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Special Feature: SAP Direct

by SAP and Partners | SAPinsider

October 1, 2004

by SAP and Partners SAPinsider - 2004 (Volume 5), October (Issue 4)
Why SAP is Proud to Deliver Inflexible Solutions Through SAP Direct

Simon Keay
Packaged Services
Business Development
Manager, SAP


Leave Paper Invoices and Purchase Order Delays Behind: Streamline and Automate Business Processes with Web-Based Packaged Services

Automated Tracking: Accurate, Timely, and Reliable Data Is the First Step Toward Compliance

Tackle Your Data Archiving and Imaging Challenges with Packaged Services

How Esker Helps SAP Customers Simplify Automated Fax and Email

Custom Forms in Hours, Not Days

IXOS Software Helps SAP Customers Gain Control Over Data Growth and Eliminate Their Paper Chase

SAP Support Services: Optimize, Empower, and Safeguard Your Enterprise

SAP Service Select: 12 Targeted Best Practices from SAP Consulting

Systems design flexibility is the sort of thing you want at your disposal when modeling a business process to your precise specifications. That same blank canvas may be too much if you just want to tack on a simple, effective archiving, fax, or purchase order workflow solution, or get a rapid and easy proof-of-concept up and running. The sky's the limit when it comes to configuring SAP solutions like mySAP ERP, mySAP CRM, and mySAP SCM. And I'm proud to say, it's quite the opposite with SAP Packaged Services.

SAP Packaged Services offer fixed scope, pre-configured solutions. Installation is included, and the solution is delivered in less than 30 days. There are packaged services in all areas, business and technical (see the list below). Large, small, and medium size companies alike are opting for these low-cost solutions. The reasons may surprise you:

  • SAP Packaged Services are project accelerators. They've proven to be one of the quickest, easiest, and least expensive ways to establish a pilot or proof-of-concept project.

  • SAP Packaged Services have proven a highly effective training and testing ground. You can kick the tires and gain knowledge at your own pace.

  • The technical installation and knowledge transfer is done in less than 30 days.

  • You get a lot for a little — fixed scope, fixed problem, and fixed price.

We've addressed your big challenges with our systems. With SAP Packaged Services we can address the small ones, too, so you get the full benefit of our massive experience.

Top 10 SAP Packaged Services

  • Automated Fax or Email

  • Automated Purchase Invoice Processing

  • Data Archiving

  • Document Capture

  • Electronic Payment (UK only)

  • E-filing (PAYE) (UK only)

  • Enterprise Technical Upgrade

  • Web-based Customer Order Status

  • Web Invoice Approval

  • Material Master Workflow
For details and order information, contact:

Software companies interested in partnering with SAP are invited to contact Beth Wyrick, Director, Software Partner Program, at or
+1 610 661-8365.

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Leave Paper Invoices and Purchase Order Delays Behind: Streamline and Automate Business Processes with Web-Based Packaged Services

Chris Perry
Head of Packaged
Services, BizAps

BizAps has worked to develop SAP-centric solutions that drive cost out of business processes and help companies remove inefficiencies in key financial and supply chain business processes.

Eliminating Cost Rather Than Moving It Around

BizAps has gone on to combine this approach with the SAP Direct Packaged Services concept. The result is the development and delivery of a number of packaged services that exploit the Web-based capabilities of SAP solutions to deliver rapid and measurable ROI, with solutions that enhance SAP customers' supplier interactions and accounts payable processes in a short timeline and at a fixed price. Here are some examples of these Packaged Services:

Web-Based Vendor Coordination supports tight vendor integration. Instead of sending paper or faxed purchase orders, orders are sent to your vendors via email; the vendor can then access the portal, acknowledge orders, and post delivery notifications (ASNs), providing you with better visibility of expected deliveries and scheduling (see Figure 1). There is even a facility to automatically detect exceptions in the planning run and inform the vendor with an automated email. This whole process benefits both you and your suppliers — and all any supplier requires is a Web browser.

