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Special Feature: SAP Active Global Support

by SAP and Partners | SAPinsider

October 1, 2002

by SAP and Partners SAPinsider - 2002 (Volume 3), October (Issue 4)

Transforming Customer Service Relationships: SAP Active Global Support


Managing and Optimizing Your Solution Landscape with a Gamut of New Offerings from SAP

Services à la Carte
Pick and Choose Tailored Services from the Safequarding, Solution Management Optimization and Empowering Programs to Reduce TCO and Speed up ROI

New, Tiered, Premium Maintenance Offerings:
MaxAttention ServiceLevel and MaxAttention OnSite

Explore the Full Wealth of Support and Service Resources in the SAP Solution Manager and SAP Service Marketplace

by Uwe Hommel,
Senior Vice President,
SAP Active Global Support

The term "software support" typically suggests call-in support and escalation procedures - after-the-fact, reactive fixes to problems customers have already detected and may even have wrestled with on their own for a bit. It is my firm belief that a support organization should offer more than just a safety net for insuring continuous operations.

We at SAP Active Global Support engage early. We act proactively. In addition to fixing and mending, we detect potential risks up front and eliminate them before they even become a threat to success.

Who better than field-savvy support professionals to advise you of an implementation's technical feasibility or ability to withstand the stress of a production environment? And who better to help determine whether it makes sense to build your own in-house support desk to manage key elements of your SAP landscape? With end-to-end involvement, our brand of support means more than just expert assistance - it's about expert advice too - guiding you through every step of the life cycle.

Consequently, a true, forward-looking support organization has the unique ability to help insure TCO and ROI objectives and to allow customers to fully exploit the potential of their solution - now and in the long term.

A support organization like SAP's can offer you an incomparable source of knowledge. Partner with us early on in an implementation's life cycle and you avert all sorts of problems. As for existing implementations, we'll work with you to optimize current investments and wring more performance and capacity out of them, to significantly and rapidly lower TCO and stave off expensive IT investments. We will regularly check "under the hood" of your solutions, and regularly check in with you to continually identify key issues and to optimize and improve your entire solution landscape in a collaborative, multi-vendor environment.

This is SAP's vision of support - to continually align ourselves with our customers' changing landscapes and optimize them as we do. This is the heart of a true customer service relationship: to understand and address not just customer problems, but their TCO and ROI objectives as well.

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Managing and Optimizing Your Solution Landscape with a Gamut of New Offerings from SAP


by Eithne Devine,
mySAP Services
Product Management, SAP AG


Why do customers purchase "support"? To ensure continuous, optimized, and cost-effective operation of their SAP solutions. I refer to SAP "solutions," not "systems," because SAP customers don't operate our technology on discrete, isolated systems. SAP solutions are integrated with (and run on top of) lots and lots of systems. Open standards, numerous integration points, countless platform options, and the expanded functionality that this buys you come at a price - increased complexity. Addressing downtime, sluggish performance, and other operational issues is more difficult today than in years past. Reactive support measures, which typically focus on isolated problem resolution, no matter how swift and effective, are not up to the challenge. The complex nature of most installations requires the application of the right technology and the right mix of proactive and reactive support services at the right times in a solution's life cycle.

The "right technology" - a combination of the SAP Solution Manager and the SAP Service Marketplace - has already wound its way into lots of SAP landscapes. The SAP Solution Manager offers all parties who are vested in the upkeep of an SAP solution - in-house, SAP and third-party support teams - a shared, common, up-to-date view of all the systems each solution operates on and integrates with. This technology continually monitors the solution landscape, provides critical warnings and alerts, and serves as a platform for identifying and jointly resolving problems among support teams. Most, if not all, SAP customers are actively leveraging the updates and information we make available on the SAP Service Marketplace. These two technologies (detailed below) form an infrastructure for identifying and diagnosing problems in complex, heterogeneous SAP environments.

The "right mix of proactive and reactive support services" may already be in place for many of you as well. SAP Standard Support (formerly known as TeamSAP Support) blends both. Three new support programs add additional services to safeguard and optimize your SAP solutions from the outset of an implementation project through GoLive, productive use, and on until their retirement. These offerings are revolutionary, not just in terms of the degree of safeguarding and optimization they afford customers, but in their ability to dramatically and immediately lower TCO.

