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DSAG Helps Companies Keep Pace with Business Change

by Mario Gunter | SAPinsider

October 1, 2004

by Mario Gunter, DSAG Headquarters SAPinsider - 2004 (Volume 5), October (Issue 4)

Mario Gunter,
DSAG Headquarters

In today's business environment, the pressure to perform has never been higher — companies want to have more visibility into their business processes, to react in real-time to business opportunities, and to see higher ROI from their ERP systems.

The face of SAP solutions is undergoing change, too. With the new offerings and functionality in SAP NetWeaver, mySAP ERP, and the mySAP Business Suite, SAP is increasingly providing the integration and application capabilities to adapt quickly to new challenges, execute new business strategies, and drive development and innovation.

As companies face this accelerated pace of change, DSAG initiatives are helping businesses keep up with their changing environments.

Whether organizations are implementing new SAP solutions or upgrading to mySAP ERP, they must manage their changing enterprise. Through a Change Management Study sponsored by DSAG, SAP, and Mannheim University, DSAG members found that companies carrying out SAP implementation projects, for example, accompanied by change management processes were more efficient than companies without change management in place.1

A byproduct of the need for rapid change without compromising customer service or efficiency, Business Process Management applications allow companies to design, model, configure, execute, and monitor processes from the technical and business points of view. In a recent Business Process Management (BPM) Roll-In Workshop, DSAG members worked in collaboration with SAP and IDS Scheer to give input on the design and development of SAP's new BPM functionality. The workshop enabled DSAG members to directly influence SAP, with the ultimate goal of increasing the flexibility and robustness of BPM applications.

DSAG also educates member companies through ongoing Theme Days. With 200 people at each event, recent mySAP ERP, NetWeaver Developer Studio, IT Infrastructure Library, and International Accounting Standards Theme Days covered topics integral to responding to market changes that affect performance and growth, managing application development tools, and complying with international accounting regulations or IT services like ITIL. Upcoming Theme Days will cover topics like Basel II, Grid Computing, Master Data Management, and Change Management.

Beyond keeping up with new trends and products, DSAG is also providing support to help members manage their changing environments. DSAG's new Telecommunications Industry Group is our first English-speaking industry-related group, with companies from Iceland, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, and France. We've also established a cross-industry Mobile Business Community, where companies using mobile devices with their SAP landscapes are coming together to discuss service and maintenance issues particular to SAP's mobile business solutions.

As we approach 2005, DSAG initiatives provide a new level of awareness around change management and business issues. DSAG strives to help our 1,450 member companies ensure the technical and business process integrity of their enterprise as they keep pace with business change.

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1 Member companies can obtain the results of this study through the DSAG office (

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