Figure 1
Vendor Scheduling Data from the Web-Based Vendor Coordination Packaged Service

Web Invoice Approval is one of the many solutions that SAP Direct and BizAps have created to help you manage particular accounts payable challenges. When an invoice requires approval, the system generates an email to the approver. From a hyperlink in the email, the recipient can click through to a secure Web page, allowing the invoice to be held or approved. This is especially useful for managing true variances (date, price, or quantity) and for approving services and sundries orders — any scenario where the receipting function is deactivated.

Web-Based Invoice Registration and Coding is designed to work with invoices that do not reference purchase orders. The invoice is parked in SAP and then an email is automatically generated to the "coder," who will use a Web form to add the correct cost center or other cost object. Once complete, the invoice is posted.

Web-Based Invoice Processing allows selected vendors to access a secure Web page to enter invoices and inquire about the status of existing invoices. The system also supports an automated upload facility, whereby a spreadsheet can be uploaded through the Web form to generate a batch of invoices.

All these packaged services are designed to both work independently and fully integrate with one another, and to help eliminate processes that cause cost and delay in key areas. For more information, visit SAP Direct at or contact

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Automated Tracking:
Accurate, Timely, and Reliable Data Is the First Step Toward Compliance

John Adams
Chief Technology Officer,
Data Systems International

Automated tracking of assets across your company can help corporations comply with the emerging fiscal best practices referenced in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and GASB standards. Fixed assets tracking also reduces losses, increases valuations, and ensures all property is correctly insured — without being tied to a desk.

If your asset inventory is not accurate, you're not alone. According to some experts, fewer than half of all companies actively practice asset management strategies today. As a result, the average company has 35% more equipment on its books than it can physically account for. Conditions such as these make asset accountability and life cycle management extremely difficult. Furthermore, the inability to accurately verify asset inventories puts corporations at risk for non-compliance.

Tracking the current location of an asset and its assigned owner is fundamental to effective asset control. DSI is an SAP Software Partner and works actively with SAP in the development of Packaged Services. DSI and PSC have partnered to provide a full range wireless of data collection solutions. DSI's dcLINK Fixed Assets is a comprehensive solution to meet the critical requirements to accurately track and report on assets, and is based on an SAP-certified interface. By using hardware from PSC, dcLINK Fixed Assets tracks physical inventories of assets quickly and efficiently. It helps users save countless dollars by reducing the occurrences of asset loss, theft, and misallocation.

Client Profile: Realizing the Value of IT Asset Tracking

Today's emerging standards demand greater fiscal accountability from managers of corporate and federal government property. However, auditors have repeatedly found that many organizations lack complete and reliable information for reported property and cannot verify the existence of inventory or substantiate the amount of reported inventory and property. These long-standing problems with visibility and accountability are a major impediment to achieving the goals of legislation for financial reporting and accountability.

It was problems such as these that led one dcLINK client to implement a wireless asset tracking solution. The company operates career-training centers in several states. It uses dcLINK Fixed Assets to track the 8,000 laptop computers that it checks out to its students through serial number bar codes applied to each computer. This solution helps the organization keep real-time accurate records of both assigned and available laptops to better manage inventory and purchases.

Cost justification for dcLINK Fixed Assets was very easy when balanced against the value of managing 5,000 to 8,000 laptops at approximately $1,800 each. Reducing the risk of shrinkage is estimated to provide the agency with a rapid ROI in the first two years of implementation.

Efficiency and control also have been dramatically enhanced. Automating the tracking of assets has given the agency the ability to structure a specific workflow logic with minimal manual intervention. Fewer man-hours are now spent on tracking laptops, so more time can be spent on other critical functions that need attention.

Automatically Update All Your Records

dcLINK Fixed Assets helps identify and track all physical assets — computers, equipment, vehicles, etc. — and update this information to SAP enterprise software. Whether a corporation needs to track who has been assigned a specific asset, how many units are available, or where a certain piece of equipment is located, dcLINK gives SAP customers the important data needed to manage their fixed assets. It provides the key to accurate inventories of physical property by using PSC handheld devices to gather and input information directly into your SAP system. Benefits include:

  • Decreased cost of asset management

  • Automated tools to eliminate manual inventories

  • Improved item management and accountability

  • Reduced property tax liability through retiring assets

  • Increased accuracy and timeliness of asset data

  • Enhanced asset visibility and life cycle management

  • Reduced manual data input and improves accuracy

dcLINK Fixed Asset features include:

  • A simple method to connect and reconcile asset records held within SAP solutions with the physical assets themselves (Figure 1).

