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The insideEdge (SAPinsider Vol. 4, Iss. 1)

by Elena María Ordóñez | SAPinsider

January 1, 2003

by Elena María Ordóñez, Senior Vice President, mySAP HR SAPinsider - 2003 (Volume 4), January (Issue 1)


Elena María Ordóñez,
Senior Vice President, mySAP HR

Sometimes numbers tell the story. In our case, they bespeak the market leader in the HR arena — more than 32 million employees actively managed through mySAP HR processes, 50 different country versions of our HR offerings, a plethora of best-of-breed functions to support everything from payroll to managing employee objectives and appraisals, and ROI numbers and savings that soar as high as 90% on self-services technologies.

But sometimes numbers don’t tell the whole story. Particularly when it comes to people. While employees and their intellectual capital are certainly assets, they are not the kind of assets that conveniently lend themselves to nice, neat quantifiable metrics. Employees are multidimensional and need to be managed and motivated as such.

It takes specialized solutions to influence their output. A compensation solution is one such tool. But it’s only effective if it accounts for fixed and variable compensation schemes, stock options, the kinds of career advancement employees seek to attain, a way to identify high and low performers, and ultimately, ties to broader business initiatives and alignment with overarching corporate strategies.

This kind of thinking is the essence of Human Capital Management (HCM) — recognizing that you need to better manage the people who, in fact, manage your business. This is also the essence of the emerging critical role of HR professionals as strategic service providers. HR is no longer just about tracking payroll. It’s about optimizing your corporate performance by optimizing the application of human capital to all key business processes. It’s about knowing what business activities need staffing and who has the skills and availability to meet those needs. It’s about keeping employees’ objectives in sync with corporate goals. It’s about being able to hire quicker and smarter than your competitors. It’s about automating HR tasks so that they become less expensive and free up HR personnel for more strategic topics. These are the kinds of asset allocation and management challenges HR organizations are now stepping up to address.

And these are the challenges we address with mySAP HR solutions, which deliver Human Capital Management for your business. Note that this phrase reads “for your business,” not “for your HR department.” mySAP HR solutions are not only integrated with one another, they are integrated with CRM, Financials, and SCM solutions to optimize the human capital aspects of all the processes within your company.

The result? Full leverage of what is, ultimately, every organization’s greatest competitive asset — its people. ROI studies and demonstrable cost savings affirm that strong HCM initiatives have a strong impact on your bottom line. And the numbers do bear this out!

Elena María Ordóñez
Senior Vice President, mySAP HR, SAP AG

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