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A 6-Step Roadmap for DSAG's Future: New Head of the Board Unveils the User Group's Goals for 2008

by Prof. Dr. Karl Liebstückel | SAPinsider

April 1, 2008

DSAG’s new Head of the Board, Prof. Dr. Karl Liebstückel, shares his plan for DSAG’s future — from further enriching DSAG’s relationship with SAP, to increasing the opportunities for members to learn about the latest SAP trends.

Prof. Dr. Karl Liebstückel
Head of the Board

The latest DSAG Annual Congress marked a changing of the guard; Prof. Dr. Karl Liebstückel was unanimously elected DSAG's new head of the board, following Alfons Wahlers. This six-step roadmap outlines Liebstückel's goals for DSAG in 2008 and beyond.

With over 23,000 members from over 2,000 companies, DSAG has reached a pivotal point: We must embrace growth and change while remaining true to our members' needs. To do so, we will work toward the following ambitions:

Goal #1: Streamline our processes. DSAG has been growing at an explosive rate; each year, membership increases by an estimated 15%. It's exciting — but to accommodate this growth, we must restructure and revitalize our processes. Accordingly, we've designated a team of board and steering committee members dedicated to streamlining the infrastructure, organization, and information flow within DSAG.

Goal #2: Continue to strengthen our product influencing abilities. At DSAG, we greatly value our ability to relay product feedback directly to SAP — that's why we're working with SAP on a new influencing tool. In an online format much like SAP Service Marketplace, customers will be able to make product suggestions through forums, polls, and blogs. A team at SAP will monitor this feedback and communicate it to SAP development.

Goal #3: Bring more practice (and less theory) to enterprise service-oriented architecture (enterprise SOA). We've all seen increasing buzz around enterprise SOA, and I encourage customers to evaluate whether it's a viable strategy to support their business processes. To do this, members need more hands-on information about what enterprise SOA is and what it means for them.

DSAG will help by offering Web-based enterprise SOA workshops, organizing an "Enterprise SOA Day" at the upcoming SAPPHIRE in Berlin, and collaborating with SAP to perform on-site projects with customers.

Goal #4: Cultivate a community for SAP Business ByDesign customers. This product has great potential to revolutionize how midsized companies run their businesses — the objective now is to spread the word. To help, we've built a robust SAP Business ByDesign online community that will go live by April.

Goal #5: Enhance networking. Our members always crave more interaction — they want to meet colleagues who are performing the same projects they're tackling, listen to their experiences, and garner valuable advice. Accordingly, we plan to expand our work group meetings beyond day-long events.

We're also encouraging networking between customers and SAP developers; for instance, we'd like to bring developers to our work group meetings — or host round tables where customers and developers meet face to face.

Goal #6: Enrich the DSAG and SAP relationship. Strengthening our relationship with SAP is always a top priority, and we're seeing progress, particularly regarding information flow. Take the announcements of SAP Business ByDesign or the Business Objects acquisition — we had frequent calls with SAP executives before these went public. We're confident our voice is being taken seriously and that this trend will continue.

Visit to learn more about DSAG, its members, and its upcoming events and workshops.

All told, DSAG exists for its members. Exciting new tools and solutions are available today, but for DSAG members to capitalize on them, we must facilitate open communication and efficient processes — both internally and with SAP. For the benefit of all, DSAG and SAP must pull together in the same direction.


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