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ASUG Networking: A Critical Path to Your Company's Success

by Rick Lloyd | SAPinsider

January 1, 2003

by Rick Lloyd, President, Americas' SAP Users' Group SAPinsider - 2003 (Volume 4), January (Issue 1)

Rick Lloyd,
President, ASUGsc

The trick to successfully integrating the SAP suite of business applications in your company goes beyond instruction manuals. So how do you get the information you need to utilize complex applications that are so critical to day-to-day business operations? One of the best ways — learning from an extensive network of your peers — is at the heart of Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG). ASUG now offers the most comprehensive network of SAP users in the Americas. In fact, 75 percent of SAP North America’s customers are ASUG members who regularly network with other ASUG peers.

Every SAP user can benefit by drawing on the collective knowledge, experiences, and ideas of ASUG’s more than 25,000 individual members. Whether your project team is rolling out new SAP capabilities in your business, upgrading existing capabilities, or exploring ways to derive additional value from your SAP investment, it’s a safe bet that there are others outside your internal team who have similar interests and objectives. By networking with your peers through ASUG, you and your team can gain frank, reliable insights that will benefit you professionally and expand the depth of your understanding. In turn, your company can profit from the lessons learned by some 1,200 other companies that make up our membership rolls.

Facilitating networking among colleagues and SAP representatives is one of ASUG’s primary goals. Members gain new contacts while participating in each of ASUG’s member programs, whether designed to encourage networking, to educate, or to influence future SAP product and service direction. ASUG makes meeting professionals like you easy:

ASUG Chapters: Connect with your peers locally at regional ASUG Chapter events held throughout the United States and Canada every three to four months. Peers lead discussions centered on specific areas of interest.

ASUG Groups: Join a network of other professionals who use SAP products and services, whether they are in your industry or share an interest in the same business process area. Through regular meetings and, you’ll be exposed to a broad range of experiences and expertise — the same expertise that will help support your business objectives. Discussion Forums: Exchange ideas and resolve challenges daily with other members through topic-specific forums on Forums are logically organized by function and interest areas, allowing you to post questions and receive answers regarding the best practices and initiatives of other ASUG members.

When coworkers come seeking advice, after you’ve shared what you know, consider the other contacts they might consult in ASUG and whether chapters, groups, or discussion forums would be the best channel for connecting. Joining a network comprised of 75 percent of SAP North America’s customers is a tried-and-true path down the road to success.

To learn more about ASUG membership or upcoming networking opportunities, visit, or contact ASUG Headquarters at or 1-312-321-5142.

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