Revolutionary Support Programs from SAP:
Safeguarding, Empowering, and Solution Management Optimization

Three new support programs - Safeguarding, Empowering, and Solution Management Optimization - are now available to customers:

  • Safeguarding: The nine checks that make up the Safeguarding program help you identify and minimize technical risk and ensure the smooth start-up and operation of an SAP solution. The Safeguarding program consists of a variety of on-site and remote checks (see below for a complete listing), which are applied throughout a solution's life cycle. SAP recommends application of Safeguarding checks in the earliest phases of a project.

  • Empowering: Many SAP customers, particularly the larger ones, have in-house support organizations that dispense top-notch support services in their own right. The "Empowering" program fosters knowledge transfer from SAP teams to their own so that these in-house teams can achieve a high degree of self-sufficiency and a reduction in operational costs. In short, the Empowering program helps your IT organization to help itself.

  • Solution Management Optimization: Services from this SAP support program focus on optimizing the performance of core business processes, application integration, management of data volumes, system administration, and other key operational issues.

The collection of services that comprise each of these programs are available à la carte. You purchase them when and where it makes sense.

Two New Premium Maintenance Offerings:
MaxAttention ServiceLevel and MaxAttention OnSite

For the majority of SAP customers, a combination of SAP Standard Support and their choice of services from the Safeguarding, Empowering, and Solution Management Optimization Programs will provide comprehensive, cost-effective support coverage. For customers with more demanding support needs, the more cost-effective option will be the new, premium fixed-price MaxAttention ServiceLevel or MaxAttention OnSite offerings.

These maintenance offerings (details provided below) include all the services offered in SAP Standard Support, all Safeguarding services, and a variety of premium remote and on-site offerings. MaxAttention ServiceLevel, for example, contains a Service Level Agreement for customer messages, which defines initial response times as well as the dispatching time for an on-site team in case of mission-critical, priority-one issues. MaxAttention OnSite adds on-site support to the premium offering. Dedicated, on-site consultants maintain your solutions, perform root-cause analysis of problems, mentor your teams in the usage of SAP tools, and so forth. See Figure 1.

Figure 1 Flexible Service and Support Offerings

In addition to the MaxAttention offering, SAP extends the maintenance period for all maintenance offerings one additional year for selected releases. To complement the maintenance extension for SAP R/3 4.6C, SAP will extend customers' current maintenance program for SAP R/3 3.1I, 4.0B, 4.5B, and 4.6B by a period of four months (i.e., to the end of December 2003) at no extra charge.

From "Systems Management" to "Solution Management"

The technical infrastructure set in place by SAP Solution Manager and SAP Services Marketplace, the new service offerings delivered with our Safeguarding, Empowering, and Solution Management Optimization programs, and our new premium MaxAttention maintenance packages enable the SAP Active Global Support organization to work with you to tailor the right support scheme for your solutions. A "Solution Management" approach to your solution landscape will bring you immediate benefit, and will help you get the most out of the investment you have already made in SAP. Start with the SAP Solution Manager, engage with SAP Active Global Support, and you will find yourself on the right track to increasing your return on investment.

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Services à la Carte
Pick and Choose Tailored Services from the Safeguarding, Solution Management Optimization, and Empowering Programs to Reduce TCO and Speed Up ROI


by Lindsay Johnson,
mySAP Services
Product Managment, SAP AG


SAP Active Global Support has assembled an extensive range of services and checks into three new support programs: Safeguarding, Solution Management Optimization, and Empowering. These programs provide a full complement of services (listed in Figures 1, 2, and 3) to keep your SAP solutions highly available and high performing throughout their entire life cycle. You have the flexibility to pick and choose any of the services offered in any of these programs in an à la carte fashion to add to and complement your existing maintenance contract, whether it be SAP Standard Support, MaxAttention ServiceLevel, or MaxAttention OnSite.1 All offerings are designed to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and accelerate return on investment (ROI) of increasingly complex and distributed SAP solutions.