Figure 1
Asset Information Updated in an SAP solution
  • Support for inventory functions, inquiries, and updating of asset information, such as location, serial numbers, condition, etc.

  • Technology support for bar code printing and scanning, including DOD UID tags and RFID tag generation and interrogation

  • Automatic comparisons of bar code inventory results with financial records

  • Maintenance of accurate inventories to safeguard mobile assets and enforce loss prevention policies

  • Flexible design that operates in a variety of environments: real-time RF, wide area wireless, and store & forward.

  • Identification of where assets are located, reducing loss and increasing asset valuations.

  • Tailorable design that allows you to configure business processes to meet your asset management requirements.

  • Useful SAP online reporting for improved visibility and enhanced control.

How Does It Work?

dcLINK Fixed Assets uses PSC handheld devices to inventory items and validate records instantly.

PSC's Falcon 4420
PSC Inc. is a global provider of breakthrough data capture technology and services. Wired or wireless, PSC serves many industries including retail, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, and logistics. PSC delivers superior technology with deep industry knowledge in more than 100 countries.

PSC's Falcon 4220
PSC's real-time enterprise solutions lead to high impact results, enhanced productivity, accelerated revenue growth and bottom line profitability. PSC does more than collect data — it maximizes your opportunities to succeed.

For more information on dcLINK Fixed Assets, please visit or contact

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Tackle Your Data Archiving and Imaging Challenges with Packaged Services

Rich Revill

As an SAP customer, it's inevitable that, at one time or another, your company has considered the need for a more effective means of archiving data and managing paper forms, due to productive databases growing to capacity and mountains of paper documents slowing your business processes. Most companies readily acknowledge the need to tackle this issue — after all, over the years, the data in your enterprise systems only continues to grow, and something must be done about storing, filing, and tracking paper forms within your company. But with competing priorities and shifting demands on budgets and resources, rather than taking action many companies simply limp through. They live with reduced performance, limitations on database reorganizations, increased backup times, and untapped productivity gains that would, if corrected, provide a competitive edge.

Two Critical Reasons to Reexamine Your Archiving and Document Capture Strategies Now

Why has this become a pressing issue once more for SAP customers and enterprises globally?

New releases of SAP solutions are delivering important benefits to your company's business endeavors, and companies are strategizing their upgrade path. Before embarking on such a business-critical exercise, they recognize that the entire upgrade progress will be streamlined and simplified only if they first archive years of accumulated data.

Regulatory requirements, such as those from the Public Records Office (PRO) in the United Kingdom, DOMEA in Germany, or DOD standards (5015.2-STD) and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the US, are increasing the pressure to better manage and track both data and paper documents across your enterprise.

To help customers address the issues of document and data management, SAP has introduced two SAP Direct Packaged Services offerings: Data Archiving and Document Capture.

SAP Direct Packaged Services are a catalog of point solutions that offer a fixed-scope, fixed-price approach. Coupled with short implementation times, these offerings represent a compelling argument to address real business problems and bring your company quickly into more efficient and cost-effective data and document management. Ordered and delivered through SAP solutions in a set timeframe, you can have the confidence to take action — with key yet cost-effective services that deliver real benefit to your organization quickly and with a high ROI.

SAP Direct Packaged Services offer companies a great opportunity to tackle these business challenges head-on in a cost-effective and timely manner that delivers real results with a targeted scope.

Data Archiving Packaged Service

The Data Archiving Packaged Service supports the archiving of data files generated from standard SAP archiving tools — the Archive Development Kit (ADK), Document Relationship Browser (DRB), Archive Information System (AS), Data Retention Tool (DART), and the ArchiveLink interface. SAP provides these tools to help its customers implement data archiving specifically for an SAP solution landscape (Figure 1).

