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8th Annual DSAG Congress Is a Record-Breaking Success: DSAG Members Embrace Opportunity to Learn More About Enterprise SOA and Other SAP Hot Topics

by Angelika Jung | SAPinsider

January 1, 2008

Frankfurt was abuzz with SAP enthusiasts eager to discuss the hottest SAP topics at this year’s DSAG Annual Congress entitled, “Design Business Processes – Develop Relationship.” Dive in to what everyone was talking about and find out what’s expected for upcoming events.

At DSAG, many of our members are posing similar questions: "How can enterprise service-oriented architecture (enterprise SOA) reduce technical complexity for my company?," "How can we use it to further the cooperation between IT and business?," "How can SAP ERP 6.0 help me take advantage of the business process platform through the sharing of enterprise services?," and "What can we expect from the new SAP Business ByDesign solution?"

DSAG members found answers to these questions and more at their eighth Annual Congress in Frankfurt, Germany.

DSAG Hosts Its Most Successful Congress

The theme of the DSAG Annual Congress, held in November 2007, was "Design Business Processes — Develop Relationships." With more than 3,150 participants, the event was the most successful Congress in DSAG's history.

The meeting kicked off with a keynote address from Alfons Wahlers, CIO of Celesio AG and former head of the DSAG board. In this address, Wahlers reviewed DSAG's many milestones throughout its 10-year history — such as its influence on SAP's 5-1-2 extended maintenance strategy, the group's continuous expansion, and its growing relationship with SAP.

The #1 DSAG Congress Hot Topic? Enterprise SOA

One of the most widely discussed topics at the conference was enterprise SOA, as attendees were thirsty for practical examples of how to best design enterprise services and business processes and use them in a simple, flexible way. At the event, attendees learned directly from fellow SAP customers who provided insights into their enterprise SOA projects and experiences.

Because of growing member interest, DSAG plans to work with SAP to offer increased enterprise SOA education opportunities in the coming year. Much of the existing enterprise SOA information is strongly focused on the architecture's technical, rather than functional, aspects — so DSAG believes it's important to continue boosting customers' understanding of how enterprise SOA can help them streamline their business processes.

Also speaking at the event were Henning Kagermann, the chief executive officer of SAP; Gerhard Oswald, a member of the SAP executive board; Volker Merk, managing director of SAP Germany; and Dr. Ferri Abolhassan, a member of SAP's managing team for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

DSAG also looked to its future. The board discussed goals for 2008, and DSAG members unanimously elected a new head of the board: Dr. Karl Liebstückel.1

Attendees Enjoy a Wide Spectrum of Topics

Popular topics at the DSAG Congress included enterprise SOA (see sidebar), project management, human resources, business process management (BPM), SAP Business ByDesign, and service and support handling for globalized businesses. Attendees gained valuable new insights into these hot topics through over 200 sessions across nearly 30 lecture series.

Congress attendees also participated in an SAP-run assembly and DSAG's BPM working-group meeting to learn about current BPM developments and new initiatives coming out of the SAP ecosystem.

More Educational Opportunities to Come

As customers continue to embrace new SAP offerings, DSAG believes that forums like the Annual Congress — which target everyone from the CIO to the end user — will become increasingly important. DSAG plans to continue its educational opportunities for members throughout 2008 with activities including its annual Technology Days event, a globalization symposium, and the next Congress, planned for September.

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1 Alfons Wahlers opted not to run for reelection to this position.

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