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Maximize Your Support Engagement

by Dr. Heike Laube | SAPinsider

January 1, 2012

Business leaders must innovate, collaborate efficiently, and make important decisions quickly to drive their organization forward. This can be difficult when too much time and too many resources are devoted to implementing and running solutions. Through services such as Expert Guided Implementations and Meet-the-Expert sessions, SAP Enterprise Support Academy enables companies to focus on developing innovations and enhances customers' operational competence. This article explores the top four channels through which SAP Enterprise Support Academy delivers services to help organizations stay ahead of the curve.

The way to stay ahead in today’s competitive world is to continuously improve your business. You must respond to market changes more quickly (innovate better), use business insights more effectively (decide better), and work with colleagues more efficiently (collaborate better). Building a strong foundation upon which these business processes take place is necessary for long-term success. And the key to creating this foundation is SAP Enterprise Support.

Through SAP Enterprise Support Academy, SAP enables organizations to implement and run SAP solutions more easily, freeing up time and resources to focus on developing their business innovations. Included with SAP Enterprise Support, the academy helps you thoroughly implement application lifecycle management (ALM) according to ITSM standards and the “Run SAP Like a Factory” approach. Service and enablement offerings, such as Expert Guided Implementations, Guided Self Services, Meet-the-Expert sessions in webinar format, and the Best Practices library for operations, have been developed based on more than three decades of day-to-day interactions with customers. Let’s explore these top four channels through which SAP enhances its customers’ operational competence.

Direct Access to Expertise: Expert Guided Implementations

Through a unique combination of training, live configuration, and on-demand expertise, Expert Guided Implementation services enable customers to execute complex activities with the help of experienced SAP support engineers. This approach closes the gap between classroom training and consulting. More than 30 Expert Guided Implementations are already available, covering a wide variety of topics, such as planning the SAP Enterprise Support and SAP Solution Manager roadmap, the technical setup or upgrade of the support infrastructure for the implementation of ALM and the “Run SAP Like a Factory” approach, and the initiation of guided self-service delivery.

Recently, a customer significantly improved its problem analysis and resolution time by using Expert Guided Implementation services:

“We were experiencing performance issues in our web-based SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) system in certain locations and functions, but we didn’t have a proper tool to analyze the performance bottlenecks. With the help of our SAP Enterprise Support advisor and Expert Guided Implementation services, we set up the root-cause analysis function for this SRM system. We then were able to easily find the root causes and bottlenecks and act accordingly; we improved our problem analysis and resolution time by 80%.”

The remote approach to Expert Guided Implementations shortens learning and execution time. There’s no need to travel to a learning center, so you can remain close to your office to handle any daily business demands. You can also work in your actual solution environment and directly on your system while speaking with SAP experts. Using these services, a life sciences company saved time and effort when configuring one capability of SAP Solution Manager:

“SAP Enterprise Support provided us with an Expert Guided Implementation session on basic configuration of SAP Solution Manager, through which we received answers to most of our questions about setting up this solution. This included resolving issues related to the landscape setup, CA Wily Introscope setup and integration, and connecting managed systems for monitoring, diagnostic setup, and J2EE configuration. We were able to move ahead with our business scenarios and save five days of troubleshooting and setup effort.”

A “Knowledge ATM”: Guided Self Services

Executable on-demand, Guided Self Services are system-based, step-by-step procedures that provide guidance and expertise in an automated way, allowing you to learn at your own pace and run the service in your own systems landscape. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; think of it as SAP expertise without business hours, accessible as often as you like. Guided Self Services, which are accessed and delivered via SAP Solution Manager, provide proven procedures based on the experience we’ve gained from delivering support services to thousands of SAP systems. You will be able to boost your knowledge in some of the most common troublesome areas, such as system performance, data volume management, and security.

Webinar Learning: Meet-the-Expert Sessions

Because SAP Enterprise Support covers all phases of the software solution life cycle and thus provides a sustainable, end-to-end operations approach, our Meet-the-Expert series of webinars enables customers to stay on top of SAP’s product and support strategy. Through a combination of live and recorded sessions covering generic operations concepts, as well as deep-dive topics, these webinars bring SAP’s engineering competence right to your desk, regardless of your location. The interactive sessions, which are available in various languages, including English, German, French, and Russian, allow significant time for questions and answers. Recorded sessions are archived so you can access them at any time.

Advice on Demand: Best Practices Library for Operations

Available on SAP Service Marketplace, the Best Practices library enables you to get up to speed on how to leverage SAP Enterprise Support services for your day-to-day tasks. The Best Practices library offers how-to guides to address questions about products, databases, and operating systems. We currently have dozens of Best Practices available that cover a wide variety of topics for core SAP ERP systems and SAP BusinessObjects solutions.

The Future of SAP Enterprise Support

SAP Enterprise Support Academy is our vehicle to deliver these offerings and assist in areas like the “Run SAP Like a Factory” approach, end-to-end ALM, and accelerated innovation. Through the program, SAP will be able to offer role-based content from experts, for experts, that starts with a focus on customers who implement and operate only SAP BusinessObjects solutions. We will expand this dimension by addressing various roles within customers’ IT operations, including CIOs, IT managers, business process analysts, security experts, and system administrators.

Stay connected to witness the next launch planned for early 2012. In addition to a variety of usability features such as news management, a reworked replay library, and a regular polling function, we will introduce a podcast for “knowledge nuggets” around support topics for SAP BusinessObjects software. This concise learning format will offer technical support with system recordings to simplify adoption.

SAP Enterprise Support provides the foundation for a true partnership and a business’s long-term success. Learn more at


Dr. Heike Laube ( is Senior Director at SAP Active Global Support (SAP AGS). Prior to her recent role as head of SAP Enterprise Support Academy, she was responsible for the SAP AGS program office for service and support offerings, focusing on midsize companies and indirect channels. This included program and process definition, development of the related service portfolio, and integration with sales processes, as well as the creation and rollout of internal and external educational measures. Before joining SAP in 1998, Heike held research and development and production positions in industries such as automotive, chemical, and medical.



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