Figure 1
How ArchiveLink and EASY SOFTWARE Work Together in the Data Archiving Packaged Service

EASY SOFTWARE — an SAP Software Partner that has made archiving, imaging, and document management expertise its focus for more than 14 years — provides SAP customers with simplified archiving power through the Data Archiving Packaged Service. This packaged service offers deeper integration into data and document storage requirements by removing the need to administer and manage archive files "manually" within the SAP solution landscape. Instead, via ArchiveLink, access to the archive files is managed within EASY SOFTWARE, providing transparent access regardless of whether the files are stored on local hard disk, on a SAN, or with an optical jukebox.

The return on investment is compelling: it provides seamless access to data and printlists from within the SAP GUI; and while storing data archive files, you can also store and retrieve outbound documents such as sales invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes, or dunning letters as part of the same offering.

Document Capture Packaged Service

If receiving, categorizing, and filing paper-based processes has become unwieldy and costly, implementing the Document Capture Packaged Service provides a solution. This offering allows you to scan and store inbound documents into a central document store, making documents easily and seamlessly available to every SAP user in your organization and speeding up your business processes.

Again, in this Packaged Service, EASY's offering works with SAP's standard ArchiveLink functionality and can be subsequently incorporated into SAP workflow functionality for additional business improvements.

By implementing the Data Archiving and Document Capture Packaged Services, companies can form a platform on which they can build an enterprise-wide archive, retrieval, and document management solution, particularly leveraging the modular EASY SOFTWARE family of products, and thus maximizing access to information regardless of its source (SAP or non-SAP solutions) and regardless of a users' native application environment (ranging from SAP GUI, to Windows, to a Web browser, among others).

Existing customers are delighted with the simplicity and effectiveness of SAP Direct Packaged Services. One customer of the Data Archiving Packaged Service stated:

"This has been our first experience of using a Packaged Service, but if this experience is anything to go by, it will not be the last. As opportunities present themselves to use an "all-in-one" offering, which releases our own resources for other duties, we will certainly take advantage of them. If this is a sign of how SAP [solutions] are changing, they will redefine the meaning of rapid deployment and customer value."

For more details on this customer implementation, see

Proven Solution from a Proven Leader

With a wealth of experience in the SAP marketplace, EASY solutions have maintained ArchiveLink Certification since 1996. EASY has an established, worldwide customer base with almost a thousand customers with SAP solution integration and a total of more than 7,000 customers using our products.

SAP Direct Packaged Services make sense for customers — they simplify the often daunting process of decision-making and action around archiving and document management. At the same time, these packaged services allow organizations to take advantage of EASY SOFTWARE's proven products and experience to tackle their own data archiving and imaging challenges.

To learn more about EASY SOFTWARE solutions, visit For more on the Data Archiving and Document Management Packaged Services from SAP Direct, visit

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How Esker Helps SAP Customers Simplify Automated Fax and Email

Jean-Michel Burard
CEO, Esker, Inc.

It's not the concept of integrating fax or email with business applications that makes most SAP professionals cringe. After all, there is much to be gained by eliminating manual processes involved in the delivery of purchase orders, invoices, sales acknowledgements, and customer statements generated by SAP solutions.

The reality is that many organizations have neither the time nor the resources to research and evaluate potential automated document delivery solutions. Concerns about possible disruptions to business processes can also be a barrier to e-business. Now, with the availability of the SAP Automated Fax/Email Packaged Service, Esker and SAP make it fast, easy, and affordable to implement an automated fax or email solution. This packaged service allows users to send either fax or email output directly from their SAP system.

A History of Success with SAP Direct

SAP Direct was originally offered in the United Kingdom in 2000, and the SAP Automated Fax Packaged Service has been one of the most requested packaged services from SAP. As Esker broadened its software capabilities, SAP chose to enhance the packaged service to provide either fax or email services. (In addition, SAP also now offers an upgrade packaged service that supports both fax and email.) Today, the Automated Fax/Email solution is one of the top three packaged services from SAP America.

