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Austrian and German SAP Users Join Together

by Mario Gunter | SAPinsider

January 1, 2005

by Mario Gunter, DSAG Headquarters SAPinsider - 2005 (Volume 6), January (Issue 1)

Mario Günter,
DSAG Headquarters

At the most recent DSAG Annual Congress, they made it official: the German User Group (DSAG) announced its union with the Austrian Association of SAP Users (Austria CCC Forum).

According to Alfons Wahlers, Head of the DSAG Executive Board, the merging of Austrian and German SAP users will strengthen DSAG both internally and externally: "We are extremely pleased that the Austrian users recognized the benefits of uniting with DSAG and decided to join us. Through the exchange and cooperation with our Austrian colleagues, DSAG's work will become more international, and with that, more diversified. We want to continue to pursue ways to involve regional working groups in the entire German-speaking area, thus strengthening our position in collaborating with SAP. We are very pleased about the exchange and the cooperative work with our Austrian colleagues."

Working in close cooperation with Austrian SAP users will enable DSAG to enhance its market position in both Germany and Austria. By combining interests, member companies of the new, expanded DSAG will also be able to strengthen their working relationship with SAP.

New Working Groups Provide Region-Specific Member Forums

The Austria CCC Forum consists of 60 Austrian companies, organized into six working groups: Basic & Technologies, Costs, Human Resources, Security, Solution Manager, Business Warehouse. These groups will now exist as regional working groups within DSAG, and all DSAG members — both German and Austrian SAP users — will enjoy guaranteed access to them.

In the future, Austrian SAP users will also be able to establish additional regional working groups and provide country-specific development requests and feedback to SAP.

Tapping into DSAG's Extended Resources

As DSAG members, Austrian SAP users will be engaged in the well-established information network between DSAG and SAP, and they will profit from the extended access to all of the information and services that DSAG offers.

As a representative of the Austrian working groups, Nikolaus Putzenbacher speaks to the benefits that DSAG can offer Austrian SAP users: "The Austria CCC Forum has now reached such a size that our resources have been fully extended. Through our affiliation with DSAG, we now have a better market position and are able to continue operating our regional working groups. On top of that, being able to take advantage of an excellent infrastructure and all of DSAG's services is also very important to us."

New Name, Enhanced Collaboration with SAP

As a result of the merger between the Austria CCC Forum and the German SAP User Group, the members and executive board of DSAG have decided to offer a new take on the DSAG abbreviation, deeming it the German-Speaking SAP User Group. With this official announcement, member companies look forward to a strong partnership between German and Austrian SAP users and, as a result, an enhanced working relationship with SAP.

For more information on the Austrian working groups, please visit And, as always, DSAG is ready to assist you at

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