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The Curators of the SAP Ecosystem

by Courtney Bjorlin and Thomas Wailgum | SAPinsider

July 1, 2012

When ASUG launched the ASUGNews website last year, they were looking to build a site that contained comprehensive coverage of SAP ecosystem news and analysis. In this Q&A with co-editorial directors Courtney Bjorlin and Thomas Wailgum, you'll learn about how the site selects its featured topics and what the reader response has been.

Q: What kind of content can readers find on ASUGNews (

Bjorlin: It’s important to us that our content focuses on a wide range of news and views so we can update readers on current information and trends in the industry. We also want to make that information digestible to end users in a way that applies to their daily jobs. In addition, we have a variety of bloggers from across the SAP ecosystem. All in all, I think we provide an objective view that makes it easier for readers to understand the ultimate impact of SAP’s strategies on their business.

Wailgum: To provide more value to our members, we also focus coverage on ASUG’s most active communities. Each month is dedicated to certain topic areas, though we still cover other topics and news happening in the SAP world. For example, in March we focused on supply chain management, and in May, on business intelligence.

Q: How do you discern what is trending in the ASUG and SAP ecosystem?

Wailgum: Social media plays a key role. We read what ASUG members are chatting about on Twitter, LinkedIn, or in blogs. We see ourselves not only as journalists, but as curators too, identifying helpful information and passing it along to members.

Bjorlin: Another way we’ve done this is by getting out and talking to ASUG members and SAP executives. We do live interviews, which provide a unique and fun way to tap into our members’ experiences and share them with everyone else. I also think that our broadcast interviews have been a great way to make the news we cover more personal and relatable to ASUG members.

Wailgum: A great example of this is when I interviewed two SAP HANA ramp-up customers, who also happen to be ASUG Board Members, and they shared their unfiltered experiences with the solution. It was one of our core stories.

Q: The ASUGNews broadcast interviews include a series called SAP On the Record; what can you tell us about those?

Wailgum: That’s where we get to put SAP executives in the hot seat. One of our editorial objectives is to hold SAP to its promises. And the more we talk to our members, the better informed our questions are for SAP’s leadership.

Q: What has been the reader response?

Bjorlin: We love the candid feedback and insights we get from readers. Sharing the experiences of customers is important to me personally, and if what we report helps someone get more out of their investment in SAP, then I have done my job.

Wailgum: ASUG members, by their nature, are fountains of ideas, and Courtney and I take it as a great compliment when our members reach out to us with their ideas and suggestions for the site. We are, after all, working on their behalf.


Courtney Bjorlin
Co-Editorial Director


Thomas Wailgum
Co-Editorial Director

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