Powered by Intelligent Automation

The Automated Fax/Email solution uses Esker DeliveryWare technology to output SAP documents. This technology addresses many common problems that organizations experience related to their business correspondence — manual handling errors, ever-increasing IT complexity, slow processes, high postage costs, competitive pressures, and more.

With the packaged service, SAP customers get proven fax or email automation technology with practical, flexible, automated document delivery tools that seamlessly integrate with SAP solutions to address the business need of sending fax or email directly from an SAP system (Figure 1).

Figure 1
Esker Technology Powers the SAP Direct Automated Fax/Email Packaged Service

At the core of the packaged service is the Esker Rules Engine — Esker content-based technology to automatically format application output and deliver documents to any destination via any combination of output media. Unique in the industry, the Esker Rules Engine recognizes specific content within print streams, data streams, and messages, or recognizes files from a folder. Based on this recognition, it automatically applies the appropriate business rule.

For example, a purchase order may contain a vendor's name, address, and fax number — but the preferred delivery method is email. Recognizing the vendor's name within the document, the Esker Rules Engine will use this data to prompt a database query to extract the associated email address required for delivery.

Application output or incoming data can be formatted to include text lines, fonts, logos, and bar codes. The packaged solution can also create charts, graphs, and sub-calculations directly within the document. Raw data can be quickly and easily transformed into an appealing document rather than relying on a consulting company to do the work.

Fast Implementation and ROI for Higher Profitability

Seamless integration allows you to automate fax or email communications without modifying your information systems or your business processes. Esker is a partner with SAP's Software Partner Program, and the Esker solution is based on an SAP Certified Interface, assuring you of a complete solution that makes it easy to get more value from your investments in information technology.

The Esker solution serves the entire enterprise — SAP R/3, mySAP Supply Chain Management, mySAP Supplier Relationship Management, mySAP Customer Relationship Management, and more. By automating the delivery of documents previously tied to manual distribution methods, you reduce the cost of communication with your customers, distributors, and suppliers.

Success Story: H.J. Heinz

While working on its first SAP implementation in Europe, global food manufacturer H.J. Heinz was looking for a simple, scalable solution for sending standard SAP output direct to its customers. "Our fundamental requirement was to fax purchase orders to suppliers directly from our SAP system using fax numbers from the Vendor master file," said John Glennon, Heinz Senior Product Manager. "The SAP Automated Fax Packaged Service did this without any problems."

Bashrat Din, Managing Director for Esker in the United Kingdom, said, "We are delighted that SAP customers such as Heinz are benefiting from Esker technology as part of SAP Direct Packaged Services. Our solutions help customers improve, simplify, and automate their existing SAP fax operations and deliver immediate additional value to their investment in SAP solutions."

The savings you achieve translate directly to higher profitability. Best of all, the Automated Fax/Email solution offers return on your investment in weeks, not years. The SAP Direct Automated Fax/Email packaged service includes Esker software, installation, configuration, and knowledge transfer for key users — all in less than 30 days, for less than $30,000.

Real Results for Today's Critical Business Challenges

One Esker customer dropped its cost of delivering purchase orders from $0.63 for printing, mailing, and handling to just $0.06 for e-delivery — saving more than 90% of document costs annually. For many companies, moving from physical mail to e-delivery reduces the collection cycle from weeks to days and frees up significant amounts of cash. Improvements in customer and partner service are immeasurable.

For more information on the SAP Direct Automated Fax/Email Packaged Service, please visit

About Esker

Esker is a recognized leader in helping companies eliminate manual paper processes with Esker DeliveryWare, which forms the basis for the SAP Direct Automated Fax/Email Packaged Service. Esker DeliveryWare is a comprehensive solution that automates every phase of document creation and delivery out of any application. Specializing in automating the transformation and distribution of SAP solution-generated output, Esker solutions also work with any other business application to streamline and automate document flow without custom programming.

Customers have gained significant operational efficiencies, time and cost savings, and have realized ROI in as little as three to six months. Esker has a dedicated R&D team focusing on SAP and a working relationship with SAP Labs. SAP customers around the world use Esker to streamline document-centric business processes.

