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Linking the Familiarity of Excel with the Power of SAP ERP Financials

by Shari Alexander | insiderPROFILES

January 2, 2012

Though financial professionals who use Microsoft Excel often rely on IT to create uploading templates, queries, and reports from their SAP systems, there is a way to eliminate this dependence. Learn the benefits of utilizing Z Option’s GLSU and the GL Wand solution from Excel4apps, which are both SAP certified for smooth integration with SAP ERP Financials.

Many financial professionals use Microsoft Excel to support their financial processes and, typically, they tend to rely on IT to create any uploading templates, queries, and reports from their SAP systems. Z Option and Excel4apps have teamed together to offer SAP ERP Financials end users quick and simple ways to manage their data in a Microsoft Excel-based environment. These Excel-based tools facilitate rapid user adoption and acceptance, allowing financial professionals to use their existing Excel skill sets to create financial reports without having to constantly rely on IT.

Z Option provides GLSU, which users can utilize to calculate financial transactions and post them directly to SAP. Excel4apps offers the GL Wand solution so that users can then securely extract real-time data from SAP General Ledger for Excel-based reporting. Let’s take a closer look at both.


GLSU users can collect their financial data transaction information and post it to SAP ERP Financials after GLSU prevalidates the data for accuracy. When a user posts an entry using GLSU, it creates the document in SAP ERP; GLSU can also package and attach the workbook to the document for easy internal access and review. Various uses of GLSU include, for example, travel and expense reimbursement templates, recurring general journal entries, p-card processing, cross-company codes, COPA, payroll, multi-thousand line entries, and miscellaneous vendor postings.

GL Wand

GL Wand enables users to create and publish report balances from SAP General Ledger and SAP’s cost center accounting and profit center accounting functionality. GL Wand reports are built using custom functions that link Excel cells to specific FI/CO objects and values. Multiple company code and parallel ledger reporting can be completed within a single workbook. Users can also perform ad hoc reporting, statutory reporting, slice-and-dice analysis, and monthly reconciliations with GL Wand’s drill-down capabilities.

The Benefits of GLSU and GL Wand

Using GLSU and GL Wand in conjunction provides several benefits, including:

  • Greater power for individual users due to less reliance on IT support
  • A more streamlined set up, due to the lack of middleware or data warehouse requirements, meaning that it’s not necessary to add additional solutions to use GLSU and GL Wand
  • Quick installation (often within 60 minutes or less) so that users can get started right away
  • The ability to leverage basic Microsoft Excel knowledge and existing SAP security settings

Learn More

The GLSU solution from Z Option and the GL Wand solution from Excel4apps are both SAP certified, so customers can look forward to seamless installation and smooth integration with SAP ERP Financials. To schedule a demonstration and a free trial of either the Z Option or Excel4apps solutions, visit or

Shari Alexander

Shari Alexander is the Director of Channel Partnerships at Z Option, an SAP partner that provides Excel-based spreadsheet integration tools for SAP ERP Financials. After graduating with her BBA with a focus on marketing and CIS, Shari joined the Z Option team in 2004 and has been instrumental in global sales expansion.


Chris Meyer is the Managing Director of the Americas at Excel4apps, an SAP-certified integration solution provider of Excel-based inquiry and reporting software for SAP. He is responsible for all operations in support of growth efforts within this region. Chris obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accountancy at the University of Johannesburg.

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