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Recommended Reading (SAPinsider Vol. 5, Iss. 3)

by SAP PRESS | SAPinsider

July 1, 2004

by SAP PRESS SAPinsider - 2004 (Volume 5), July (Issue 3)

SAP Enterprise Portal
by Arnd Goebel and Dirk Ritthaler

This all-new reference book provides you with a complete roadmap for the installation, operation, and administration of SAP Enterprise Portal. Get detailed insights on portal technology (like unification, iViews, connectivity, and security), on system requirements, and on establishing the portal within your system landscape. With a heavy focus on content and application integration, this book helps you learn how to program Web services and Portal iViews, and it gives you best practices for unification and for maximizing the potential of SAP BW. You'll also benefit from a step-by-step guide for test system installation, learn how to adapt the portal to the specific requirements of your end-users, discover how to integrate BW and CRM content, and much more.

ISBN: 1-59229-018-3 400 pages Anticipated release date: September 2004

Managing the Quality of ABAP Development
by Albert Krouwels, Ben Meijs, Wouter Heuvelmans, and Ron Sommen

Based on practical experiences with implementing, optimizing, and maintaining small and large SAP installations, this unique new book teaches developers, IT managers, and project leaders how to significantly improve the efficiency and quality of ABAP development in their own organizations. Take advantage of expert insights on the do's and don'ts of programming with ABAP, using easy-to-follow examples. Plus, learn to accelerate critical development projects using the exclusive tips and detailed techniques provided for correctness, testing, error handling, and fault tracing, as well as best practices for documentation, and much more.

ISBN: 1-59229-030-2 300 pages Anticipated release date: July 2004

Customer-Focused Business Processes with SAP Industry Solutions
by Rüdiger Buck-Emden and Jochen Böder

Customers expect companies to consider their individual needs. This book gives you answers to the most important questions with regard to successful, industry-oriented customer relationship management. Learn how various sectors cope with challenges like globalization, deregulation, shortened product life spans, and increasing customer requirements, and discover how industry-specific CRM software solutions can help. Discover the full potential of mySAP CRM technology and SAP Industry Solutions with detailed examples of successful CRM projects and practice-oriented business processes, all logically divided by industry. Readers will also benefit from an entire chapter on service-oriented software architecture as a basis for in-house custom applications. This book contains details on manufacturing, processing, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, media and entertainment, transport and logistics, telecommunications, financial services, and much more.

ISBN: 1-59229-032-9 300 pages Anticipated release date: September 2004

Business Planning with SAP SEM
by Roland Fischer

Finally, a comprehensive and practical reference on how to exploit the vast potential of SAP SEM for integrated business planning. This book focuses on the functions of SEM-BPS (Release 3.2), as well as potential processes and scenarios. First, discover the basics of business planning. Then, develop the know-how and learn the key techniques required for a successful implementation. Taking into consideration your short-term, mid-term, and long-term plans, as well as their interactions, you'll quickly gain an in-depth understanding of SEM's project-oriented applications. Whether you're looking for guidance to apply SEM-BPS in your company to maximize the interrelation of operative and strategic planning, or to fully leverage interaction with SAP BW, this exceptional reference book is where you'll get competent and reliable answers to your most pressing questions.

ISBN: 1-59229-033-7 400 pages Anticipated release date: September 2004

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