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Spotlight on Interoperability: Intuitively Monitor Processes Across Your Heterogeneous System Landscape

by Stefan Ressing | SAPinsider

April 1, 2010

Guaranteeing that your SAP systems can connect to and exchange information with external partner solutions — in essence, ensuring interoperability — is a critical part of running a nimble business. While SAP NetWeaver Process Integration does the facilitating, learn how PI Monitor from Advantco automates the monitoring to mitigate risks and ensure smooth operations.

In an increasingly networked business environment, ensuring that your systems can connect to and exchange information with external partner and third-party solutions is a critical part of running a flexible, nimble business. Companies need to ensure that their complex system landscapes, which encompass various applications, support packages, and release levels, will enable this interoperability.

With this goal in mind, many companies use SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP NetWeaver PI) to facilitate information exchange between a company’s internal systems and those of external parties.

But for many companies, monitoring these disparate systems can be a challenge. Too many organizations do this monitoring manually, querying the system for errors every few minutes. This process is excessively time-consuming, cumbersome, and costly, and it includes the risk of human error.

To automate the monitoring process, Advantco has developed PI Monitor, a solution specifically designed to address system integration at a business level by supporting end-to-end interface monitoring for both IT and business users.

Keep Your Interfaces Running Smoothly: Introducing PI Monitor from Advantco

Developed by SAP NetWeaver PI experts, PI Monitor has enhanced monitoring technology to give business users complete control over interface monitoring capabilities (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 Interface messages and channels are displayed by a green, yellow, or red status indicator, configurable via the settings page; these color-coded indicators allow the user to quickly identify and respond to errors as they occur

Key features and benefits of PI Monitor include:

  • A control panel overview for intuitive monitoring of interface statuses. With PI Monitor, interface statuses are collected from multiple monitoring points — including business systems and SAP NetWeaver PI — and aggregated into a single control panel. This panel provides an organized way for users to monitor networked SAP interfaces from a single point.
  • Ease-of-use for business users. PI Monitor’s interface monitoring capabilities are business-user friendly, giving non-technical users the power to respond to issues and solve problems without having to consult the original developer that set up the system, thereby saving the business time and money.
  • An intuitive interface that allows users to identify and respond to errors immediately. Within PI Monitor, pages, interfaces, messages, and channels contain a status indicator — represented by the color red, yellow, or green — that allows users to quickly identify and react to errors. In addition, users can simply start and stop any failed interfaces with the click of a mouse. PI Monitor applies a business view to efficiently identify and deal with errors. 
  • Automation to eliminate the need for manual querying. PI Monitor performs complete, detailed monitoring of all messages on a configurable, automated refresh cycle to instantly and reliably report errors. This automation eliminates the need for manual interface monitoring and helps minimize further damage caused by missed errors.

Addressing System Integration at a Business Level

To provide an easy-to-use technical solution for even the most non-technical end user, PI Monitor addresses interface monitoring at a business level. The solution can help businesses mitigate risk and keep technical operations running smoothly. PI Monitor also reduces downtime and increases employee productivity, resulting in an increased return on investment. In addition, PI Monitor helps businesses protect their reputation and enables them to maintain strong relationships with partners by allowing them to proactively and properly manage their customers’ interfaces.

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