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Build Your Own SAP CRM Solution — and Know Exactly How Much It Will Cost: 3 Key SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions Questions Answered

by Randi Tumlin | SAPinsider

January 1, 2011

Among the first available SAP Rapid Deployment solutions are several customer relationship management (CRM) options. This article answers three important questions about these solutions, discussing what functionality is available, why you can be sure the implementation will bring rapid benefits, and where you can find more information.

The current economic climate has changed the way companies go about acquiring new software.Organizations today are looking for solutions that are low-risk, provide immediate value, and can be implemented quickly for a set price. In an earlier article, Robert Viehmann introduced the new SAP Rapid Deployment solutions, which are specifically designed to accommodate this new way of shopping for software.1 Among the first available SAP Rapid Deployment solutions are several customer relationship management (CRM) options. SAP CRM rapid-deployment solutions provide a great option for companies interested in developing a 360-degree view of their customers, offering a range of processes to address major phases of the customer life cycle.

These SAP CRM rapid-deployment solutions offer customers a live, preconfigured CRM environment that leverages SAP CRM best practices. They also include a unique implementation methodology so companies can quickly take advantage of CRM functionality and more rapidly realize the promised benefits of these solutions.

What Functionality Is Available with SAP CRM Rapid-Deployment Solutions?

To get started with SAP CRM rapid-deployment solutions, you’ll first need the Starter Kit, either as a standalone package or with any combination of the other SAP CRM rapid-deployment solutions. This kit includes master guides for system setup, an installation check, an organizational model setup, ERP integration (if needed), and master data import (for non-ERP integrated implementations).

The kit also provides key SAP CRM functionality for account and contact management, activity management, integrated reporting, and client-based groupware integration. With this foundation, customers can quickly set up their CRM environment and gain a method for tracking master data as well as a method for employees to track their tasks and activities.

Depending on their business priorities, companies can also implement additional SAP CRM rapid-deployment solutions on top of this foundation (see Figure 1):

  • The SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution for marketing provides marketing professionals with tools to create and drive effective marketing campaigns, coordinate sales activities, generate and manage high-quality leads, and track leads through conversion.
  • The SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution for sales provides better visibility into the sales pipeline to help companies accelerate new business and improve sales productivity. Managers can use this visibility to assign sales representatives to the right opportunities and track their progress. The sales force can use the solution to more effectively prepare for customer meetings, close deals and collect revenue more quickly, and provide better customer service.
  • The SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution for service provides an interaction center to help companies increase agent productivity, boost first-contact resolution rates, and improve customer satisfaction, all while reducing the cost of service.

In addition, customers can add data migration packages to enhance their solution. These migration packages allow customers to load data from their legacy systems into their new rapid deployment solution. They also allow customers to load transactional and additional master data above and beyond what is included in the Starter Kit.

The real beauty of these solutions is that companies can implement only the functionality they need. They also have the option of supporting the full customer life cycle by implementing all of these CRM solutions.





Lead Management

Campaign Management 

Opportunity and Pipeline Performance Management

Integrated ERP 2

Interaction Center 3

Ability to document and track leads    

Manual lead distribution capabilities    

Lead qualification questionnaire    

Lead-to-opportunity follow-up tracking    

Interactive reports for lead analysis    

Ability to document and track marketing plans and campaigns    

Central marketing calendar    

Segment builder (with standard InfoSets) to create target groups    

Campaign execution file export and lead generation capabilities    

Interactive reports for marketing contacts    

Ability to document and track opportunities    

Opportunity questionnaire    

Tracking for follow-up opportunities    

Pipeline performance management capabilities     

Order and Quotation Management    

Integration with SAP ERP, allowing customers to leverage their existing SAP ERP sales and quote processes within the CRM Web UI    

Ability to document and track complaints and inquiries    

Email and letter templates    

Customer identification information     

SAP CRM Knowledgebase    

Figure 1 The features and functionality available with each SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution

How Can I Be Sure the Implementation Will Bring Rapid Benefits?

A key differentiator that ensures customers can quickly reap the benefits of their SAP CRM rapid-deployment solutions is the solutions’ implementation model. SAP works with the customer to outline the implementation methodology at the outset of the project, clearly defining roles and responsibilities for each step along the way:

Since the scope of the project is defined in advance, a series of refinement workshops replace the traditional blueprint phase of the implementation roadmap. These workshops focus on the specific process steps the solution provides so customers can more easily determine which solution components they need.

  • The implementation procedures for the realization, configuration, and testing steps use proven templates and guidelines.
  • In addition, the implementation is based on a two-tier landscape — so configuration, development, and testing occur in the development environment with a go-live cutover to a production environment. And since the rapid-deployment solutions are predefined, the testing process is shortened and a quality assurance environment is not required.

The combination of these elements means that solution implementations can take as little as 6 to 12 weeks, depending on which solutions the customer is implementing. To further reduce cost, SAP also employs a remote support model for rapid-deployment solution implementation.  Because the scope is predefined and processes are preconfigured, the implementation team can perform much of the implementation work off site. However, SAP also assigns a team lead to each project who will be on site at critical points in the implementation, like kick-off, the validation workshops, and go-live. This team lead serves as the point of contact between the implementation team and the customer.

Where Can I Find More Information?

SAP CRM rapid-deployment solutions give customers a jump-start to gain immediate, proven value from their software implementations while also laying the foundation for a scalable, valuable CRM system in the long term. Customers can also benefit from proven SAP CRM best-practice processes and market-leading SAP CRM 7.0 functionality, all while staying within a fixed scope at a fixed cost. To learn more, please visit

Randi Tumlin ( is the CRM Practice Manager for the North American SAP Consulting organization. Randi is responsible for rapid-deployment solutions (RDS) content in North America. Prior to joining the RDS team, Randi was an SAP Platinum CRM Consultant.

 1 See “Bring Speed and Predictability to Your Next Software Implementation” by Robert Viehmann in this January-March 2011 issue of SAPinsider. [back]

2 Note: A prerequisite for this functionality is SAP ERP 6.0, enhancement package 4. [back]

3 Note: Telephony integration is out of scope for this interaction center. [back]

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