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by Mark Sochan | SAPinsider

July 1, 2003

Mark Sochan, Vice President of Business Development, introduces the new SAP Developer Network, where the SAP ecosystem can find information about how to build, implement, and test-drive SAP NetWeaver and SAP xApps solutions.
On June 9, 2003, under the direction of Mark Sochan, Vice President of Business Development, SAP began the public beta period of the SAP Developer Network. At this site,, you will be able to find information about how to build, implement, and test-drive SAP NetWeaver and SAP xApps solutions. The site will be formally launched in September 2003.

Q. What is the SAP Developer Network, and what does it offer?
SAP Developer Network (see Figure 1) is a one-stop shop for technical information on SAP NetWeaver and SAP xApps. The site offers:

  • Evaluation software
  • Development tools
  • Code samples
  • Product Roadmaps
  • Moderated forums
  • Expert Web logs
  • Private collaboration rooms
  • Links to other sites — both SAP and non-SAP alike — along with powerful search capabilities, so you can conduct extensive searches, seamlessly, over a broad range of content
Figure 1 SAP Developer Network at

I want to also point out that the SAP Developer Network has innovative mechanisms for proactively pushing content to registered community members about specific topics they have indicated interest in. This is highly personalized, innovative push technology designed to make the SAP Developer Network a very dynamic place.

The entire site is built on SAP NetWeaver technologies, so in addition to the resources published on the site, we’re really providing a great example of the true capabilities of our technologies.

Q. What was your intent in launching this initiative?
SAP is creating the SAP Developer Network in response to three main requests from our customers and partners.

First, we want to provide a central location for accessing all the technical materials and resources needed to get up to speed on SAP’s newest technologies (see Figure 2). Things are changing very rapidly at SAP, and it’s not always easy for our ecosystem to stay on top of the latest developments. For example, SAP NetWeaver is our new application platform, and SAP xApps are an exciting new breed of composite applications. Easy access to all relevant technical resources — including the right SAP experts — is one key offering that will help community members keep their skills up to date with SAP’s latest innovations.

Figure 2 SAP Developer Network Library

Second, we want the SAP Developer Network to lower the barriers to entry when it comes to accessing SAP tools and software, and make it easier to get projects started. This community will give project teams a “kick start” when it comes to pilot projects for SAP NetWeaver components, and will especially help SAP xApps teams begin building much more quickly.

SAP Developer Network is a one-stop shop for technical information on SAP NetWeaver and SAP xApps.

And lastly, SAP is responding to a critical need within our ecosystem of customers, partners, and even within SAP for a collaborative community to generate a “network effect” based on SAP’s own technologies. So much of SAP’s success is derived from the ecosystem around us. By providing our partners and customers with easier, more robust ways to connect and collaborate with other SAP experts, the whole SAP ecosystem will benefit from the increased knowledge and innovation generated by this community.

Q. Is it free?
Currently, all of the resources on the SAP Developer Network are free of charge and membership is open to everyone. As the community grows and evolves, we’ll see if there is a demand for premium offerings.

Q. What can folks expect down the road from the SAP Developer Network?
I imagine many people will find the content and community features so useful that the SAP Developer Network will become the home page of their start-up browser! We expect that the community will evolve and reflect the depth and breadth of the SAP ecosystem.

SAP wants this network to grow organically based on users’ needs and contributions. Over time, we think that this approach will make the SAP Developer Network a unique and invaluable tool to the extended SAP ecosystem.

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