Founded in 1985, Esker operates globally and has over 25,000 customers and millions of licensed users worldwide. For more information, visit

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Custom Forms in Hours, Not Days

Scott Rea
Sales Director,
SAP Practice,

The Cypress Forms Overlay & Document Enhancement Packaged Service is an SAP Direct offering that makes it easy to build forms that are ready for go-live in just hours. This SAP-certified interface is powerful enough to create forms without ABAP programming, or the need to buy printer chips to support barcodes, signatures, or other components found in complex forms. With Cypress, forms creation is exactly as it should be: fast, easy, and at a cost savings of up to 10 days of labor per form, a perfect fit for enterprises of all sizes.

Rapid Deployment — Anyone Can Create Forms

In an SAP solutions environment, creating a typical form takes between 5 and 10 days of coding, compiling, and testing. With Cypress, that same form can be created in a couple of hours by virtually any employee. No matter how sophisticated your form requirements, any user who can draw lines and boxes in an off-the-shelf application like Word, Visio, or PageMaker can quickly and easily create forms for your entire enterprise. It's really that easy.

This packaged service overlays data generated by SAP solutions with the forms you draw (Figure 1), as opposed to building forms programmatically through ABAP code or by using tools that require extensive training in complicated form logic. Even when you need to move SAP data around the page to suit your ever-changing needs, Cypress makes the process fast, easy, and code-free.

Figure 1
Cypress Makes Forms Design and Management Easy

Platform Independence — Streamlined Change Control

The packaged service enables you to populate forms with data generated from any application on any platform (Windows, UNIX, AS/400, mainframe, etc.). This flexibility allows Cypress to run in a process external from SAP, which maximizes the overhead performance of your existing SAP applications. Since Cypress uses the output mechanism of your SAP applications to populate the forms you create, no changes to your SAP applications are needed. By not altering SAP applications to support new forms, the change control process is streamlined and shortened.

From start to finish, this SAP Direct Packaged Service gives your enterprise unprecedented control of all your forms management needs. For more information, visit and

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IXOS Software Helps SAP Customers Gain Control Over Data Growth and Eliminate Their Paper Chase

Matthew Suffoletto
Vice President of
North America Sales,
IXOS Software

As an SAP global software partner, IXOS Software has been providing solutions for document and data archiving for SAP customers for more than a decade. Now, as part of SAP Direct, IXOS has two packaged services offerings — Data Archiving and Document Capture. Packaged services offer a fixed price, along with a very targeted scope and benefits proposition that is especially attractive to SAP customers, and it delivers a perfect entry point to an enterprise-wide archiving solution that IXOS is renowned for. What makes our SAP Direct offerings among the top-selling Packaged Services?

Data Is an Asset— Look After It!

Your daily business activities produce copious amounts of data, causing the SAP database to continue growing. As with all applications, the database will reach its capacity and affect access and response times, resulting in unhappy users. Backups and database reorgs will also take longer. The Data Archiving Packaged Service is the solution for ensuring continued long-term, secure access to historical data by allowing obsolete SAP data to be relocated to a secure and more cost-effective storage system.

Database growth is minimized and performance improved. The viewing of archived data is available directly from the user's familiar SAP interface, where both online and archived data can be displayed. With the data archived on a secure and tamper-proof storage medium, your organization is able to manage data retention periods and comply with the various rules and regulations governing how long your business data should be kept.

Cut Out the Paper Chase

With SAP increasing the efficiency of your business processes, it is important that the documents as well as the data generated become part of these processes. SAP data must be linked to corresponding documents, so they can trigger sequential procedures and therefore optimize the overall business process. Linking documents to their relevant business transaction allows users to find them intuitively and not waste time searching paper files.

Linking document content to the SAP business process reduces information silos, expensive regular mail or express delivery services, and paper archives. It enables you to create synergies and efficiencies within your organization.

By offering a highly scalable and secure repository for business-critical SAP business documents and data, the Document Capture Packaged Service is designed for the complete range of business documents such as incoming/outgoing invoices, orders, delivery notes, quality certificates, HR employee documents, and any internal documentation.

