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The insideEdge (SAPinsider Vol. 5, Iss. 1)

by Peter J. Kirschbauer | SAPinsider

January 1, 2004

by Peter J. Kirschbauer, Member of the Extended Management Board, SAP SAPinsider - 2004 (Volume 5), January (Issue 1)

Peter J. Kirschbauer,
Member of the Extended Management Board, SAP

What is it that makes SAP the fastest-growing CRM vendor? The answer is not a long, impressive list of CRM capabilities. That’s not to say mySAP CRM fails in that regard — quite the opposite. In fact, the business solution offers features to optimize every conceivable customer touch point — your call center, direct marketing, cross-selling, sales and service tracking, and settlement activities. But a laundry list of features, no matter how impressive, is of limited value if not tightly integrated with other critical business processes. If your competitors can verify a customer’s credit on the spot or commit to delivery dates and product availability in real time and you can’t, then the odds are stacked against you. Markets demand that orders be filled faster, more accurately, and at a much lower cost. You can’t do that if your CRM processes are not bound to your finance and logistics activities. Every customer-facing organization now needs to achieve these end-to-end efficiencies. This is part of what makes us the preeminent CRM vendor. It doesn’t fully account for our success, because even a solution that delivers unparalleled feature functionality and integration across the entire expanse of your supply and demand networks isn’t sufficient. Ultimately, a CRM solution must also be tailored to the realities of your specific industry. mySAP CRM comes with 280 end-to-end industry-specific processes. This is where the “value multiplier effect” takes hold — and what accounts for the dominant position of our solution. How you adopt this solution is entirely up to you. Implement the capabilities and scenarios that make sense for your company. Add others later, if and when your business needs require and justify further adoption. mySAP CRM marketing, sales, service, e-commerce, and analytic processes come pre-configured and ready to integrate into your existing SAP, non-SAP, and business partner landscape. This pre-configuration and ready-made integration is key. The integration needs of a CRM strategy are otherwise too daunting, particularly when they converge with industry-specific requirements. It is crucial that a CRM solution be engineered with a thorough understanding of the processes and backend integration considerations that are unique to your industry. Sales, service, and marketing processes need to operate in the proper industry context. Our solution can, because SAP could parlay 30 years of experience designing vertical solutions for 23 different industries in the mySAP CRM offering.

We are proud of the deep knowledge we have acquired in all of these industries and infused into the latest release of mySAP CRM. It is a solution that fosters significant gains in the short term, and more importantly, sustainable success in the long term.

Peter J. Kirschbauer,
Member of the Extended Management Board, SAP

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