Safeguarding Services
Firmly Place Your Solutions on Solid Ground

The portfolio of checks that make up the Safeguarding program help "safeguard" the technical integrity of a solution from its outset. Safeguarding checks ensure the smooth start-up and operation of your implementation, upgrade, or migration project, help you take an inventory of technical risks and bottlenecks, assess the project's feasibility, and properly map business processes to the right technical components. As you approach GoLive, these Safeguarding checks verify system availability, compatibility of connected systems, and overall performance of a solution that incorporates heterogeneous systems.


Safeguarding checks are best made use of early on in a project. The earlier they are used, the greater their capacity to help you minimize technical and operational risks and related costs.

For customers who want to upgrade their SAP solution or migrate to newer OS or DB platforms, checks are available to verify that target systems have adequate capacity and are optimally configured for your specific requirements. And checks are available to continually gauge the performance of your SAP solution landscape. These checks are accompanied by detailed reports that cite areas where performance can be improved, and suggest concrete, cost-effective ways to achieve those improvements.


For Safeguarding projects that are not mission-critical, one remote Safeguarding check may be sufficient to effectively manage technical risk. For example, a low-complexity implementation project may need only one run of the SAP GoingLive Check. For more complex projects with multiple integration points or mission-critical processes, a higher level of risk management is advised.

Programs Play Off One Another to the Customer's Benefit

Data gathered during initial Safeguarding checks forms the basis of an individually tailored Risk Management Plan and Service Plan. The Risk Management Plan defines the input and deliverables required of SAP, partners, and the customer to collaboratively manage risk. The Service Plan maps the appropriate services from the Safeguarding, Empowering, and Solution Management Optimization programs to your specific needs, and indicates when and how often these services should be delivered. Safeguarding checks also provide technical guidelines to indicate where costs can be minimized and how you can avoid potential technical issues in the future. In this way, Safeguarding services go a long way toward insuring your enterprise against potential downtime and attaining a reduced TCO and accelerated ROI.

An example will help to clarify how these services can help you better identify, monitor, and manage technical risk and solution performance.

Imagine a typical SAP customer - let's call them BIG Manufacturing. BIG Manufacturing is a multi-national e-business manufacturing corporation with a number of subsidiaries worldwide. Its numerous solutions include mySAP Supply Chain Management. BIG Manufacturing uses solutions to execute its core business processes, and has also integrated some non-SAP interfaces into its IT infrastructure. BIG is a fast-growing company and is keen to optimize the performance and availability of its solution landscape to support future growth and fulfill the needs of a rapidly expanding customer base.

BIG Manufacturing is integrating SAP APO into its solution landscape to optimize the company's logistics and planning processes. Due to the relative complexity of BIG's IT landscape, experienced SAP Service Engineers perform an SAP Technical Integration Check at the customer site (see Figure 4). This check analyzes BIG's core business processes and the entire solution landscape with a focus on interoperability and data consistency.

The Safeguarding program encompasses a variety of on-site and remote checks. These checks are applied as required in each individual customer situation during implementation, upgrade, or migration projects.
Life-Cycle Phase Check
Implementation SAP Feasibility Check
SAP Technical Integration Check
SAP GoingLive Check
Upgrade SAP GoingLIve Functional Upgrade Check
Migration SAP OS/DB Migration Check
Continuous Monitoring/Business Improvement SAP EarlyWatch Alert
SAP EarlyWatch Check
SAP Solution Management Assessment
Figure 1 Checks Available from the Safeguarding Program

The Empowering program provides organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to optimally run and support a solution landscape.
Skills Needs Identified Via: Core Competency Areas Covered: Competencies Delivered Through:
  • SAP Operations Competence Assessment
  • Safeguarding services
  • Customer identification of specific need
Global Strategy & Service Level Management
  • Classroom Training
  • On-Site Workshops
  • Self-Service Certification
  • Best Practices
  • Documentation
  • Mentoring
Business Process Management
Management of mySAP Technology
Software Change Management
Figure 2 Core Competencies for Solution management Delivered by the Empowering Program

The Solution Management Optimization program offers services for the technical and continuous optimization of the entire system landscape.
Optimization Service
Performance SAP SQL Statement Optimization
SAP Customer Program Optimization
SAP Business Process Performance Optimization
SAP Storage Subsystem Optimization
SAP Remote Performance Optimization
Application Integration SAP Interface Management
SAP Business Process Management
Data Volume SAP Data Management
System Administration SAP System Administration
Figure 3 Optimization Concerns Addressed by the Solution Management Optimization Program

Figure 4 Service Offerings from All Three Programs Complement One Another

From the results of the SAP Technical Integration Check, SAP Service Engineers develop a Risk Management Plan with recommended action to be taken by BIG, SAP, and involved partners. These recommendations include individual services from the Safeguarding, Solution Management Optimization, and Empowering programs that are summarized in the resulting Service Plan.

