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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Procure-to-Pay Investment?

by Edward Osowski | insiderPROFILES

July 1, 2011

Companies often complicate the procurement process for various reasons, but they can actually automate, streamline, and optimize their procurement processes with procurement solutions and services like those available from SAP and Capgemini. Get the 411 on SAP Capgemini Procurement Services and IBX Procure-to-Pay in this solution profile.

The procurement process should be fairly straightforward. It is basically a matter of finding the service or product you need, placing the order, signing off on it with the manager, and then sending the order to the supplier. After this, the supplier confirms or amends the order, provides the goods or services, and sends a confirmation and invoice. Then you approve and pay the invoice.


"Capgemini offers several services to help customers implement SAP SRM effectively and efficiently — thereby speeding up the time to realize ROI from this useful solution."

Edward Osowski,
Business Development Manager,
IBX On-Demand Platform,
Capgemini Procurement Services

But companies often complicate this process because they are disorganized, because they do not have the right tools at their fingertips, or because of human error. Adding to the complication is the fact that, in today’s cost-conscious business environment, procurement departments are being asked to deliver more cost savings and increase business value to the organization while using fewer resources.

How do you fix these problems and simplify your procurement process? Start by automating the process and optimizing the use of your e-procurement system to manage all of your spend data. This eliminates the risk of human error and the risk of missing payment deadlines. It’s also increasingly important to establish clear, efficient, and transparent procurement processes. This allows the department to share and document its savings and added value with senior management and key stakeholders.

It may sound like a major headache to optimize your processes and merge all your spend data into one simple procurement system, but it’s actually a case of very short-term pain for long-term gain. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Capgemini Procurement Services is here to help, offering both solutions and services that will put your organization on the path to optimized procurement.

IBX Procure-to-Pay: Control Your Spend Data

IBX Procure-to-Pay, Capgemini Procurement Services’ solution for automating and streamlining the procurement process, includes an e-procurement system, a user-friendly search engine, and a content platform that connects to suppliers. In addition, we provide expert consulting services and support during the rollout stage.

A few of the top benefits of implementing IBX Procure-to-Pay are:

  • Transparency. Since the solution automates the procurement process and tracks all of the procurement practices in one place, any successes are much more visible.
  • Strategic savings.  The solution allows procurement professionals to identify potential savings company­-wide. And every time procurement saves money, it means more is available to invest elsewhere in the business.
  • Improved corporate image. An efficient procurement system minimizes maverick buying and helps source the right goods and services from only approved suppliers, allowing companies to avoid less reputable suppliers that might use, for example, child labor.
  • Better quality suppliers. The solution ensures that you only work with reputable suppliers that were qualified by your procurement team.
  • Reduced administration burden. Automating procurement and sourcing using these tools reduces the need for monotonous administrative activities, improves efficiency, and reduces costs.
  • Optimized processes. Having a logical and standardized process every time a product or service is purchased through a clear channel makes life easier for everyone involved.

IBX Procure-to-Pay is built to integrate with and enhance the procurement capabilities available with SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM). Capgemini also offers several services to help customers implement SAP SRM effectively and efficiently — thereby speeding up the time to realize ROI from this useful solution.

figure 1

The IBX procurement cloud

Implement SAP SRM with Capgemini Procurement Services

Capgemini Procurement Services can help companies implement SAP SRM, no matter what form the implementation might take — on premise, on demand, or a hybrid model. Capgemini is an experienced and strategic SAP partner that has worked on more than 1,000 SAP implementation projects and received the “SAP Award of Excellence” for outstanding quality and customer service. The first step, of course, is determining which implementation scenario is right for you.

On Premise

If you prefer to have full control of your SAP SRM solution, don’t want your suppliers in a network, and want to customize the processes to fit your unique needs, we recommend using an on-premise solution.

Our on-premise implementation services (which are based on SAP SRM 7.0) will help you define the scope of your implementation, set business targets, and develop a business case. In addition, we can:

  1. Customize the processes, based on your needs, and help you define roles, responsibilities, and processes for your solution implementation
  2. Implement the solution
  3. Implement a supplier portal
  4. Set processes for uploading suppliers, support, and service levels to SAP SRM
  5. Roll out the solution

On Demand

If you want the immediate benefits of a cloud solution, while saving time and money, the on-­demand model is your best choice. The IBX On­Demand framework  and cloud service model uses contracted service-level agreements and security standards and includes all the necessary tools — the SAP SRM on­-demand technology platform, the IBX Search Engine, the Global Supplier Network, Content Management, eInvoicing, Request Tool, and the Supplier Activation and Global Support services.

The Hybrid Model

If you want to leverage the advantages of an on­-demand model, while keeping some of the heightened control offered by the on-premise model, a hybrid model is probably the best option for you. With this approach, you can keep procurement solutions like SAP SRM behind the firewall while using the IBX On­Demand framework in the cloud. You can also add on services from Capgemini Procurement Services, like Supplier Activation and Global Support, to help round out your implementation.

Learn More

With procurement solutions and services like those available from SAP and Capgemini, companies can automate, streamline, and optimize their procurement processes, ultimately saving money and proving to the business just how valuable the procurement department can be. For more information on Capgemini’s services and solutions, visit

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