Key Benefits of Document Capture Key Benefits of Data Archiving
  • Reduces costs of physical paper storage

  • Reduces business risk by eliminating information silos, paper misfiling, or loss of paper documents

  • Minimizes user impact, as the familiar SAP GUI is used to access documents

  • Optimizes core business processes such as invoice verification or customer query handling

  • Enhances business efficiency

  • Reduces copying costs for internal circulation
  • Maintains system performance

  • Lowers administrative costs

  • Reduces system backup and recovery times

  • Ensures cost-efficient system upgrades or migrations

  • Minimizes user impact, as the familiar SAP GUI used to access data

  • Manages retention periods and addresses compliance regulations

  • Keeps the test system duplication schedule up-to-date by reducing the size of the production database

For more information on IXOS Software, visit For more on the Data Archiving and Document Capture Packaged Services, please visit

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SAP Support Services:
Optimize, Empower, and Safeguard Your Enterprise

SAP Support Services offer customers a way to manage risk, lower their TCO, and increase their ROI for their SAP Solutions. SAP Support Services provide three categories of service:

Solution Management Optimization services ensure that customers' SAP solutions are working to their maximum potential at all times. These services work together to reduce total cost of operations and improve system performance by eliminating costly performance bottlenecks, improving the flow of core business processes, and minimizing hardware investment by optimizing hardware use. The portfolio of onsite and remote services is classified into four groups: performance, application integration, data volumes, and system administration.

'safeguarding, Solution Management Optimization, and Empowering have proved to be an important instrument to drive knowledge transfer both within [our company] and between SAP and [our company]. This exercise moved our application people and our basis people much closer together as they recognized the interdependency required for real optimization gains."

Empowering services help customers to develop a successful support organization that provides end-to-end onsite support through knowledge transfer, joint projects, and exchange programs between business and technology owners and SAP experts. SAP Empowering services help develop an organizational framework to support customers' continuous business improvement and transformation. These services are ideal for customers looking to optimally manage their SAP solution, incorporate the best practices within their organization to manage requests for improvements and enhancements, and empower their key users to maximize their SAP solution.

Safeguarding offers services for the different phases of customers' solution life cycles: implementation, operations, and upgrade. The goal of these services is to help identify and reduce risk to implementation projects and operations by defining a risk management and service plan. Safeguarding services help customers in the end-to-end management of their core business processes and are ideal for customers that are preparing for a go-live or working to determine if their support organization is positioned and staffed optimally.

For more information, contact SAP Support Services at

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SAP Service Select:
12 Targeted Best Practices from SAP Consulting

SAP Service Select is an innovative program from SAP Consulting designed to deliver tangible value to customers by providing a rapid return on investment (ROI) while reducing risk. These services can be purchased from SAP Direct US ( or by contacting your customer representative directly.

"These unique offerings combine best practices and SAP expert consulting, and reflect our commitment to helping customers achieve business goals, on time and within budget," says Sean Kelly, Vice President, Solutions, SAP Consulting. "Service Select is targeted at our existing as well as prospective customers."

SAP Consulting offers workshops, assessments, and accelerated implementation packages that cover a variety of mySAP product and industry solutions. SAP Consulting's accelerated implementation approach allows customers to invest in world-class solutions with the confidence and security of having a reliable, predictable timeline and cost. And because SAP Consulting is part of SAP Customer Services Network, customers have a single point of access to other SAP solution services, including education, support, custom development, and hosting.

Today, SAP Consulting has 12 Service Select packaged services offerings available for customers. The services help customers realize the value of SAP quickly, efficiently, and effectively. The packages include:

SAP Sarbanes-Oxley Service Select
SAP Demand Planning Service Select
SAP NetWeaver Service Select for Business Intelligence
SAP NetWeaver Service Select for Application-to-Application Integration
SAP System Consolidation Service Select
SAP Enterprise Service Select
SAP Consumer Products Service Select
SAP High Tech Service Select
SAP Professional Services Service Select
SAP Upgrade Service Select
SAP NetWeaver Service Select for Master Data Management (MDM)
SAP Interaction Center Service Select

For additional information, contact your customer representative or call SAP Service Select at +1 888-727-2955.

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