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Influencers in Action: ASUG Launches a Strategic Group for the SAP BusinessObjects Community

by Greg Myers | SAPinsider

April 1, 2011

The Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) has developed a new collaboration and influence mechanism for SAP BusinessObjects customers with its SAP BusinessObjects Strategic special interest group (SIG). Hear from the SIG’s co-chair, Greg Myers, about the group’s origins, its current and future goals, and how interested SAP BusinessObjects customers can join.

Q: How did the new Strategic SIG originate?

A: ASUG CEO Bridgette Chambers asked the SAP BusinessObjects community to nominate representatives of their community — industry leaders, experts, and go-to resources — to attend the ASUG Influencer Summit at the annual ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference last October. At the event, Bridgette and these representatives — the Influencers — collaborated on and prioritized areas of particular concern to the SAP BusinessObjects community.

The summit generated incredible energy from the Influencers and ASUG. We solidified a plan to address opportunities for improvement across four main focus areas: Support and Maintenance, Education, Product Direction/Roadmaps, and SAP Integration. ASUG presented these insights directly to SAP executives, who immediately dedicated key resources to support our efforts.

From this collaboration, ASUG created its first-ever Strategic SIG.

Q: How would you characterize the overall mission of the Strategic SIG?

A: The Strategic SIG represents the voice of SAP BusinessObjects customers and partners in ongoing, direct discussions with SAP. It will work with community members and SAP to address the top four areas of customer concern identified at the summit. Each area will be represented by a cross-functional task force resembling a traditional ASUG SIG, in which ASUG volunteer leaders are paired with dedicated SAP contacts. Two co-chairs, Simon To and I, share the overall leadership of the Strategic SIG’s task forces.

Q: What are the Strategic SIG’s 2011 goals?

A: Through a direct dialogue with SAP, we plan to influence and effect change in the community’s top areas of concern. We will also deliver SAP’s most up-to-date, actionable information to the ASUG community. Thanks to Bridgette’s efforts, we’re plugged in with the right people at SAP. Each task force of the Strategic SIG will present information and host webcasts throughout the year to disseminate what we learn through our collaboration with SAP.

Although our initial mandate is in the four focus areas, the SIG’s groups will be dynamic; we will adjust their work if other priorities arise.

Q: How can interested SAP BusinessObjects customers join the Strategic SIG?

A: The SAP BusinessObjects Strategic SIG is like every other ASUG community: Membership is open to current ASUG members, and we invite all to participate. It’s also an excellent time for new customers to join ASUG. At present, ASUG and SAP are offering SAP BusinessObjects customers that operate in non-ERP environments a complimentary ASUG membership through 2011. To learn more, visit

Greg Myers

Greg Myers
ASUG SAP BusinessObjects Strategic Special
Interest Group

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