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Maximizing the Benefit of SAP NetWeaver Through SAP-Certified Consultants

by Mark Sochan | SAPinsider

October 1, 2004

With the release of the SAP NetWeaver 2004 platform and the recognition of the value that experienced employees and consultants bring to a project, SAP has launched a broad SAP NetWeaver training curriculum and certification program to help customers identify the right resources to ensure success.

Mark Sochan,
Vice President of SAP NetWeaver Partner Business Development, SAP

To win in today's hyper-competitive global economy, successful enterprises, small and large alike, are continuously focusing on innovation, flexible growth, and lowering costs to profitably pursue their business objectives. IT capabilities — both solutions and people — are critical to enabling change, a prerequisite for innovation and growth. Most enterprises, however, are handicapped by highly heterogeneous system landscapes with numerous point-to-point connections among a variety of applications within and beyond company boundaries. This complexity limits flexibility and responsiveness to market changes and constantly challenges users, developers, and support personnel, all at high costs.

SAP recognizes the interdependencies between technology and skilled people. So along with industry-leading open integration solutions such as SAP NetWeaver, we also provide rigorous education and certification programs that annually certify over 20,000 IT professionals.

SAP NetWeaver offers the greatest benefit by providing integration solutions that unite people, information, processes, and applications. With the newest SAP applications using SAP NetWeaver as their technical foundation, customers get a head start with projects because they are already pre-integrated. However, even with this technical advantage, one of the most critical success factors in a project is the selection of the right experience and talent. With the ongoing customer ramp-up, release of the SAP NetWeaver 2004 platform, and recognition of the value that experienced employees and consultants bring to a project, SAP has launched a program to help customers identify the right resources to help ensure success: a broad SAP NetWeaver training curriculum and certification program open to customers, partners, and consultants.

SAP NetWeaver is one of SAP's most strategic initiatives, and making identical educational offerings and certifications available to partners and SAP consultants alike maximizes the availability of qualified, experienced, and certified SAP NetWeaver resources. What's more, to ensure easy access to certification, SAP will offer — for the first time — onsite SAP NetWeaver certification at its 2004 SAP TechEd events.

Through our SAP NetWeaver Partner Initiative and ongoing partner and SAP internal training investments, thousands of SAP NetWeaver certified consultants stand ready to support customer projects. By passing process-oriented exams designed to test for customer implementation capabilities, each person will have proven expertise and detailed knowledge in at least one component of SAP NetWeaver, such as SAP Enterprise Portal or SAP Business Intelligence. In addition, SAP-certified consultants and users have direct access to SAP's vast network of resources, so they are guaranteed the latest, most up-to-date information about SAP solutions.

SAP is committed to providing standards of expertise and up-to-date knowledge for our customers that effectively implement, optimize, and upgrade SAP solutions through the only authorized accreditation of SAP-related expertise in the industry.

It is all about innovation, profitable growth, and the ability to respond to change and opportunities faster than your competition. IT can be an enabler of change and innovation, but together with skilled and experienced people, your IT investments can be a competitive differentiator. Whether you are small company or global enterprise, making a project of any size a differentiator for your business depends on the availability of highly trained standardized capabilities around the globe. SAP's NetWeaver education and certification program ensures that your investment is a wise one, as knowledgeable resources lead to more effective implementations that truly address business challenges.

For more information on SAP Education and the SAP consultant certification program, visit or contact your local SAP representative.

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