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In the Center of SAP — Steps Toward a New SAP Generation: DSAG Annual Congress 2004

by Alfons Wahlers | SAPinsider

July 1, 2004

by Alfons Wahlers, CIO, A. Friedr. Flender AG SAPinsider - 2004 (Volume 5), July (Issue 3)

Alfons Wahlers,
Chairman of DSAG

Gone are the days of isolated enterprises operating in enclosed, localized environments. Companies today are quickly becoming global in every sense, with customers, suppliers, and partners positioned worldwide. One key focus at this year's DSAG Annual Congress will be how companies can employ SAP's next-generation solutions and technology to meet the challenges of an increasingly global environment.

Responding to an Expanding Business World

In May 2004, the doors were opened for the European Union's eastern enlargement. Ten countries entered into the EU, marking the largest one-time growth in the Union's history. The expansion of the EU will considerably affect European national economies, as well as the economies of nations worldwide. Inevitable company mergers and the rapid progress of internationalization will require increased global cooperation within and among enterprises.

However, the growth of the European economic arena is just one example of an expanding global process — a process already in full swing. With rapid change in the global economic landscape, business processes are also becoming more and more complex. This increasing global economic integration bears risks, but it also offers considerable opportunities.

Processes that Support Complex Global Business Challenges

As business processes globalize and become more complex, the central task of today's IT departments is to support these processes in a manner that is as flexible, unified, and optimal as possible — and this will become even more the case for IT departments in the future. At the same time, IT teams have to fulfill the demands of upper management: "doing more" with fewer resources and in less time. To reduce total cost of ownership and achieve quick return on investment, IT teams must open up new paths, particularly through collaborative scenarios.

Against this increasingly global and rapidly changing background, SAP is opting for a service-oriented architecture called Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA), which already has a defined technology platform in SAP NetWeaver. SAP NetWeaver and ESA form the basis of the new mySAP ERP and mySAP Business Suite solutions.

DSAG's Mission

Companies are finding themselves taking steps toward a new generation of SAP solutions, technology, and processes. DSAG regards it as its mission to show IT and other business departments the added value and benefits of SAP's new service-oriented architecture and solutions. At the same time, we aim to act as an intermediary between SAP and its users. We, as one of the leading advocates for SAP users, will actively cooperate with other user groups and SAP to shape this new generation.

With this in mind, we cordially invite you to the 2004 DSAG Annual Congress in Leipzig, Germany, from September 28-30. The Congress's motto is "In the Center of SAP — Steps Toward a New SAP Generation." We would like to speak with you about the rapidly changing SAP landscape, share experiences, and gather the latest information from our members. We look forward to a successful DSAG Annual Congress, and we would welcome the opportunity to accompany you in taking these steps toward a new SAP generation.

For more information on DSAG's Annual Congress, September 28-30, 2004, please visit

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