BIG's initial SAP Technical Integration Check identifies risk due to core business processes running across multiple interfaces between APO and legacy systems that are critical for BIG Manufacturing's business. SAP Service Engineers recommend the SAP Interface Management service, a Solution Management Optimization offering. This service is designed to optimize the integrity, configuration, and performance of key interfaces within core business processes, which in BIG's case leads to higher throughput, more rapid response times, and higher-quality data consistency. An SAP GoingLive Check is performed to prepare for production start of the involved systems.

In addition, the Service Plan recommends activating the automated SAP EarlyWatch Alert, an automatic monitoring program that runs periodically in the background and monitors system performance and administration. After a while, the SAP EarlyWatch Alert identifies a potential risk with BIG's database capacity: the database running BIG's core business processes is approaching its limit. In anticipation of the extra load from APO processes, the Service Engineers suggest another offering from the Solution Management Optimization portfolio - the SAP Data Management service - with the aim of reducing the database load by a typical 25%, and postponing the need for further hardware investment. In this case, the service results in recommendations for avoiding and summarizing data, deleting obsolete data, and archiving, which frees up ample space for the additional APO transactions.

Solution Management Optimization - Optimizing Operations, TCO, and ROI of Your Existing Solutions

Solution Management Optimization services, true to their name, help you optimize the operating potential of existing SAP solutions, not just at the business process level, but across the full spectrum of the IT infrastructure that supports your business processes: distributed multiple hardware systems, underlying operating systems and databases, and application interfaces. On-site and remote services for technical optimization and continuous improvement of your application and system operations solve either the technical issues your organization is already facing or the potential issues identified during Safeguarding checks.

By using standardized service procedures delivered by certified engineers, Solution Management Optimization services reduce the cost of operations. The potential for solution optimization is considerable. Customers have realized increased throughput of core business processes through improvements to application interfaces and database performance, and increased availability as well.

Moreover, customers are finding that it's not just more throughput and performance that they get out of their original IT investment; they are also minimizing future hardware costs by optimizing the use of their current hardware resources. Increased productivity, high availability, stability, and optimal performance - customers are finding the gains achieved through Solution Management Optimization services add up to significantly reduced TCO and a far greater return on their IT investments.

Achieving Self-Sufficiency with Empowering Services

With on-site guidance, on-the-job mentoring, documentation, and workshops delivered by experienced SAP professionals, the Empowering program delivers knowledge transfer plus on-site experts to support you through critical stages of your solutions' life cycles. Customers emerge from Empowering programs with a solid base of skilled staff, fully equipped to operate and maintain their solutions.

The Empowering program has its roots in SAP's own internal training program, which has successfully trained thousands of SAP Service Engineers. The program is based on a set of competencies identified by SAP on the back of extensive experience in thousands of installations. These competencies represent the skills and expertise your organization needs to effectively and efficiently run your SAP solution. The core competencies include the knowledge and skills required to run a support desk and the professional expertise needed to maintain, manage, and continuously improve system operations. Competencies and skills are developed through workshops, service delivery, and a mentoring system for customer employees.


The self-sufficiency offered with the Empowering program is not an all-or-nothing proposition. Customers work with SAP to determine where it makes the most sense to bring support in-house, and which services should be included.

Empowering services can be selected individually, based on a competency gap you have identified in your organization, or they might be recommended as a result of a Safeguarding check or the Empowering program's SAP Operations Competence Assessment.

