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How SAP Customers Are Succeeding with SAP Enterprise Support — and How It Can Work for You

by Michael Rieder and Thomas DiAntonio | SAPinsider

October 1, 2011

No matter how effective a software solution is, there are always outside factors that can cause issues the company is not prepared to deal with. These companies, however, are not alone. SAP Enterprise Support takes a hands-on approach to helping customers reduce or avoid costs associated with unseen factors or tricky implementations. Through customer testimonials, this article shows how SAP Enterprise Support can help your company meet and exceed business requirements.

SAP Active Global Support has worked with numerous customers, partnering with them on implementation projects, helping them improve IT operations, and guiding them through innovation projects — all to meet and exceed customers’ business requirements faster, with higher quality, and at lower costs. This article shares just a few snapshots  from the more than 3,000 customer testimonials we have received on how customers are using SAP Enterprise Support to reduce implementation and operations costs and accelerate innovation. With an understanding of how SAP Enterprise Support is making a difference for other companies, you’ll be well positioned to increase the value it provides your own organization.

Avoid and Reduce Project Costs

Managing project costs can be a challenge. SAP Enterprise Support takes a hands-on approach to helping customers reduce or avoid such costs with offerings like the Modification Justification service and Expert Guided Implementation sessions. For example, one customer avoided an expensive custom code project because SAP Enterprise Support found the needed functionality in a standard SAP solution. A Chinese retailer also shared how it will benefit from an Expert Guided Implementation:

“With our Expert Guided Implementation session for project implementation, we learned clearly how the ASAP roadmap provides support in reducing efforts during project preparation; we also now have a concept for modeling our business process structure and conducting integrated test management in the next phase. We expect this SAP Enterprise Support engagement will help us save over 30% on manual efforts in our future project implementation.”

Run SAP Like a Factory

More than ever, organizations are under pressure to minimize operations costs while maintaining service and performance levels. But organizations also need to handle any challenges that arise, ensure process compliance and availability, and efficiently manage business process exceptions.

The “Run SAP Like a Factory” approach enables you to do all of this by putting controls in place to handle performance problems, manage maintenance and batch windows, and automate those controls. The following snapshots showcase how this approach benefits customers.

Improve Process Execution and Manage Business Growth

SAP Enterprise Support helps customers ensure the successful execution of their business processes with offerings like the Business Process Analysis Continuous Quality Check. SAP Enterprise Support helped a food manufacturer identify and fix over 4,000 orders with delayed deliveries and discovered that 3,000 of these invoices were not posted to the financial system. SAP Enterprise Support also helps companies manage business growth. For instance, Newell Rubbermaid, Inc. shared that:

 “We received notice that one of our major suppliers would be doubling the number of sales orders and associated line-item volumes via EDI to approximately 1,000,000 line items in total. This single group of orders accounts for up to 6% of our annual revenue from one of our key business units. Since the performance of our master-invoice process was already a concern, we executed several risk-mitigation activities to ensure that we were able to process the orders in our system. SAP Enterprise Support was used to support this effort. The approach taken was to perform a simulation in the test system, and SAP monitored the test run to identify key areas for optimization, utilizing the business process performance optimization service to focus on reducing long-running steps. As a result, we reduced the runtime of master invoicing by 50%, and have prevented delays to the shipping and billing process, which could have resulted in substantial fines being imposed.”

Increase Business Process Performance

SAP Enterprise Support helps customers identify and address poor performance. For example, Hero Honda Motors Limited increased performance using the business process optimization service:

“We were facing performance problems in some of our finance and sales processes. In order to solve these issues, the SAP Enterprise Support advisor told us to utilize SAP Business Process Performance Optimization, a continuous quality check under SAP Enterprise Support. By applying the recommendations provided in the report, we were able to optimize the transactions customer line-item display FBL5N by 95%, invoice overview MIR6 by 40%, and auto debit note against rejection by 80%. We are very happy with the improvements, and look forward to utilizing other SAP Enterprise Support services.”

Reduce IT Costs

An SAP manager used the data volume management service to achieve storage and cost savings:

“Our IBM DB2 database has a size of approximately 2.5 terabytes. We were concerned by the growth and the space allocated to the database. We utilized a data volume management service through SAP Enterprise Support for our SAP ERP 6.0 system. The service highlighted a potential for nearly 50% data volume reduction, which potentially can lead to a savings on storage of up to EUR 40,000 to 70,000 per year, by means of utilizing various database compression options.”

SAP Solution Manager is a critical component of every customer’s SAP system. SAP Enterprise Support can help your organization realize the benefits of SAP Solution Manager faster. For instance, a dairy production company used SAP’s Expert Guided Implementation to reduce configuration and resource costs:

“With SAP Enterprise Support, we had the opportunity to attend the Expert Guided Implementation session for SAP Solution Manager. This expert session delivered a flexible agenda and helped to accelerate our innovation. The session supported us in reducing our solution configuration efforts by 50%. This has saved us significant time, and we also avoided the cost of external consulting.”

Accelerate Innovation

Innovation is the key to competing effectively, and accelerating the implementation of innovative technologies can mean the difference between leading and playing catch-up. To help customers innovate their environments, SAP Enterprise Support provides offerings such as the accelerated innovation enablement service. A retail customer used this service to achieve a successful upgrade:

“In our plan to install enhancement package 4 for SAP ERP, we looked for guidance on the installation and the different functionalities that this enhancement offers. We requested accelerated innovation enablement…. We are very satisfied with this informative session. The presenters were professional and always ready to help. We are confident with the help we got, and it will help us once upgrading occurs as it will save 25% of effort from our side.”

Make SAP Enterprise Support Work for You

These snapshots are just a small sample of SAP Enterprise Support success stories. We welcome the opportunity to help you increase the value you receive from SAP Enterprise Support and make your story one of these successes. To learn more about how SAP Enterprise Support can help, reach out to the Support Advisory Center at

Michael Rieder ( is the Global Head of SAP Enterprise Support and Senior Vice President of SAP Active Global Support for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). He is an executive sponsor for SAP MaxAttention customers and has been with SAP for 16 years.

Thomas DiAntonio ( is a Vice President in SAP’s Maintenance Go-to-Market group. He has more than 15 years of experience in maintenance and support and has held a variety of positions in SAP Active Global Support.

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