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Accelerate Your Business: On-Demand Solutions Increase the Performance of Your Lines of Business and Provide Instant Value

by Paige Leidig and Joydip Das | SAPinsider

October 1, 2010

Small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) have historically been at a disadvantage when it comes to software infrastructures. But cloud computing and software-as-a-service have begun to level the playing field. Discover how SAP Business ByDesign functionality lets SMEs unlock the value of cloud computing and tilt the field in their favor with dynamic adaptability, increased innovation, and deeper data visibility.

On-demand is a significant and necessary shift for SAP. It is redefining the way we design and develop software and how our customers acquire and use our solutions. Our on-demand solution portfolio leverages the latest technologies and gives users tools to solve their pressing business problems in new and better ways. The solutions also adapt to the way people work today.

Our line-of-business on-demand offerings directly address our customers’ demand for nimble solutions that solve key business problems and allow them to respond to accelerating market changes. Our goal is to offer innovative solutions that solve our customers’ business problems in new ways while also extending their existing investments. These solutions are not intended to be “me-too” versions of point on-demand applications that are available today. Rather, our strategy and focus is on delivering solutions that are:

  • Orchestrated from the ground up and designed to work seamlessly with both SAP and non-SAP solutions
  • People-centric and designed for business collaboration, enabling the next wave of business effectiveness
  • Focused on solving specific business problems and that are easy to consume and delivered with content and services (see Figure 1)
Figure 1 SAP’s line-of-business on-demand solutions are orchestrated, person-centric, and complete

We do this through our established strengths and by leveraging new technologies that enhance the ease of adoption and experience for our customers. Our solutions deliver:

  • Best practices for key business processes for specific lines of business
  • Integration that encompasses four key dimensions: user experience, business processes, data, and application behavior and insight
  • Collaboration to provide users with relevant business information to make better decisions and be more productive
  • Services designed to deliver the total customer experience, and enable rapid time-to-value and continued innovation

On-demand represents a significant shift in the way SAP develops software and how our customers acquire and consume it.

The On-Demand Portfolio for Lines of Business: An Overview

SAP’s line-of-business on-demand solutions deliver targeted value right out of the box.

Deliver Rapid Cost Savings

By proactively managing the entire sourcing process, a company can obtain maximum negotiating power with its suppliers — resulting in higher cost savings and rapid time-to-value. Driving cost savings quickly can make a measurable difference to a company’s bottom line.

SAP Sourcing OnDemand, previously named SAP E-Sourcing OnDemand, delivers sustainable cost savings, enables comprehensive contract management, and provides superior supplier management. The solution tailors sourcing and contracting processes to specific business needs and establishes and develops a qualified supply base to enable the optimization of the overall value contribution from suppliers. It provides built-in support for best practices, training, support for sourcing events, user and supplier support, and key strategic sourcing enablement services (see Figure 2).

Figure 2 Using the SAP Sourcing OnDemand dashboard, sourcing experts can easily see the current status of different requests for proposals by category, estimated value, and date, for example

SAP Sourcing OnDemand is designed to help deliver quick access to benefits, maximize cost savings opportunities, and provide real-time visibility across your entire sourcing process so you can proactively manage every aspect of it. The solution is comprised of fully integrated strategic sourcing, contract lifecycle management, and supplier management offerings (see Figure 3).

Figure 3 SAP Sourcing OnDemand provides quick access to contracts and contract information, including total value, days to expiration, and estimated total savings

Improved Sales Effectiveness

Armed with tools that let them more easily access and analyze information, your sales team can dramatically accelerate close rates and more rapidly deliver increased revenue.

SAP Sales OnDemand will help an organization close deals quickly and drive customer loyalty by bringing together sales representatives’ business and social networks with a 360-degree view of their customers. Stay tuned for this solution, which will enable users to communicate more effectively with people in their networks, collaborate easily with their sales teams, and access necessary knowledge and resources at any time. SAP Sales OnDemand is designed for the way users enjoy working.

These on-demand solutions will perform well when used on their own, offer great synergies when used together, and leverage our customers’ existing investments through a single-solution approach.

Submit and Process Expenses Easily

As the marketplace continues to expand globally, more employees are finding themselves traveling for business — and racking up work-related expenses. When they’re on the go, they collect a taxi receipt here and a restaurant bill there, which they need to keep track of to submit their expense reports later.

SAP Travel OnDemand optimizes expense management by combining best practices in finance with leading travel management and services reconciliation. With this comprehensive expense management tool, users can quickly and seamlessly process their expenses.

Keep Track of Your Sustainability Efforts

At a time when organizations are facing regulatory pressure to reduce their carbon emissions, sustainability projects are gaining more traction across the business world. That’s why so many enterprises are looking for a way to more accurately measure and report on their energy output.

SAP Carbon Impact OnDemand enables companies to accurately measure and compare carbon intensity across their entire operations, as well as execute on the most effective abatement strategy (see Figure 4). By gaining this level of insight into carbon emissions across all scopes with up-to-date data from their existing operational systems, customers can rapidly optimize their abatement options with embedded best-practice content.

Figure 4 SAP Carbon Impact OnDemand provides a configurable dashboard for quick access to activities, goals, the current emissions status, the latest discussion topics, news, and more

Getting Started with On-Demand Solutions

SAP’s current portfolio of line-of-business on-demand solutions addresses various customer challenges and pain points. However, we’re not stopping there — we’re also developing a broader portfolio that will focus on the rapidly evolving needs of today’s businesses. You can learn more about the solutions at

Paige Leidig ( is Vice President at SAP, responsible for solution marketing of the line of business on-demand portfolio. He has over 15 years of experience in bringing compelling new technologies to market.

Joydip Das ( is Senior Director of Solution Management for SAP’s line of business on-demand portfolio. He has nearly 20 years of experience in software innovation and product management and is working to shape and champion SAP’s on-demand product strategy.

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