What you can expect from an SAP Operations Competence Assessment is that the jobs and roles in your support organization will be mapped to the core competencies defined by SAP, comparing the current level of competency with the target level. The assessment identifies where the weaknesses lie in your organization and recommends appropriate Empowering services in a Service Plan. Services can take the form of documentation (providing best practices to optimize your organization and procedures) or knowledge transfer (training and on-site workshops from the SAP Support Academy or SAP Solution Academy, as well as on-the-job mentoring or consulting). One idea behind the in-depth training and mentoring program is to empower your organization to deliver selected SAP services, such as the SAP SQL Statement Optimization service itself. The focus of the "buddying" concept is learning by doing, with training and live experience building on each other.

If yours is a company that wants to develop or optimize an in-house support desk, the SAP Operations Competence Assessment would assess which core competencies your staff will require, then outline a knowledge transfer plan involving classroom training and workshops. If BIG Manufacturing elected to go this route, for example, the SAP Operations Competence Assessment would also pinpoint weaknesses such as future administration and technical optimization of the new APO system (see Figure 4). SAP Service Engineers would recommend a training program for system administrators to empower them to maintain and optimize BIG's future APO operations.

SAP customers that spend large sums on outsourced IT support and have the capacity to develop an internal support desk stand to gain tremendous cost savings. The Empowering program arms your support organization with the skills to do this.

To Learn More About These Programs and Services...

Customers have the flexibility to purchase individual services from the Safeguarding, Solution Management Optimization, or Empowering programs à la carte to supplement their SAP Standard Support or MaxAttention package and work toward continuous uptime and lower TCO. You can find more information on Safeguarding, Empowering, and Solution Management Optimization services on the SAP Service Marketplace at and at To purchase individual services, go to

1 For more on SAP's maintenance programs, see "New, Tiered Premium Maintenance Offerings: MaxAttention ServiceLevel and MaxAttention OnSite" by Ute Rueckert-Daschakowsky in this Special Feature.

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New, Tiered, Premium Maintenance Offerings:
MaxAttention ServiceLevel and MaxAttention OnSite


by Ute Rueckert-Daschakowsky,
mySAP Service Product
Management, SAP AG


Run down the list of services and technology provided by SAP's Standard Support1 and it quickly becomes apparent that SAP maintenance fees cover much more than helpdesk calls and support packages. SAP Standard Support, in concert with à la carte services from the new Safeguarding, Solution Management Optimization, and Empowering programs, operates on two levels. The first is to secure technical operations, to afford our customers expansive safeguarding measures to ensure high performance, availability, usability, and maintainability. The second is to keep the total cost of ownership in check.

Towards this end, you see services designed to minimize system downtime, ensure smooth start-up and operations, and provide a variety of optimization measures (see Figure 1).

Two new premium SAP Support offerings add a heightened level of service to this mix. MaxAttention ServiceLevel is the first. MaxAttention OnSite is the second. Both incorporate the full suite of SAP Standard Support offerings. Both include the entire set of Safeguarding services for up to two mission-critical projects, and each includes some new offerings, like special service-level agreements and closer cooperation with SAP experts, which are the exclusive domain of these new programs.

Figure 1 SAP Maintenance Offerings

MaxAttention ServiceLevel

The first of the new premium packages is called "MaxAttention ServiceLevel." In addition to the complete SAP Standard Support offering, this maintenance offering delivers these four components (shown left-to-right in the middle tier of Figure 1):

> Did you Know...

SAP Standard Support recommendations, procedures, and best practices are based on SAP field experience across more than 30,000 worldwide customer installations.

  1. Guaranteed initial response time for priority-one messages, coupled with rapid escalation procedures for dispatching SAP experts to your site. This is a guaranteed Service Level Agreement that ensures fast message-resolution times for very high-priority messages. Within two hours, a qualified employee from SAP Active Global Support starts processing the message remotely. If the problem-solving activities do not bring the desired results within two days, SAP sends one or more local experts or specialists from SAP's headquarters in Walldorf to the customer site to ensure that all core functions resume normal operations as quickly as possible.

  2. For up to two SAP projects, customers receive full access to all the services they need from the complete suite of Safeguarding services.

  3. A professional from SAP Active Global Support will be named your permanent contact partner. This contact person is dedicated to your individual service and support needs and assumes responsibility for responsive, effective interactions with SAP Active Global Support. As a permanent contact, the SAP professional knows your situation and your solution landscape, and can therefore help and advise you quickly and efficiently. From his knowledge of your company he will recommend suitable services at the right time, so he is a partner for both reactive issues and proactive services.

