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DSAG's Influence Model Enables Media Companies to Weigh In on SAP for Media Solutions

by Petra Bauer and Carsten Hollman | SAPinsider

October 1, 2009

A shining example of DSAG's influence activities in action, see how DSAG's Special Interest Group (SIG) for Media works closely with SAP to adjust the functional scope of SAP for Media solutions to fit the needs of today's media companies.

Petra Bauer
Special Interest Group for Media

Carsten Hollman
Deputy Spokesperson
Special Interest Group for Media

As the media industry evolves, the solutions that support it must keep pace. An increasing number of today’s media companies are now part of umbrella organizations that encompass book publishing houses, newspapers, magazines, and even local radio and television stations. These umbrella organizations need software solutions that can easily bundle cross-media marketing services — packages of print ads, radio and TV spots, online advertising banners, and special inserts, for example (see sidebar).

Helping media companies get the tools and support they need is a goal of DSAG’s Special Interest Group (SIG) for Media. The SIG works closely with SAP to adjust the functional scope of SAP for Media solutions to fit the needs of today’s media companies.

DSAG Supports Its Media Members

Understanding its members’ needs for a solution that supports cross-media packages, DSAG’s Media SIG established a specialized, cross-media work group and organized a workshop with SAP to discuss the topic. The workshop involved representatives from leading newspaper companies, magazine publishers, and media service providers, all of whom collaborated and contributed their ideas about what important media functions a software solution should encompass. SAP developers and decision makers also attended the event to determine how this user feedback would shape future releases and enhancements to the SAP for Media solution portfolio.

SAP Responds to DSAG’s Requests

In response to DSAG member requests, SAP proposed several enhancements to the SAP for Media solution portfolio. These enhancements included new functionality within the advertising management component that makes it possible to assemble and sell complete media packages. This now-standard offering allows users to configure a package consisting of multiple media purchases.

SAP announced that customers can expect this new SAP for Media functionality in an upcoming SAP ERP enhancement package. Initial users have been testing the enhancement since May 2009 and the first Ramp-Up customers are scheduled to implement the functionality as soon as it is available.

The Enhancements Don’t Stop There

DSAG and SAP aren’t content to stop innovating once the new media functionality becomes available. The Media SIG has already set its sights on its next goals: functionality to enable cross-company-code sales of media packages, integration of sales views into the newly developed cross-media functions, and static analysis of so ld packages within SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW). For more information about the Media SIG and DSAG’s various influence channels, please visit

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