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Learn to Innovate at SAP TechEd '05

by Jennifer Lankheim | SAPinsider

July 1, 2005

Is your company behind the tide of innovation? The curriculum of SAP TechEd ’05 -- including focus groups, Birds-of-a-Feather sessions, live demos, one-on-one meetings with industry experts, and more -- will showcase SAP NetWeaver and Enterprise Services Architecture in practice and delve into the many innovative possibilities yet to be discovered within the SAP NetWeaver platform.
To thrive, and even to survive in a competitive marketplace, businesses need to be flexible, poised to quickly adapt to change and to invent and implement highly innovative business processes. "To achieve this," says SAP Executive Board Member Shai Agassi, "you need architectures that dramatically shorten the process innovation life cycle. Identifying a strategic platform will differentiate winning businesses."

That platform, of course, is SAP NetWeaver. And with 1,500 active installations as of February 2005, it's safe to say that SAP NetWeaver is a rising tide in the market, not soon to ebb. Surrounding that momentum is a blossoming community of true believers.

"I've been looking in the forums and reading the Weblogs on SDN [the SAP Developer Network]. SDN is the pulse, if you will, that measures the health of the SAP NetWeaver community," says Agassi. "And it's racing!"

The global SAP TechEd '05 events in the United States, Europe, Japan, and India will focus that energy. Thousands in the SAP worldwide community will come together and learn how existing processes and IT landscapes can be transformed to lay the foundation of an Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA), and how SAP NetWeaver enables ESA and provides an exceptional platform for modeling, developing, and implementing state-of-the-art business processes.

"The [SAP] TechEds are extremely important events for the SAP community," says Agassi. "It's the place where the people who have their hands on this technology every day come together, face to face, to share and accelerate knowledge surrounding [SAP] NetWeaver. At [SAP] TechEd, the relationships that are formed, the knowledge that is transferred, literally sculpt the future of our industry."

SAP TechEd '05 in particular is shaping up to be the mega-event for the SAP NetWeaver technical community. Behind each of those 1,500 active SAP NetWeaver installations are reference customers with a wealth of work-a-day information and experience. Their know-how underpins the SAP TechEd '05 content curriculum. "We're offering additional content this year," says Keith Elliott, Director of Content for SAP TechEd, "content that builds on community knowledge that's accumulated since the release of SAP NetWeaver '04."

SAP TechEd '05: Not Just for Techies

This year's expanded curriculum offers new, rigorous educational programs for business analysts, consultants, IT managers, and system administrators. Of course, hundreds of hands-on workshops and lecture sessions geared toward software developers (hard-core techie stuff) are available, as always.

Here's why you need to be there:

Business Analyst
Learn to model processes that cross application boundaries and focus on the users. Meet top business process design experts.

Plan capacity, configure systems, and provide solutions. Learn to use the SAP Solution Manager. Plan for a services-oriented architecture (SOA).

IT Management
Understand Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA). Build effective IT teams and stay ahead of change.

Software Developer
Use the latest ABAP tools and service-enabled components. Develop Java applications. Create SAP Enterprise Portal (SAP EP) content. Innovate.

System Administrator
Control IT landscapes, migrations, and upgrades. Manage single sign-on, authentication, and security.

Even more new content at SAP TechEd '05 comes courtesy of the Americas' SAP Users' Group (ASUG), whose members will present case studies highlighting their experiences with SAP NetWeaver and ESA migration.

While there is much new in store for SAP TechEd '05, its core elements are unchanged. SAP TechEd remains unmatched in technical educational excellence, offering more than 300 instructor-led, hands-on workshops and lecture sessions with an intense, technical focus. Attendees have the opportunity to meet one on one with SAP experts averaging more than seven years of experience. Keynote speeches delivered by SAP Executive Board members provide insight into the future of enterprise IT.

Two programs debuting last year to great acclaim will be back in 2005: SAP NetWeaver certification opportunities and the SDN Clubhouse, the embodiment of "the" online community for SAP developers, consultants, and integrators. The SDN Clubhouse will host Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions and a Demo Jam showcasing the hottest new SAP NetWeaver technology — emceed by Shai himself.

"In San Diego [for SAP TechEd '04], the Demo Jam was so popular the Clubhouse couldn't hold everyone — we had to simulcast the event," remembers Agassi. "The energy was incredible. But it was so cool to see all the [SAP] TechEd attendees and SDN members together, cheering on their peers. I can't wait to do it again."

Shai Agassi

As always, lectures and classes will be led by experts from within the SAP development organization — the actual developers, technical strategists, and product managers who build SAP products. This makes SAP TechEd the only SAP event that allows customers to get up close and personal with the minds behind the technologies they use.

What will attendees take away from this rendezvous with the men and women behind the curtain? "Insight," says Agassi, "insight into how to deal with the most significant challenges facing IT departments."