  4. Customers are entitled to use all of SAP's self-services free of charge, and to receive any related back-office support that they require. Self-services are services that are performed in-house by the customer's personnel. Those of you performing self-services can rely on SAP back-office support to resolve problems that may arise. For example, suppose your in-house IT team is performing the self-service SQL Statement Optimization, and they identify an expensive SQL Statement, but do not have the technical know-how to take the next step and fine-tune the system. Your staff creates a customer message and sends it to SAP back-office support, who reply with recommendations to help your team enhance the performance of the system.

MaxAttention Onsite

Customers opting for SAP's top-of-the-line maintenance solution, MaxAttention OnSite, receive all the services covered by SAP Standard Support and MaxAttention ServiceLevel, plus at least two SAP consultants who remain on-site full-time to handle a wide variety of tasks. These include assisting your in-house teams when they import Support Packages; showing them how to efficiently use SAP Notes and tools, such as the SAP Note Assistant; and helping them set up and enhance your in-house support organization. The benefits are three-fold:

  • Ready access to experts.

  • Receipt of up-to-the-minute information and expertise directly from SAP specialists.

  • Invaluable, targeted knowledge transfer to your in-house team as a result of on-site interaction with SAP consultants.

> Did you Know...

You can switch from SAP Standard Support to either MaxAttention offering at any time.

Maintenance Extension

To round up its maintenance offerings, SAP extends maintenance for selected, older R/3 releases for a limited period of time. For SAP R/3 4.6C, maintenance will be extended for an additional year, from the end of March 2005 to the end of March 2006, free of charge.

SAP will also automatically extend maintenance for SAP R/3 3.1I, 4.0B, 4.5B, and 4.6B by a period of four months (i.e, to the end of December 2003) at no extra charge. Customers can also choose to take advantage of maintenance for these releases for another additional year - until the end of December 2004 - for an additional 2% maintenance fee.

These options will give SAP customers more flexibility and certainty in planning their upgrade strategy and offer them maximum ROI. Customers benefit from leveraging the investment they have made in their current SAP R/3 release.

Pricing and Ordering

To order any of SAP's maintenance options, please contact your SAP sales representative.

Figure 2 provides additional information on pricing.

For more information about SAP's standard maintenance program please visit the SAP Service Marketplace at For additional details on these new MaxAttention programs, visit For more on the extension of maintenance, visit

Maintenance Option Pricing Guideline
SAP Standard Support
(formerly TeamSAP Support)
MaxAttention ServiceLevel +3% in addition to SAP Standard Support payment
MaxAttention OnSite +6% in addition to SAP Standard Support payment
Extension of Maintenance +2% in addition to SAP Standard Support payment (on selected releases only; see the SAP Service Marketplace for full details)

Is MaxAttention Right for You?
Yes No  
Do your mission-critical SAP solutions require 24x7 uptime?
Would an interruption of service result in substantial financial losses, such that accelerated, guaranteed response times are in order?
Would substantial benefit and demonstrable ROI be realized from dedicated, on-site SAP engineers?
Do you want to ensure end-to-end uptime, with both high performance and reliability?
Is your organization willing to pay a premium price for premium service?
Do you have complex projects with a high budget that must lead, in time, to a robust technical solution?
Is your organization's current support contract with SAP in excess of $10 million?
Do you have Service Level Agreements with your customers or end users?
If you answered "Yes" to most of these questions, MaxAttention ServiceLevel or MaxAttention OnSite may be right for you.

Figure 2 Pricing for SAP Maintenance Offerings

1 "SAP Standard Support" is the new name for "TeamSAP Support."

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Explore the Full Wealth of Support and Service Resources in the SAP Solution Manager and SAP Service Marketplace


by Ute Rueckert-Daschakowsky,
mySAP Service Product
Management, SAP AG


The SAP Service Marketplace and the SAP Solution Manager can and should play a decisive role in your service and support activities. They are included in the cost of your maintenance contract. They are central to SAP's support offerings. They provide indispensable functionality. If you're not now actively using both, it's time to start.

