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ASUG Launches SAP News and Analysis Website

by Courtney Bjorlin and Thomas Wailgum | SAPinsider

July 1, 2011

The recent launch of marks an exciting milestone for the Americas’ SAP Users' Group (ASUG). In this Q&A with co-editorial directors Courtney Bjorlin and Thomas Wailgum, readers can learn all about ASUG's news and analysis website—from its origins, to its mission, to its actual content and key topics.

Q: What inspired you to join the ASUG team and launch

Bjorlin: ASUG’s CEO Bridgette Chambers presented us with a unique opportunity to start something that built on my and Thomas’s background covering SAP and its ever-changing ecosystem. I was attracted to the fact that we would have access to SAP customers — ASUG members — and could write about their experiences (both their successes and challenges) to help other SAP customers better understand and use their investments in SAP software.

Wailgum: Bridgette had a vision of what she wanted with, and Courtney and I both bought into that vision. From a career standpoint, we were very interested in creating something totally new from the ground up.

Q: What was Bridgette’s vision, and how did it translate into the site’s editorial mission?

Wailgum: ASUG is an independent and united voice of SAP customers in North America. As such, our site’s mission is to provide objective, in-depth coverage of developments in the SAP world — not just for ASUG members, but for anyone interested in SAP, enterprise technology, and business processes. Unlike the main ASUG website, ours is not behind a firewall. This information is for everyone.

Bjorlin: As Bridgette always says, we are going to hold SAP to its promises. And that’s something Thomas and I think about as we plan our coverage.

Q: What type of content can readers see on

Bjorlin: There’s a wide range of information already on the site: articles on SAP news and trends, customer case studies, conversations on ASUG News Radio, and social networking content, including blogs. We’ll be adding a video feature as well.

Wailgum: You’ll also see us at all the major ASUG and SAP events. We’re aiming to not only provide our audience with the most important news coverage, but go far beyond that and help translate what every significant SAP move, news release, and roadmap change means for SAP customers.

Q: What are the key topics you’ll be covering for the rest of the year?

Bjorlin: The business intelligence and analytics space is red-hot, so we’ll be covering that area thoroughly. The mobility and Sybase push is a big strategy for SAP, and I know that SAP customers are currently dealing with building a business case for mobility. SAP In-Memory Appliance (SAP HANA) and SAP’s in-memory computing will also draw a lot of coverage from us.

Wailgum: We’ll also focus on how customers can realize more value from their existing SAP investments. So we’ll be diving into software utilization, upgrades, and SAP Solution Manager–related stories. Luckily, there’s always something new happening at SAP, so there’s never a lack of topics to cover.

Courtney Bjorlin
Co-Editorial Director

Thomas Wailgum
Co-Editorial Director

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