Those challenges, says Agassi, include consolidating systems to streamline complex, heterogeneous system landscapes and reduce TCO; building flexible processes that optimize user productivity all along the process chain; integrating (and making transparent) enterprise data spanning many unconnected databases and repositories; enabling users to access disparate data from the portal workspace; and devising a successful incremental adaptation strategy.

Attend SAP TechEd '05, and you'll be able to face these challenges head on, with confidence. "We'll show you how to design and develop innovative business processes. We'll teach you about incremental adaptation. You'll leave well-schooled in consolidating systems, standardizing components, composing new processes, and out-tasking old ones," says Elliott.

The SAP TechEd '05 events are organized into educational tracks, each representing a major IT practice and addressing the challenges outlined by Agassi:

  • The SAP NetWeaver and Enterprise Services Architecture Track is a primer on SAP NetWeaver and Enterprise Services Architecture, the SAP "blueprint" for services-oriented business solutions. Attend courses in this track to learn how, with ESA, you can leverage your investment in engineering and technology with services-based application design.

  • Courses in the User Productivity Track will show you how to make the enterprise transparent. Learn to develop a knowledge repository; design and implement collaboration services, mobile solutions, and voice interfaces; and use portal technology to put KPIs, alerts, embedded analytics, collaboration, and transactional interfaces together in users' workcenters.

  • Using business intelligence to integrate data and improve transparency is the focus of the Information Management Track. Topics include working with SAP Master Data Management (MDM) to map content and add client systems, and implementing enterprise-wide data warehousing for improved efficiency.

  • Study processes that cross application boundaries in the Business Processes Integration Track. You will learn to analyze requirements, model processes, build workflows, integrate RFID, and create adapters using standards-compliant interfaces and procedures.

  • Developing innovative solutions on the SAP NetWeaver platform is the focus of the Custom Development Track. Create new Web services and learn to service-enable legacy components. This track features instructor-led, hands-on workshops in ABAP and Java programming — write code you can take home!

  • Using SAP NetWeaver technology to integrate legacy systems and move incrementally toward a full Enterprise Services Architecture is the subject of the Lifecycle Management Track. Also learn strategies to control your system landscape, handle upgrades and migrations, monitor systems, and optimize performance.

  • Learn how to keep data secure in the Application Governance Track. Topics include managing user roles, authentication, and authorizations using standard services, and implementing single sign-on in a heterogeneous landscape.

  • The System and Platform Consolidation Track focuses on strategies to consolidate your infrastructure and simplify your landscape. Learn to size systems, plan capacity, and improve reliability — all while lowering TCO.

The theme this year is "Learn to Innovate," appropriate in that SAP TechEd '05 is itself an exercise in innovation, offering many different opportunities for growing and expanding attendees' knowledge, understanding, and know-how. Agassi explains:

"At [SAP] TechEd, you see people working with SAP NetWeaver in the hands-on rooms, learning to set up, configure, and program in the platform. Birds-of-a-Feather meetings, focus groups, feedback seminars, and one-on-one sessions with SAP NetWeaver platinum consultants are all going on in parallel for four days. There's so much happening, we're using practically the entire Boston convention center for the US event!" he says.

So if you're interested in keeping pace with business change (or even outracing the shifty fellow), don't miss SAP TechEd '05. "The [SAP] TechEd event will light a fire under your visionary side," says Agassi. "When you get back to work, you'll want to use that fire to cook up some innovative solutions. And I say, 'Go for it!'"

SAP TechEd '05 at a Glance

Dates and Locations

  • Vienna, September 21-23

  • Boston, September 27-30

  • Bangalore, October 5-7

  • Tokyo, October 25-26


Registration opens summer 2005. Visit the SAP Developer Network for updated information on registration and special offers.

Web Sites is your portal to all the SAP TechEd conference sites.

Keynote Speakers

  • Shai Agassi will present the keynotes in Boston and Vienna.

  • Dr. Peter Zencke will present the keynote in Bangalore.

  • Check the Tokyo conference site for information on the Tokyo keynote.

Instructor-Led, Hands-On Sessions and Lectures

More than 300 sessions available, divided into eight educational tracks and led by SAP Development experts.

SAP NetWeaver Certification

SAP NetWeaver certification opportunities will be offered at several SAP TechEd '05 events. Check the SAP TechEd Web site for emerging details.

Meet the Experts

SAP TechEd attendees can schedule one-on-one meetings with SAP experts averaging more than seven years of experience.

SDN Clubhouse

The premier online community for SAP developers, consultants, and integrators — offline. The SDN Clubhouse will host Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions and a Demo Jam showcasing the hottest new SAP NetWeaver technology.


SAP TechEd is well known for its grand, inventive evening events. Details are tightly guarded, but suffice it to say SAP TechEd '05 will be no exception!

Attendee Satisfaction

More than 98 percent of attendees polled would recommend SAP TechEd to a colleague!

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