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DSAG Initiatives Foster Information-Sharing and Collaboration

by Mario Günter | SAPinsider

April 1, 2004

by Mario Günter, DSAG Headquarters SAPinsider - 2004 (Volume 5), April (Issue 2)

Mario Günter,
DSAG Headquarters

No company functions in a vacuum. In this global economy, new, better, and faster are the buzzwords, and achieving this level of responsiveness means that collaboration and information-sharing are more important than ever before. This applies not only to customers, vendors, and suppliers, but also to the relationships between a company and its solution providers. DSAG events focus on enhancing the level of collaboration and information-sharing between our member companies and SAP. By encouraging members to learn from each other’s successes, and their stumbling blocks, DSAG fosters unprecedented and unique opportunities for all employees that touch SAP. For programmers, database specialists, administrators, and CIOs, DSAG provides direct, face-to-face opportunities to acquire best practices and technical insights.

To encourage information-sharing around technical “hot topics,” our second annual DSAG Technology Spring Conference, held in February 2004, highlighted SAP NetWeaver 2004, providing the most up-to-date information available on SAP’s application and integration platform. The conference placed the NetWeaver topic — a focal area for many companies in the year ahead — front and center.

The conference began with seven sessions focused on topics ranging from SAP’s NetWeaver and Ramp-Up strategies to Web Application Server 6.40. The conference also showcased SAP NetWeaver business cases directly from current SAP customers, who shared cost/benefit analyses and specific business uses for their own implementations. The 500 conference attendees then split into breakout sessions offered in multiple tracks, covering topics such as data archiving, application integration, Linux, Oracle, portal technology, security, and SAP infrastructure.

Each track featured multiple sessions from SAP and non-SAP speakers, customers, consultants, and IT service people, allowing attendees to drill down and tackle specific topics of their choosing, and giving SAP technology experts an opportunity to get the most up-to-date information directly from SAP and fellow customers.

In January, DSAG member CIOs had their very own opportunity for direct conversation with SAP in the SAP fit for CIO — CIO fit for SAP program. The initiative brought together CIOs from our member companies and executives from SAP, giving the two parties direct access to learn from each other and identify how they can improve their working relationship. Throughout the two-day event, CIO speakers and SAP representatives shared their insights into an “added-value relationship,” as well as a mutual long-term business strategy, between SAP and its customers. The speeches gave way to interactive discussions followed by working sessions with SAP. Fostering an open and collaborative environment, the event was a “win-win” opportunity for SAP and its customers to enhance their relationship.

From technical insights to strategic issues, DSAG covers the full spectrum of information-sharing in an environment where collaboration is key. DSAG continues to provide the forum for its community members to learn from SAP and to help achieve best practices and business goals.

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