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SAP TechEd '03 Las Vegas Delivers

by Peter Graf | SAPinsider

July 1, 2003

by Peter Graf, Senior Vice President, Product Marketing, Collaborative Solutions, SAP SAPinsider - 2003 (Volume 4), July (Issue 3)

SAP TechEd is an event known for delivering value. It is the primary networking event for the SAP developer community. The 2003 event, in keeping with that tradition, carries forward the kinds of lecture and hands-on sessions we have previously offered. If you liked past SAP TechEd conferences, be sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming September event. The focus will be on helping you to solve real problems with real solutions.

In designing this year’s event, we incorporated attendees’ feedback from past events to ensure an even greater value proposition and to help you become even more valuable for the organizations you serve. This holds true for partners as well. There is a lot in store to make partners more successful at both developing solutions using SAP NetWeaver and bringing them to market.

Customers will see how SAP’s technology maps to business value and ROI. Partners will learn about SAP’s new development community, which offers not only technical insights into our products, but insights into how to build xApps, a new breed of composite applications, and how SAP can help you with your go-to-market initiatives.

This year’s event recognizes that IT organizations have seemingly competing, or even conflicting, priorities. It’s clear to us that customers want to:

  • Have more adaptive business processes, while at the same time leverage existing investments in IT, people’s skills, and business relationships.

  • Look at supporting new (cross- functional, cross-company) business processes that merge the transactional and content-driven, collaborative worlds to enable strategy-aligned execution of the whole organization.

  • In spite of these challenging tasks, realize reduced total cost of ownership and at the same time have the flexibility to integrate disparate systems.

Our vision for enterprise computing reconciles these priorities, which need not — and should not — be at odds with one another.

In the keynote address that launches this conference, Shai Agassi, Member of the SAP Executive Board, will explain SAP’s vision of enterprise computing and how it addresses these issues via SAP’s Enterprise Services Architecture, SAP NetWeaver, and SAP xApps. The sessions that follow offer you an opportunity to learn more about these important and exciting initiatives.

Organizations already have large parts of the foundation application and integration platform technology (what we call SAP NetWeaver) in place today. SAP TechEd ’03 Las Vegas will show you how to leverage it to achieve the three goals I’ve mentioned. SAP NetWeaver is the open technology platform upon which all SAP solutions are now delivered. It is the enabling force that builds integration capabilities directly into all SAP products so that they work easily with one another and non-SAP solutions, and do not require customers to orchestrate expensive integration scenarios. It makes SAP products fully Web-enabled. And it is the only platform that delivers interoperability and extensibility of both .NET and WebSphere.

Companies need to understand what SAP NetWeaver offers and how it can be leveraged to realize far greater ROI, not just from SAP systems, but from all the systems with which they integrate. Understanding this new application and integration platform is absolutely key. It is as fundamental to SAP solutions as ABAP or Java. It is the springboard for developing and deploying a new breed of composite applications called SAP xApps. And it forms the technical underpinning for Enterprise Services Architecture — the SAP blueprint for services-based and enterprise-scale business solutions, which enables you to create more innovative, more flexible, and more competitive business solutions.

I look forward to seeing you at SAP TechEd ’03 Las Vegas in September!

September 9-12
Las Vegas
MGM Grand
Conference Center

The primary event for the SAP developer community.

The largest SAP technical education conference — now in its eighth year of delivering education that matters to SAP users worldwide.

Meet with SAP’s own development experts and technical professionals.

Grow your skills with four days of lecture presentations, hands-on training, and one-on-one expert sessions.

Find out how SAP NetWeaver provides the open technology platform you need to integrate your SAP, legacy, and third-party solutions and leverage your IT investment.

Learn how to develop and manage enterprise-strength, service-based business applications within SAP’s visionary Enterprise Services Architecture.

Come see why 97% of our attendees polled would “recommend SAP TechEd to a colleague.”

Registration is now open online at

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