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Recommended Reading (SAPinsider Vol. 6, Iss. 1)

by SAP PRESS | SAPinsider

January 1, 2005

by SAP PRESS SAPinsider - 2005 (Volume 6), January (Issue 1)

Inside Web Dynpro
by Chris Whealy

You'll start with a detailed introduction to Web Dynpro basics like the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern, the general architecture, the phase model, and event handling. Then, benefit from expert guidance on how to create your own Web Dynpro applications, with volumes of practical insights on the do's and don'ts of Web Dynpro programming. The author provides you with detailed sections on the use of the Adaptive RFC Layer, as well as dynamic programming techniques, to name just a few. This exceptional book is complemented by an in-depth class and interface reference, which further assists readers in their efforts to modify existing objects, design custom controllers, and much more.

Anticipated shipping date: January 2005

SAP Enterprise Portal
by Arnd Goebel and Dirk Ritthaler

This all-new reference book provides you with a complete roadmap for the installation, operation, and administration of SAP Enterprise Portal (SAP EP). Get detailed insights on portal technology (like unification, iViews, connectivity, and security), on system requirements, and on establishing the portal within your system landscape. With a heavy focus on content and application integration, this book helps you learn how to program Web services and portal iViews, and gives you best practices for unification and for maximizing the potential of SAP BW. You'll also benefit from a step-by-step guide for test system installation, learn how to adapt the portal to the specific requirements of your end users, discover how to integrate BW and CRM content, and much more.

Anticipated shipping date: February 2005

SAP Exchange Infrastructure
The official guide to integrating business processes using SAP XI technology
by Jens Stumpe

If you don't know what SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI) is, or you haven't seen the latest documentation, then you'll want to read this book. Exclusive insights help you go beyond the basics and provide you with in-depth information on the SAP XI architecture, which in turn helps you quickly understand the finer points of mappings, proxies, and interfaces. You'll also benefit from practical guidance on the design and configuration of business processes. Additionally, in a section devoted to step-by-step examples, you'll discover the nuances of various application scenarios and how to tackle their specific configurations.

Anticipated shipping date: March 2005

BSP Extensions: How to Master Web Reporting with HTMLB
by Frédéric Heinemann

Optimize the use of the BSP extensions HTMLB, XHTMLB, and PHTMLB, using this unique technical guide — the first in the SAP PRESS Essentials series. Benefit from detailed advice on the practical implementation of each of the various elements. Then, after designing a BSP application with its pages and page fragments, learn how to develop the numerous functions such as hierarchical navigation, table selection, detail display, comprehensive search templates, easy-to-use input administration, and more. In addition to the standard elements from the BSP extension HTMLB — such as gridLayout, tree, and tableView — you'll also discover new BSP extensions XHTMLB and PHTMLB, including their complex elements such as formLayout, tabStrip, overflowContainer, and more.

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