the execution of jobs and suites based on complex circumstances without complex scripting. It integrates the full operations workflow module, previously known as COSduty, in the standard distribution to handle operator tasks (changing tapes, checking logs, etc.). By combining these functions into a single deliverable, COSbatch v2.3 offers one component to manage production tasks through a single user interface. For more information, see


IBM and StreamServe Form Alliance to Offer More Flexible Output for ERP-Based Business Communications

IBM Printing Systems


IBM Printing Systems and StreamServe Inc., an Advanced IBM Business Partner providing business communication software, announced a strategic alliance enabling joint resale and consulting activities that integrate software and services from both companies into ERP applications. The initial focus for the alliance is to enhance the flexibility of all printed output from ERP applications. By adopting IBM and StreamServe's approach, companies can incorporate graphics and information from other applications into core ERP output, and deliver business corporate communications in multiple formats. With this alliance, IBM's Infoprint Workflow and Infoprint Manager software, and the StreamServe Business Communication Platform, customers are presented with a way to manage business communications in a common system. For more information, visit


SAQQARA Announces New Catalog Management Service (CMS) for e-Procurement

SAQQARA Systems, Inc.

SAQQARA Systems, Inc., a provider of product content and catalog management software, unveiled the SAQQARA Catalog Management Service (CMS) for e-Procurement, a solution designed to rapidly increase the amount of useable catalog content for e-procurement implementations and lower the cost of acquiring, transforming, and managing that content. With CMS, SAQQARA creates, hosts, and manages a private customized web-based catalog solution for each customer to help users find the products they need to buy. SAQQARA Catalog Management Service for e-Procurement leverages SAQQARA's CommerceSuite and ContentWorks technologies to generate customized catalog management applications that automate the product content management process, and is designed to reduce the source-to-publish timeline and streamline the update process.


HyPerformix Releases Performance Management/Capacity Planning Software for SAP


HyPerformix, Inc. announced general availability of its Optimizer Model for SAP, a new option to the HyPerformix Integrated Performance Suite. This new software offering is designed to enable clients to simulate SAP systems, in order to determine the infrastructure requirements needed to reach and maintain optimal performance levels and to simplify the process of duplicating system variables, including servers, databases, middleware, applications, and firewalls. Businesses planning to extend their SAP solutions beyond the back-office can use the Optimizer Model for SAP to anticipate performance requirements for future initiatives. The Optimizer Model for SAP works with any one or combination of SAP's R/3 modules, and includes response-time data from a range of enterprise-class system components. The Optimizer Model for SAP is currently sold as an option to the HyPerformix Integrated Performance Suite.


SAP Preconfigured Smart Forms Now Available for R/3 4.6C and Up

SAP's Business Unit for Small and Midsize Business

Smart Forms, SAP's new and official print form tool for SAP R/3 4.6C and higher, is now available. SAP's Business Unit for Small and Midsize Business offers a suite of 20 generic preconfigured Smart Form print forms and print programs designed to help create and modify forms easily by using a graphical design interface, providing more robust functionality and color. These new free and downloadable forms provide Smart Forms for core applications, with a focus on materials management, sales, and distribution. Available in English, French, German, and Italian language versions, this generic set of forms offers benefit to a wide range of customers. For more information and access to the free downloadable forms, SAP customers can log onto SAP Service Marketplace and select


Cypress Launches New Software for Content Assembly and Delivery Across the Enterprise

Cypress Corporation

Cypress Corporation has launched the Cypress Content Processing Facility (CPF) incorporated into the new Version 4.0 of its content management and delivery software. Cypress CPF is an end-to-end content assembly and delivery solution designed to automatically capture and assemble content created in any application or format, and deliver it instantly to any recipient, fax, email, printer, or web browser. With Cypress CPF, content on a page from one document can automatically "trigger" another activity. A new feature in V4.0 of Cypress' software is the Imaging Module, which allows specific pages (text and images) to be combined in a single view and delivered at high speed, based on content, to a fax, email, printer, or web browser, in whatever format required (PDF, print file, etc.).


GETPAID Introduces GETPAID Gateway to Link Collections to External Systems


The GETPAID Corporation, a supplier of receivables management software and related services, announced the availability of GETPAID Gateway, a utility used to interface the GETPAID collections and dispute resolution software system with external systems and web services. GETPAID Gateway is designed to reduce the amount of time collectors spend resolving invoicing problems. While on the phone with a customer, collectors can click on a transaction within GETPAID and link to external information, with the ability to email the data to the customer.


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