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New and Noteworthy (SAPinsider Vol. 5, Iss. 1)

by SAP and Partners | SAPinsider

January 1, 2004

by SAP and Partners SAPinsider - 2004 (Volume 5), January (Issue 1)

Approva Enhances
SAP-Certified BizRights
Role Monitor

Approva Corporation


Approva Corporation, a provider of enterprise software solutions for continuous visibility into ERP-enabled business processes, recently announced BizRights Role Monitor Release 1.6.This latest version of BizRights Role Monitor, an SAP-certified software solution designed for monitoring roles and authorizations within SAP R/3, includes enhancements such as support for English language rule creation, additional rule formats, and more flexible reporting. BizRights Role Monitor contains a business rules workbench and repository that enables centralized change and management of business monitoring rules. BizRights 1.6 also supports individualized Rule Books that can be organized according to user needs and preferences.

Psion Teklogix Unveils NETBOOK PRO to the Mobile CRM Market

Psion Teklogix

Psion Teklogix, a global provider of mobile computing solutions, has unveiled the NETBOOK PRO, a handheld computer aimed at the customer relationship management (CRM) market, including sales force automation, field service management, and field inspection/data collection tasks.This new mobile computing device is designed to bridge the gap between the small and large form factors, and eliminate the difficult trade-off in choosing between PDAs (size, battery life, low support costs, touch screen and instanton capabilities) and laptops (large screen size, expansion and connectivity flexibility, and a full keyboard).With NETBOOK PRO,Web pages and other business applications can be viewed in the same format as a notebook or desktop PC, and the device offers extensive connectivity and expansion capabilities for a small form factor device.

ReadSoft Releases New Electronic Invoice Processing Software


ReadSoft, a developer of automated document capture software, has announced the release of EZ-OUT, a new solution that enables organizations to send invoices directly to customers as encrypted email. EZ-OUT is designed to allow suppliers to email invoices directly to customers and receive confirmation when a customer opens the invoice email. EZ-OUT's email invoices are automatically received and opened by the SAP integrationcertified INVOICES, a ReadSoft product that extracts and transfers the data to the customer's SAP system. ReadSoft's EZ-OUT is designed to reduce costs related to printing, mailing of paper invoices, or electronic data interchange (EDI).

Z Option Releases Budget Loader Version 2.1

Z Option

Z Option, an SAP software partner, has released version 2.1 of the Budget Loader software product. Budget Loader, a planning tool that enables users to upload SAP budgeting data to SAP R/3, allows SAP customers to plan and reforecast data from Microsoft Excel.This new release of Budget Loader contains functionality enhancements and improvements, including a streamlined installation process, additional SAP module support, and greater ease of editing data.The new version is available to all current Budget Loader customers with no additional fees.

Catalyst Expands Suite of Plug-In SCE Components for the Extended Supply Chain Network

Catalyst International

Catalyst International, a global provider of supply chain execution (SCE) solutions and SAP R/3 consulting services, has expanded its SCE application suite with new products designed to plug into any enterprise resource planning (ERP) environment, including SAP. Catalyst has adopted Open Application Group standards and J2EE technology to enable all of its SCE components to openly integrate into SAP's supply chain infrastructure. Catalyst's expanded application suite includes solutions for Execution Management (i.e.,Transportation Management), Process Management (Control and Quality), and Performance Management (Analytics and Consulting).

Mobius's ViewDirect Connectivity Business Package Earns iView Certification for SAP Enterprise Portal

Mobius Management Systems, Inc.

Mobius Management Systems, Inc., a total content management (TCM) software provider, announced that the Mobius ViewDirect Connectivity Business Package has received iView certification for SAP Enterprise Portal 5.0. SAP iView certification signifies that the ViewDirect Connectivity Business Package has been thoroughly tested for meaningful business integration with the mySAP Business Suite. When the ViewDirect iView is integrated directly into an SAP user's Enterprise Portal, it is designed to provide authorized employees, customers, and business partners the ability to search, view, download, and print documents, reports, and images in any format without logging on to a separate application and without leaving the SAP Enterprise Portal environment.

iView Powers Integration of Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server and SAP Enterprise Portal

Citrix Systems, Inc.

Citrix Systems, Inc. and SAP AG have announced expanded development work to provide seamless integration between Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server and SAP Enterprise Portal.The Business Package for Citrix provides a newly developed iView that gives customers secure, single-point access to any application deployed through Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server, regardless of its origin, including SAP solutions and Web,Window, UNIX, or custom applications. Users can directly access these applications through their SAP Enterprise Portal, without application rewrites or reprogramming.The Citrix iView is available with upcoming versions of SAP Enterprise Portal and its supported Web browsers.

Acsis Launches RFID Expert System

Acsis, Inc.

Acsis, Inc., a provider of supply chain and business process automation solutions for companies using SAP's enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, has announced the Acsis RFID Expert System, designed to identify and develop solutions for potential problem areas before a company deploys radio frequency identification (RFID).This new solution is a combination of software and services that enables the diagnosis and rapid resolution of product, shipping environment, and integration issues associated with RFID implementations.The RFID Expert System includes an analytical softwarebased modeling tool built to analyze, record, and troubleshoot specific system challenges in order to identify potential problem areas that need to be addressed in order for companies to successfully integrate RFID.

SAP and IDS Scheer to Unite Process Management and Business Software

IDS Scheer

SAP and IDS Scheer, a provider of process management tools and methods, have entered an agreement to create a comprehensive business process management (BPM) solution. IDS Scheer's ARIS Process Platform will be integrated into SAP NetWeaver to provide a BPM solution that uses modeling components to directly connect the modeling and optimization of business processes with the execution of these processes. For example, a user can change a process model, and immediately be provided with software implementation methods. As part of SAP NetWeaver, the BPM solution will offer a uniform data model and repository, along with various views to support processes, including SAP Exchange Infrastructure, unified modeling language (UML) diagrams, and SAP solution maps.


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