The SAP Service Marketplace at is a veritable one-stop shopping complex for SAP and partner-provided service and support offerings. But more than that, it is also a convenient, centralized access point for resources devoted to service and support of solutions. You can use this site to download software, make consulting requests or request proposals for hardware sizing, and access information, for example, on SAP's industry and cross-industry solutions (infrastructure, technical components, releases). You can even place the areas you use most on your own personalized homepage, so that all the information is at your fingertips.

> Did you Know...

There are 1.4 million hits per week on the SAP Service Marketplace.

From the SAP Service Marketplace, here are just some of the wide range of resources that cover your services, software, and information needs:

Services and Support

  • A customer messaging area, where SAP customers can create messages
    in case of a problem with their solution. The messages are then routed to the SAP support organization for processing.

  • The SAP Note Assistant, to implement SAP Notes for solutions to identified system problems.

  • The SAP Service Catalog to order support services.

  • The SAP Service Channel, a communication channel for rapid and direct exchange of information between customers and SAP. It is accessible from your user inbox in the SAP Service Marketplace.


  • The SAP Software Distribution Center, where you can download software such as Support Packages.

  • The SAP Software Catalog to order software, e.g. the SAP Solution Manager (see below).

Training and Information

  • The Online Training Catalog to book SAP courses or workshops.

  • The SAP Knowledge Shop, to order material such as brochures, CDs, and books.

  • The Media Library where you can find information on important events such as SAPPHIRE, SAP online documentation, and press releases.

  • The community area, including SAP user groups throughout the world, CCCNet, SAP Global Partner Management, and SAP Partner Value Net. Here users can also contact SAP partners and obtain information about their service portfolios.

The SAP Solution Manager is an integral part of SAP Standard Support. Within each customer's solution landscape, this technology serves as a centralized command station that continually documents all pertinent facets of the solution landscape and your business processes. It offers tools to monitor, implement, and manage all SAP resources and points of integration to connected third-party systems.

> Tip!

In the future, the SAP Solution Manger will be mandatory for the delivery of remote support services, such as SAP GoingLive Check and SAP EarlyWatch Check.


System andBusiness Needs

Key Features Key Benefits

Roadmaps describing the “how to” of implementation.

A Business Process Repository that helps to outline and describe the business processes supported by solutions.

Testing tools.

Proven Customizing technology that includes Business Configuration Sets, the Implementation Guide, and Customizing synchronization.

Central point of access and support of key implementation activities.

Supports a process-driven approach to blueprints, configuration, and testing.


Service Level Management Reporting for analysis of your solution landscape.

Real-time solution monitoring, including System Monitoring and Business Process Monitoring, for analysis of your core business processes, with special consideration given to the involved systems and interfaces displaying upcoming alerts.

Monitoring functions for real-time status checks of systems, e.g., CRM and SCM systems, and core business processes.

Helps to raise the performance of your solution landscape and avoid system downtime.

Empowers you to detect critical issues in your core business processes at an early stage, before problems can develop.


Ordering and delivery of proactive and predictive remote support services, such as SAP EarlyWatch Checks.

Ordering and delivery of continuous improvement services, such as the SAP Solution Management Assessment, which is used to assess and optimize system environments and business processes.

Downloading Best Practices for Solution Management documents (e.g. on how to copy system landscapes).

Self-services can be performed in the SAP Solution Manager.

Offers a convenient way to order the SAP services you need to keep up your solution’s high performance.

Provides easy access to Best Practices and therefore more efficient knowledge transfer.


A fully integrated Support Desk with message-handling for end-user support, an internal solution database, SLA, and service contract management.

SAP Notes search capabilities via a link to the SAP Service Marketplace; access to the SAP Note Assistant for rapidly implementing specific SAP Notes.

Bi-directional interface for sending notifications to SAP and receiving solutions.

Microsoft NetMeeting for the delivery of better remote support, for example, through desktop application sharing and service data transfer.

Optimizes the customer’s own support organization and consequently reduces operational costs.
Figure 1. Services Provided by SAP Solution Manager



The SAP Solution Manager software is available from the SAP Software Catalog.

For step-by-step processes, templates, and tables to guide you through the SAP Solution Manager, the SAP Solution Manager Starter Pack includes the installation of the SAP Solution Manager, plus an individually tailored on-site training course in the SAP Solution Management methodology. Further details and ordering information are available from the SAP Service Catalog.

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