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The ASUG Executive Exchange

by June Keszeg | SAPinsider

October 1, 2011

A small group of C-level professionals can greatly influence the SAP ecosystem with their purchasing and strategy decisions. This article looks at how ASUG's new initiative, the ASUG Executive Exchange, supports this type of collaboration and connects SAP executive management with C-level professionals from member companies.

The purchasing and strategy decisions of a relatively small group of professionals can greatly influence the SAP ecosystem. This group — made up of C-level executives from a range of industries, viewpoints, and strategic perspectives — provides SAP with the collaboration and business perspective it depends on to offer innovative business technology, foster the creation of high-performing enterprises, and move forward with superior products and services.

ASUG has created a new initiative, called the ASUG Executive Exchange, specifically to support this collaboration. This initiative, which evolved from ASUG’s former CIO Council, connects SAP executive management and C-level professionals from member companies, enabling them to develop business strategies and promote a competitive advantage for ASUG members and other SAP customers.

Driving Innovation from the Top Down

The ASUG Executive Exchange’s value is derived from the input and feedback that comes directly from the executive level, which gives SAP a practical business perspective. The collaborative and information-rich environment of this group also enables participating companies to adopt innovative business practices, improve their value proposition, and maximize continuous improvements. ASUG supports this group by facilitating provocative and ongoing conversations via the microsite, where it also hosts white papers, benchmarks, advocacy plans, and high-impact presentations from industry experts. 

ASUG is also dedicated to providing its members with operational roadmaps on how to implement the ideas that will support the next generation of business innovation. To this end, the ASUG Executive Exchange extends the key ASUG initiatives of Integrated Enterprise and Infinite ROI.

The Integrated Enterprise initiative is ASUG’s roadmap to operational excellence that allows members to get answers and remove barriers as they move from on-premise solutions to on-demand and on-device technology; to simplify complex processes with solutions like SAP HANA; and to further engage customers, suppliers, and strategic partners via mobile technology. The Infinite ROI initiative ensures that members are earning not just ROI, but an infinite return with ongoing innovation of products, solutions, and efficiencies introduced in their SAP environment.

Joshua Blair, ASUG Vice President of Strategic Initiatives said, “The Executive Exchange will take influence opportunities for ASUG to a new level and position participants as transformational thought leaders in their businesses. Our goal is to facilitate top-tier leadership education, networking, and influence for both IT and line-of-business leaders.”

Get Involved

The ASUG Executive Exchange meets bi-annually, with its next meeting scheduled during the ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference in October. Contact to learn more.

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