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The insideEdge (SAPinsider Vol. 6, Iss. 3)

by Roman Bukary | SAPinsider

July 1, 2005

by Roman Bukary, Vice President, Solution Marketing, SAP Labs, LLC SAPinsider - 2005 (Volume 6), July (Issue 3)

Roman Bukary,
Vice President,
Solution Marketing,

In business, people often talk about the top customer, the best supplier, the most valued partner, and the most productive sales rep. But what do those terms really mean? Without the proper context, nothing. To know what is the "best" for your company, you need to define, understand, and agree upon your corporate or organizational strategy, because only within the context of that strategy does the concept of "best" take form.

Here's a very simple example: Your company may decide that within a given year it plans to grow sales by 10 percent. If you simply focus on generating revenue, identifying opportunities poses no great challenge. If, however, your focus is on top-line and profitable growth, all of a sudden you need to unify revenue with procurement data, operational measurements with return logistics calculations, and employee productivity metrics with your marketing spend. How do you identify the relevant, cross-functional KPIs, publish the knowledge within your organization, and track your progress against your goals?

Every day thousands of business decisions are made within companies. Most of these decisions are not supported by today's analytics solutions, nor are they based on comprehensive insight. If a company wants to ensure that their strategy has an impact and that they achieve operational excellence, they must bring credible, timely, and comprehensive information to virtually every employee.

To address these challenges, we've announced SAP Analytics. SAP Analytics deliver on the promise of transactional, collaborative, and analytic steps merging into a single, integrated business process. They are intelligent, business-user applications that provide people the ability to take appropriate action guided by strategic insights in the context of their business function. SAP Analytics are powered by SAP NetWeaver and leverage all relevant business data from internal, external, legacy, syndicated, and real-time sources to deliver a comprehensive view of the organization, its execution, and its ability to meet its goals.

At SAPPHIRE '05 Copenhagen, SAP unveiled more than 100 different analytic applications. When SAP Analytics launches at the end of this year, expect solutions that range across the entire value network — from CRM to financials, from supply chain to procurement — and that provide specific insight for the industries in which SAP participates.

With SAP Analytics, you gain the means to identify your best customers, best suppliers, and best partners — based on definitions encapsulated within your corporate strategy. You can publish that information within your organization, so your people can take appropriate steps, guided by strategy and focused on your business goals. You can be sure that your business makes decisions based on comprehensive, actionable insights — not guesswork. From strategy to execution to refinement, analytics provide a medium to establish a common definition across organizational boundaries. It's a way to speak a common language, define a common set of objectives, and have the entire organization working at a common purpose.

Roman Bukary
Vice President, Solution Marketing

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