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ASUG's New CEO Envisions a Transformative Year

by Bridgette Chambers | SAPinsider

January 1, 2010

ASUG’s new CEO, Bridgette Chambers, rings in the new year with member-focused plans for 2010. Learn about the Global BusinessObjects Network (GBN) merger, ASUG’s sustainability initiatives, and how Chambers plans to engage ASUG members and volunteers.

Bridgette Chambers 

Q: As the new CEO, what are your first impressions of ASUG?

A: I am delighted to find such passionate and committed members who share experiences and best practices with each other on a daily basis. Our organization thrives on that exchange; it’s an impressive and unique aspect of the ASUG community. I’m proud to be a part of an organization that works with, and  for, its members and volunteers.

Q: ASUG volunteers are critical to the organization’s success. How will you engage them to help meet ASUG’s strategic objectives?

A: Our volunteers are terrific, and I want to further engage them in plans to help transform ASUG to better meet our members’ needs. One of my top priorities as CEO is to establish a dialogue with members and volunteers and to listen to their ideas and challenges. I already facilitated this dialogue at SAP TechEd 2009 and the 2009 SAP BusinessObjects User Conference by initiating open discussion forums. I value volunteers’ feedback; it will help us develop strategies to move ASUG forward in 2010.  

Q: There is a lot of buzz about the Global BusinessObjects Network (GBN) merger with ASUG. Can you tell us about this process and how the two communities are reacting?

A: Considering the challenges that accompany any merger, the process is going very well. In fact, this January marks the full integration of GBN under the ASUG umbrella. Our volunteers have worked hard to ensure that the ASUG community meets the needs of both subsets of SAP customers. The successful merger has enabled SAP BusinessObjects customers to benefit from ASUG’s 20-year relationship with SAP, as well as to continue building on the many community initiatives that GBN started in 2008.

Q: What does 2010 look like for ASUG?

A: This will be an exciting, transformative year. The ASUG board is working on strategies to further engage members and demonstrate the increasing benefits of membership. Priorities include getting back to the core of our brand and focusing on the strengths that make us so valuable: education, influence, and benchmarking. 2010 also marks the rollout of several ASUG sustainability and business intelligence initiatives. 

Q: You mention sustainability. How will ASUG support this issue for the SAP ecosystem?

A: ASUG is committed to helping its members understand the business value of a sustainability strategy. Our community and education activities will help drive productive conversations around this topic. 

Overall, I’m thrilled to help ASUG evolve into a more sustainable collective. I encourage SAP customers to share their sustainability stories at, take part in our sustainability benchmark survey, and leverage insights shared through our sustainability Webcast series, which launches in February.

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