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Member Communication Forms the Blueprint for DSAG's Success

by Mario Günter | SAPinsider

January 1, 2006

by Mario Günter, DSAG Headquarters SAPinsider - 2006 (Volume 7), January (Issue 1)

Mario Günter,
DSAG Headquarters

Promoting a collaborative support network among our members has always been one of DSAG's key missions. As a user group, we believe we cannot have a sufficient voice in the SAP community without member cohesiveness — a philosophy that inspires our numerous congregations throughout the year, including our annual DSAG Congress and working group sessions.

Yet to attain the open collaboration we strive for, we extend the lines of communication with our members well beyond face-to-face interaction. In fact, we have embraced a variety of approaches to keep our members informed — they don't even have to leave their own offices to stay connected.

DSAG's New Information Outlet

At our annual Congress in October 2005, DSAG proudly introduced blaupause magazine, a new source for showcasing current happenings at DSAG. Meaning "blueprint" in English, blaupause is a reflection of the DSAG mission, highlighting news about DSAG's work in all spheres of activity, from working groups to board member meetings.

The editorial team at DSAG is responsible for the content and composition of each in-depth article featured in blaupause. Among our goals for the magazine is that it will serve both as a podium for SAP executives to unveil new strategies and products, and as a mouthpiece for SAP customers to propose new ideas to SAP. A free, full-color publication available to every SAP customer in the German-speaking area, blaupause is scheduled to be published three times a year. This year, in addition to the premier issue, the magazine will be published in tandem with DSAG Technology Days in February and again in June.

The DSAG News Source

Members depend on the DSAG email newsletter to stay up to date on current events at DSAG. A bimonthly briefing of working groups' developments and upcoming DSAG events, the newsletter includes notices about special workshops, opportunities to participate in SAP usability tests, and DSAG events. Members also depend on the newsletter to learn about seminars available to them at a discount from DSAG affiliates.

Perhaps the hallmark of the publication is the Q&A with a representative from one of our working groups, which highlights DSAG member personalities.

Online Information Access

DSAGNet, our intranet community available exclusively to members, is the real-time hub of DSAG. Through the intranet, members can register for working groups or conferences, download presentations and minutes of past working groups, and participate in online forums discussing SAP-related issues and questions.

For members looking to reach the entire DSAG member community with a problem that needs immediate counsel, DSAG's listserv is a quick and easy way to access the expertise of fellow DSAG members. A question sent through the listserv will reach all DSAG members, and responses and advice can be returned immediately.

Open Communication Fosters Influence

Without the frequent communication that consistently occurs among members of DSAG, we could not work with SAP as vigorously. You can find more information about our publications and online resources by visiting

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