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ASUG Leadership — Success Made Possible by Volunteers

by Greg Horne | SAPinsider

July 1, 2003

by Greg Horne, President, Americas' SAP Users' Group (ASUG) SAPinsider - 2003 (Volume 4), July (Issue 3)

SAP technical and business users are at the core of the Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) — driving ASUG programs, leading networking within the community, and sharing their expertise. As they become better acquainted with ASUG’s volunteer-driven structure, they often progress into leadership roles. Volunteer peers often cite their ASUG leadership experience as equally valuable to their employers as themselves.

Various career and personal goals can be the deciding factors that warrant volunteer leadership within the world’s largest, independent volunteer-run group of SAP customers. Some new SAP users jumpstart their knowledge and contacts by volunteering. Other experienced SAP users are drawn by a desire to build programs that address the needs of a community of more than 30,000 peers. Still others seek to interact with SAP employees and be privy to the latest information about SAP.

For many reasons, a pivotal 15% of the 1,303 ASUG member companies were represented through ASUG volunteer leadership in 2002. Last year 342 volunteers rolled up their sleeves to help peers become better educated, networked, and more influential. They addressed the business and technology issues confronting ASUG Member Companies through member educational programming, annual conference planning, networking activities, and influence opportunities.

Professionals enthusiastic about sharing their SAP experiences and expertise are apt to enjoy a fulfilling ASUG volunteer experience. Here are some rewards volunteering offers:

Development of career skills and strategies

  • Accelerate career growth within your own organization through development of new skills/knowledge
  • Increase visibility and recognition within career circles and your company
  • Establish relationships with a network of peers
  • Pioneer new programs that address the needs of a growing membership
  • Make the largest SAP users’ community even more valuable

Personally rewarding

  • Exercise leadership
  • Showcase expertise to meet peer-driven agenda
  • Discover new talents by facilitating on-going learning
  • Directly benefit colleagues through education, networking, and influence
  • Learn a specific skill such as new program development, public speaking, or strategic planning

Company advantages

  • Influence SAP’s products and services to better align with company needs
  • Promote valuable educational content for SAP professionals
  • Earn credit toward SAP employee training through the SAP Customer Appreciation Program
  • Increase visibility and recognition of your company from SAP
  • Promote participation within the world’s premier user-run SAP resource

ASUG recognizes that volunteering comes second to your full-time position within your company. So ASUG has a dedicated full-time headquarters staff to support operational activities, leaving volunteers to focus on activities offering personal and company value. Although time commitments vary by the volunteer role, the benefits of participation multiply by the hours contributed, level of commitment, and importance assigned to volunteer responsibilities. Make a mark on the profession where it counts — with your peers and in your professional community.

To volunteer, please review the opportunities listed in the ASUG volunteer database at

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