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Reach Beyond Your SAP Solutions

by Dawn Crew | SAPinsider

April 1, 2012

The SAP Global Ecosystem and Channels organization delivers game-changing innovation in a nondisruptive way to ensure its customers become best-run businesses. The organization enables businesses to reach beyond the capabilities of any single vendor by providing access to a trusted network of partners, customers, and individuals.

Businesses are facing new challenges as technology not only becomes more advanced, but also changes the way enterprises interact with their customers. (Social media is a perfect example here.) Companies need to adapt to remain competitive, and no single vendor alone can deliver the breadth and depth of technology required to stay ahead of the curve. Solving that issue is at the heart of the mission of the SAP Global Ecosystem and Channels organization.1

By delivering game-changing innovation in a nondisruptive way, SAP strives to ensure that our customers become best-run businesses. However, we understand that we cannot deliver the same level of completeness in a solution as when teamed with an effective and motivated partner ecosystem. The ecosystem enables businesses to reach beyond the capabilities of any single vendor by providing access to a trusted network of partners, customers, and individuals.

5 Key Market Areas

SAP is currently focused on these five key market categories:

  • Applications
  • Analytics
  • Mobile
  • Cloud
  • Database and technology

Although we are quite successful in several of these areas, a partner-based approach enables us to innovate more quickly and to the greater benefit of our customers. Our partner organizations, particularly those that are focused on the small and midsize segment, are run by motivated leaders who are dedicated to helping customers achieve their goals by taking a detailed approach to understanding their business needs and translating them into best-in-class solutions.

In each of our market categories, we have developed a set of clear and specific objectives and a roadmap of how to achieve them. Partnering is central in all of the following areas:

  • Small and midsize segment. Collaborating with effective, well-aligned, and motivated partners is integral to helping companies in the small and midsize segments grow.
  • “Best-run businesses need best-run partners.” Business, particularly in the small and midsize segment, happens locally, and SAP is ensuring that we have geographically and vertically focused partners to provide the level of service that this market segment expects and needs.
  • “Best of both worlds.” Backed by SAP’s brand, support, and investment, our partners can do what they are best at — translate their local market, industry, and customer knowledge into complete product and service offerings that meet the real-world business needs of our joint customers.

SAP’s Business Partners Are Our Customers’ Business Partners

The value that a customer derives from a business solution is based on many factors, from application functionality to the stability and scalability of the foundational technology. However, from the day-to-day customer perspective, these factors may seem less important than the availability and expertise of business partners.

In a very real sense, SAP’s partners are not only our business partners; they are also our customers’ business partners. Many of our customers look to SAP partners for:

  • Industry and domain-specific solutions that enable faster and deeper time to value when leveraging SAP solutions
  • Solution extension products that extend the value and reach of their SAP investments
  • Mobile solutions that keep their employees and business partners connected around the clock
  • First-line support from an experienced organization that knows their end-to-end business processes and operations

SAP is proud to enable this partnering model. The global partner ecosystem represents a “best-of-both-worlds” win for our joint customers.

Learn More

The SAP Global Ecosystem and Channels organization delivers the most complete product-based and service-based solutions to the world’s best-run companies regardless of their size or needs. As we enter an era when a business’s success will increasingly depend on its ability to harness a multitude of technologies, SAP’s ability to align and team with motivated partners of all types and sizes is critical to the delivery of exceptional customer value across all markets. To learn more, visit



Dawn Crew ( is the Group Vice President of Global Ecosystem and Channels Solution Marketing at SAP. Prior to joining SAP in 2007, Dawn held various operational, executive product management, and strategy roles in the partner ecosystem herself.


1 Read insights from Eric Duffaut, president of SAP Global Ecosystem and Channels, in the exclusive interview in this April-June 2012 issue of SAPinsider. [back]

2 You can read the blog post at [back]

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